Saturday, December 26, 2009

B is for Barbados

Well I'm officially on vacation and the family wants to venture somewhere warm. One of pros to being an airline employee is travel passes but they come with conditions. The biggest hurdle is they are strictly stand-by. My family knows this and we experienced numerous times the drawbacks of stand-by. One trip from Arizona took us five days to get home via Calgary, Alberta. (We watched 22 fully loaded planes push back from the gate) A Canadian charter company went bankrupt and overloaded Air Canada's system. This time last year it took us two days to get out of San Francisco.

Now with the recent heightened security threat in the States it will impose more dilemma especially going through airport security.

There are two early morning departures for Barbados tomorrow and there is one seat available with 20 other airline employees wanting the same flights. We are betting on mis-connections to accommodate a family of five.

Because of the load factors we did not even book a hotel. Should be interesting for us airline gypsies.

Capt. Doug


dogbait said...

Maybe Sydney would have been a better bet. Around 24c there and a great place to spend a few days. Then the Blue Mountains for a couple of days and then a quick trip to Uluru or the Gold Coast or even the Great barrier Reef. Could have squeezed that in 3 weeks.

Ian said...

Enjoy the sun...I hope you get away ok.

I am leaving for work now-ish - about 90 minutes earlier than I would normally because of the carnage at T5. This is the LAST thing the industry needs right now.

Sydney sounds quite attractive too, but the sunny Caribbean Sea is always nice! If you do get to Barbados, please say hello to our Speedbird Concorde sitting there.

Cheers, Ian

Shammickite said...

If you manage to get away, have a great time.... and here's hoping you can get back safely! Got here from Dogbaits blog....

Lawrence said...

Good luck... My Father and I made it on a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit that was about 25 oversold, but as a seasoned veteran, Im sure you've heard of better miracles.

From the Flight Deck said...

Dogbait. That's exactly it. One needs about three weeks to do it right. I'm now in Barbados where the island is only 15 miles wide.

Thanks for the suggestion.


From the Flight Deck said...

Ian. I forgot about the Concorde being here. I'll look for it while I'm waiting to board flights Jan. 2.

They renovated the terminal here and they sure did a great job. I'm glad we bypassed the U.S.A. Sounds like a slight night mare.

Time to post a blog.


From the Flight Deck said...

Shammickite. Welcome to the blog and thanks for the post.

Capt. Doug in always sunny Barbados

From the Flight Deck said...

Lawrence. Great point! Never give up until the airplane pushes back. Even then I've seen it return. One time commuting from YHZ (Halifax, N.S) a senior pilot scored the jumpseat over me. Just minutes before push back the pilot came up the jetway with a bewildered look. Because he was from the "blue" team and the captain was "red" he was not invited. I sheepishly accepted the jumpseat. I would not have done that, but it worked out in my favour.

Capt Doug in sunny Barbados.