January 21, 2022

The Best Dispatch Software Has These 7 Features

All the businesses are required to dispatch the goods and services from one place to another. Goods need to be delivered to the customers at the right time and at right place. It is essential to perform these functions with great efficiency for the business to survive in the long run. It is impossible to obtain this efficiency if businesses use manual methods to perform their tasks. It is thus important to use dispatch software to perform and keep a check on all the dispatch related functions.

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What Is Dispatch Software?

Dispatch software is a cloud-based software that helps managers to keep track of the activities of the workforce without the use of pen and paper. This makes it possible to mobilize all the dispatch related activities. Dispatch softwares help in enhancing the satisfaction of the customers by improving the service quality. It helps the business organizations thrive in the long run and face competition easily. Suitable dispatch software if used helps with a variety of things that include:

  • More visibility in your workforce
  • Reduced workforce
  • Optimize routes and schedules
  • On-time service delivery
  • Complete more orders
  • Save time
  • Stay efficient
  • Track the total generated revenue
  • Increased customer satisfaction

What Are The Top 7 Features Of Any Good Dispatch Software?

Below are the top seven features of the best dispatch software:

  • Integration And Flexibility

Dispatch software is not the only technological solution that a company uses. There are numerous other softwares which are being used in the transport industry. Thus, dispatch software needs to be such that integrates well with other operating softwares of the business. As your business organization grows the scale of the operations, the performance also increases. Hence, it becomes necessary to use the dispatch software to accommodate the new changes. 

  • Automation

The dispatch software you choose must be automatic. You must get updates in real-time. Hence, if any disaster is to come, it can be overseen by the managers beforehand and necessary measures can be taken instantly. You must also get insights into the areas where you need improvement.

  • Real-Time Data And Alerts And GPS Tracking

A dispatch software needs to be able to track its fleet and all the important documents on a real-time basis. It helps in knowing if the driver is performing the functions efficiently. It alerts them and avoids taking unnecessary paths. This saves fuel and fuel tax. It also helps in tracking accidents if any. This makes sure that help is reached out to them as soon as possible. Since accidental paths are tracked in advance the drivers can avoid such paths. All of this helps in checking for frauds and errors. It helps in getting the alerts and make requisite changes as soon as possible. Dispatch software needs to have an efficient GPS tracking option. This helps in traffic and weather predictions which help drivers to choose effective routes. Also, you get full transparency.

  • Digital Proof Of Delivery

Dispatch software should be such which generates the digital proof of delivery as and when it is made. This helps the business organizations in handling customer complaints and settling disputes if they ever arise. The organizations must be able to undertake contact-free deliveries using this software.

  • Mobile Access:

Dispatch softwares must help both the drivers and managers to easily communicate with one another. It is thus important for the dispatch software to have mobile applications integrated with them. This helps in undertaking two-way communication easily. It helps in avoiding misunderstandings and confusion and helps to perform business operations easily.  

  • Transportation Management:

A dispatch software must offer great control over the entire transportation process. You must be able to track current locations and status using interactive maps and GPS which can help you make decisions regarding when to dispatch the drivers. It also helps in knowing the number of stops that a single driver can cover.

  • Delivery Variables

Dispatching is a highly complex process. It requires a lot of time and effort. This makes it essential for the organizations to have software that considers several delivery variables such as cost of drivers, the capacity of the vehicle, skills of drivers, location of customers, and expected time of arrival of the goods or services.


It is essential to have dispatch software that benefits your managers, clients, and organization. It must help your business earn the requisite amount of profitability and success. These days there are a variety of dispatch softwares available in the market. Businesses must make the best choice according to their budgets. The manager must make a careful analysis and study before picking up a dispatch software. The reviews and ratings of software must be checked. Existing and past clients should be contacted. This helps you in getting a better insight into the software. The software that has all the features that your organization requires to undertake dispatch must be picked up. This makes your organization’s work easy.

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