Sunday, March 8, 2009

enRoute January's questions

Flight Deck
This Is Your Captain Speaking
Captain Doug Morris answers your questions about aviation.
During his 25-year career, pilot Doug Morris has been asked countless questions about aviation. Starting in February, some of these questions will be published along with his answers in enRoute magazine. For now, here are a few he’s heard a lot.
How do pilots land in fog?The ILS (instrument landing system) guides the airplane vertically and horizontally through thick fog by sending out electronic beams from the runway. Pilots follow these signals (depicted on a screen) but must still see the runway at 200 feet above ground, at which point they either land manually or execute a go-around. Some airports are equipped to guide us down to 100 feet, with two airports in Canada – Vancouver and Toronto – allowing us to autoland.
What are your favourite layovers?For Canadian layovers, St. John’s nears the top of my list for the friendliness of the locals and for Signal Hill, which I always make a point of climbing (despite the wind). My favourite international pick is London, which offers a gamut of things to see and do, from famous landmarks and museums to great eateries and pubs.