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I would like to thank Brian Losisto (Air Canada's photographer) for always allowing me to post his pictures. (The above thrust lever pic is his). Then there is Kelly Paterson from Calgary and plane spotter "Erik" from Germany. Of course, I have lots myself. On that note, if you feel a photo(s) may be in appropriate or the content I post a bit dubious by all means send me an email. I will ratify it! That's all I ask!
P.S I'd like to add Nadia from "la belle province" for her contributions!
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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November's enRoute

Bloggers. If you want to see your name up in lights and get your question published, enRoute is recruiting for more questions for my aviation page.

Here's one question I answered on food which corresponds to this month's theme, FOOD.
Q: What is the most unusual food you’ve ever had, and where did you have it? Catherine Korman, Montréal

I’ve had octopus in Greece, steak tartare in France and pig’s knuckles in Germany. I couldn't get up the nerve to eat freshly skinned eels in Japan or chocolate-coated crickets in Korea, but I’ve eaten chewy cod tongues in Newfoundland. And while I passed on the “century eggs” (preserved chicken, duck or quail egg) in China, I did give pigeon a try in Hong Kong.