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Friday, February 20, 2009

CYDF 201100Z 06025G30KT 3/4SM -SN DRSN OVC009 M04/M05 A2959 RMK SN5SF3 /S04/ SLP022

This was the weather in Deer Lake, Newfoundland this morning. The drive to the airport took nearly an hour. Because the approach in use was a backcourse on runway 07 we had to have a take off alternate. The entire east coast was out. Finally, we were legal to take off by using Goose Bay, Labrador as a take off alternate. Flight dispatch was about to cancel the flight.

This was after a wake up call of 2:30 a.m Toronto time with a party going on in the room above me. By 4:30 the party was still going but it moved up a notch with the couple copulating.


Anonymous said...

Nice Blog Doug!

Glen & Joanne Baxby

From the Flight Deck said...

Thanks Glen. It's a start! Doug