Friday, December 18, 2009

Air cadet talk flies

Captain Paul Simas with Captain Doug

Paul is an in-charge flight attendant with Air Canada but has moved up the ranks with the Air Cadet squadron. It was his last night at the squadron as he will be moving up the ranks. 

Besides getting lost for 10 minutes in downtown Toronto, the night went quite well. I plugged in Lakeshore East versus Lakeshore West in my GPS.  Glad I don't do that in the airplane- get mixed up with east and west.

I taught Air Cadets when I was a new instructor and realized then what a great package they were getting - private pilot license and making life time friends with most of them getting their license before their car license. Sweet!

Things were slowing up a little during dinner (they put me on the pedestal - I was guest of honour) so I suggested doing my talk a little out of order. I had a 5:45 a.m check in (4:30 wake up) and I didn't get home until 1o:30 p.m. I think I oohed and awed them with my PowerPoint presentation. I've been asked back to give talks to other squadrons.

It's noon in Halifax (N.S). I've already done a full Rapidair flight to YUL (Montreal) with a flight attendant in the jumpseat (he did an "all-nighter YVR red eye"). Then an aircraft change followed by de-icing to rid of frost in Montreal.  A back course approach on runway 32 in near gale winds greeted us in YHZ. One leg back to YUL where we get to stay at the "donut."

It's off to Toronto early tomorrow and then a Fort Lauderdale turn.

Capt. Doug


Ian said...

Short haul is quite the high workload to put it mildly! Brings back memories!

I am off till Monday, before heading out over the Atlantic to the Big Apple - home on Christmas Eve, with Christmas Day at home (for a change).

Will miss my evening flight on the eve of the Big Day, as I like to tell the passengers about the lights of a sleigh we see in the distance - and hand out little gifts to the kids on board.

Next year perhaps!

Safe flying Captain.


From the Flight Deck said...

Yes, I miss the one leg over, one leg back routine but it's the price to pay for going captain. You can't beat the view from the left seat. It's the only way to fly.

Wow, Christmas off.

I'm getting close to having it off as well but like you said, "next year perhaps."


JetAviator said...

I say congrats that you are willing to take the time and make the effort to help promote the future of aviation.

With a lot of bad news out there about baggage theft and pilot qualifications it is important to show the positive side of aviation.

Way to go!

John {JetAviator7} All Things Aviation Blog

From the Flight Deck said...

John (JetAviator)

Yes, there's a lot of negativity out there. No better place to experience the negativity is on my pilot union forum. After reading a few posts, I think I'm losing out in life.

Things will turn around, they always do.

Thanks for the positive post.

Capt. Doug