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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September's enRoute is up

Looks like I have a new look (blog) with enRoute:

I like what they have done except with this month's accompanying photo. From the blog, one would think the pilot below is me. Not so, this guy is better looking. In the actual magazine, they have my mugshot so it's not so confusing. That's show business. Enjoy the blog.

Q: On takeoff and landing, when do pilots put the aircraft on autopilot?
Shawn Underhill, Edmonton

All takeoffs are done manually. Autopilots can generally be engaged 100 feet above the ground, but we usually wait a few minutes after takeoff. For landing, it’s a matter of preference when we disengage the autopilot. I like to “hand fly” the airplane starting at 1,000 feet above the runway on approach, but if visibility is very poor and the runway is equipped, I’ll use the autopilot to perform an autoland.

Q: How often are aircraft repainted and what accounts for the different colour schemes?
Scott Kennedy, Thunder Bay

Air Canada’s fleet is repainted every five to six years. Our latest paint scheme features Ice Blue on the fuselage with Canadian Red lettering. A handful of aircraft are chosen to support special events or initiatives, so, in the past, you may have spotted a giant red maple leaf celebrating Air Canada’s 65 years of service or a large raven honouring Canada’s First Nations people. Our newest arrival: a Boeing 777-300ER sporting the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games logo.