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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Where's the Canadian flag? (From [email protected])

Why do Air Canada aircraft not sport the Canadian flag? I know the name says it all but it's far from patriotic. Every carrier in Canada has or had but not Air Canada.
From the Flight Deck: Good question as to why we don't fly around with the Canadian flag!Just to be sure, I checked out some of our competition's livery. You were 100 percent correct! WestJet, Sky Service and Air Transat sport the Canadian flag. I could ask my Air Canada "paint contact" but I'm certain they would tell me the red maple leaf coupled with "Canada" more than suffices. Some of our airplanes have six large maple leafs which may trump the two small ones found on the competition's fuselage.
Response: Thanks Capt Morris. I find it strange as CP Air even had the flag and Canada written along side of it. I find it annoying that Air Canada doesn't. Is it possibly a polical thing. ie Quebec. If so that has to be rectified as they still are welcome Canadians like all of us :)
I can't believe you responded and am extremely pleased! You can certainly use my name in the blog or anyway you wish. Air Canada is and will always be my favorite carrier anywhere!
From the Flight Deck: Thanks for the prompt reply and permission to post. I shall. EnRoute will be posting my response to a "paint" question either in August or September's issue. Maybe I'll poke my "paint contact" about this when I get confirmation of my facts. Again, thanks for the email and thanks for flying Air Canada!


Anonymous said...

"A Quebec thing..." is the reason behind having yet another maple leaf on the fuselage? This is just the silliest thing I've seen in a long time. Maybe the airline should then be named Air Québec and aircraft bear the more historic fleur-de-lys. Have you considered that WestJet et al bear the flag as an emblem precisely because their logo and fuselage don't otherwise identify a nationality at all whilst Air Canada's name and paint job say it all big and bold?!

From the Flight Deck said...

Anonymous. Before this goes any further, I will remove my reference to the "Quebec thing"
For me,this was not appropriate.

As you aptly stated, "Air Canada's name and paint job says it all."

Thanks for keeping me in line.


Mike said...

Great question and good answer. I like your blog!

From the Flight Deck said...

Mike. Thanks for the post. I answered a lot of questions yesterday from my "askdoug" enRoute column. I'm waiting for permission to post.

So stick around.

Captain Doug

Anonymous said...

Re: "...this was not appropriate. As you aptly stated, "Air Canada's name and paint job says it all."
Thanks for keeping me in line."
Thank you Captain... now that's leadership.

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