Sunday, March 8, 2009

enRoute March's questions

Q: Do airplanes have ABS like cars? Airplanes are equipped with an anti-lock braking system, but we just call it anti-skid. In fact, this system, which prevents wheels from locking up during braking, was first invented for airplanes. Even motorcycles now have ABS to keep tires from skidding on both dry and slippery surfaces. With aircraft, the anti-skid system is incorporated into the brake assembly on the main landing gear. The nose wheel has no brakes but manoeuvres the airplane on the ground.
Q: Do aircrew suffer from jetlag? People are often surprised to hear that aircrew are affected by jetlag, although we do get accustomed to it. It helps to stay hydrated with plenty of non-diuretic drinks, such as water and juice, and studies show that physical activity is an effective remedy. I always try to work out in the gym on layovers, but walking also does the trick. And I usually adjust my watch to local time when asked, “What time are we landing?”