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Friday, September 4, 2009

Passport Please

Just renewed my passport and it turned out to be easier than I thought. Air Canada's policy is for us pilots to renew six months before expiry because some countries won't allow entrance unless you have six months left on your passport.

Now there's a simplified method whereby you don't need a guarantor to sign. The line up wasn't bad and they seemed to have recruited some good looking staff. I requested the process to be expedited because I was going flying in four days and didn't want to wait two weeks. It's true I was only going to Vancouver and Calgary, but what happens if I was drafted to go to the States or my alternate was American? I'm told, "not a problem," but I'm asked where my schedule is. It was part of the deal to get fast tracked plus I had to pay an extra $30.00.

I asked if I could use her computer to show her this month's sked. No can do. I had to go downstairs to an Internet shop and print a copy. I suggested they should have a computer available for things like that. I joked by asking where the suggestion box was. She retorted by saying, "maybe I should suggest a suggestion box for my suggestion." Touché! She was extremely pretty so I didn't argue.

A few months ago, one of our pilots flew to Sydney, Australia only to find he had his daughter's passport instead of his. Customs didn't take to kindly to this. As a consequence, a memo materialized stating all captains must now check the other pilot's credentials. This memo, written by a pilot in high status and known for his abundant memos, did not sit too well. (Actually someone joked the pilot manager in question would put out a memo for a wind change). All joking aside, most of the pilots thought this to be overkill. One captain queried, "what about the flight attendants. Do I checked their credentials as well?"

My passport is good for another five years. Too bad you can't smile for the mugshot because it makes for an awful shot. At least for me.

Staying qualified:

Last month it was ART (Annual Recurrent Training), this month was my passport (luckily it's every five years), next month is my six month medical, and November is back into the sims.


tatiana said...

Hey Doug, it's your friend Mark. Interesting points on the passport renewal. The Ozzi's tend to be strict about passports and immigration. I have a similar story where a former colleague took a wrong turn at Niagara Falls and ended up at the US border without any passport. Combine that with being in Canada on a work visa and only a foreign driver's licence in hand and the US customs weren't amused.

The 5 year validity of the Canadian passport is a bit silly.... that's when my United Kingdom passport comes in handy (valid for 10 years. Dual citizenship.... priceless

Chat later.


Mark said...

Well that was weird.... not too sure where the Tatiana name came from??? Well, it's been

From the Flight Deck said...

Hi Mark. You must be working under an alias and didn't know it. :)

Now I'm trying to renew my security pass. They say it could take 4 months because of the Olympics. Didn't they know about this years ago and could possibly hire a few extra people?