Friday, June 19, 2009

Blurbing for a living

For those enRoute fans, I've been recruited to write an accompanying blurb for the great photos taken by Air Canada's photographer (Brian Losito). The picture is located on the first page of the ALTITUDE section in enRoute.
Here's what I sent for facts on this B777 engine. Unfortunately, this photo didn't make the cut.
I just finished 'blurbing" for October's.
The Boeing 777 utilizes the world’s most powerful commercial jet engine with a whopping 115,300 pounds of thrust
The GE 90-115B has a weight of 18,260 lbs (8283 kg)
It’s made by GE Aviation a subsidiary of General Electric
The engine has a fan width of 128” (325 cm). Wider than Air Canada’s Embraer cabin
It’s wide enough to stand a regulation NBA basketball hoop (ten feet) inside
One could fit a H1Hummer (87”, 220 cm width) inside
Its overall width is 135 inches (343 cm) (outside to outside)
At take off thrust, a single GE90 engine can ingest around two million cubic feet of air per minute
Approximate value: $20 million U.S
Measuring more than four feet long and weighing less than 50 lbs, the blade is made from carbon fiber and a toughened epoxy matrix
There are 22 fan blades on the GE90-115B engine and is the only composite fan blade in commercial aviation
This engine helped set the world’s longest flight for a commercial airliner at 22hrs 42 minutes


Mike said...

My blurb would have read:
"I'm your biggest turbofan!"

From the Flight Deck said...

Mike. Just in from YVR. Great Blurb!