Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Airbus technical question

Hi Doug I have a question....I am currently enrolled in the Seneca part time aviation program and we are learning about flex thrust.....I know in the Airbus whenever you set your power for takeoff I notice the pilot not flying always says "flex,55(temp eg) SRS rwy, autothrust blue...I've alwayswondered why they say that...is it to comfirm that the speed reference system had initiated? Karl
Sounds like you are into Airbus in a big way! Actually, it's the PF (Pilot Flying) who states these parameters.In fact, yesterday while I was barrelling down the runway, I read out loud those very words."Man Flex, SRS, RWY (Runway) and autothrust."It's to confirm:
1. We indeed have flex thrust selected on the thrust levers instead of TOGA (Take off and Go Around) thrust.We do this to save wear and tear on the engines.
2. SRS (Speed Reference System) is active.
3. RWY (Runway) The system is picking up an ILS signal for that runway. Sometimes RWY is not there.
4. Autothrust means the autothrust system is armed. It does not become fully engaged until we set climb thrust about 1500 AGL.
All the best, and again, thanks for taking the time to submit your question.