Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Emergency Exits

Hi Doug When I am flying I often wonder about the Emergency exit doors. Do they get locked automatically once the plane takes off or can someone release the door at anytime? Jerry

Hi Jerry. Sometimes when we push back, you'll hear "flight attendants, arm and cross check." This announcement is made by the in-charge flight attendant to tell the others to arm the doors. Arming the doors mean slides will deploy if the doors are opened.

No, all aircraft doors must be closed and secured manually.

The doors can not be released automatically in any phase of flight.


viennatech said...

Cannot be released automatically, but is there a safety for say, someone leans on the big red handle while waiting to use the washroom, at 32,000 feet?

From the Flight Deck said...

Viennatech. Even if someone leans on the "big red handle" at altitude one would have to have herculean strength. The pressurse differential between the cabin presssure and the outside is about 9 P.S.I. This translates into 1300 pounds per square foot. Now multiply this by the door area and you quickly realize things aren't moving unless you depressurize.

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