Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blogging from Barbados

TBPB 291300Z 09013KT 9999 SCT020 28/22 Q1016

Above is the 9:00 a.m BGI (Barbados) METAR. Sunny skies prevail due to a semi-permanent Bermuda high pressure to the north with anticylonic (clockwise) wind flow. As a consequence a prevailing Northeast to Easterly wind dominates referred to as the "Trade winds."

Translation...it's sunny and hot!

We made the first flight but other contingency passengers a.k.a "cons" did not. Airline passes are dictated by seniority. Not by position, nor check-in time. Other airlines differ. However, at Air Canada we can "buy" seniority by upgrading the passes. Many airline employees dislike this because they deem it unfair. This was the only way a family of five had any chance. A senior captain who did not use this option missed it by one.

After switching hotels (the first one was not up to my wife nor kid's standards) we are settled. Although it took some doing. The only room available for New Year's eve was the penthouse. Next to unlimited passes, the second perk to being an airline employee is reduced rates at hotels.

Things are certainly slower here. The internet thing hasn't caught on quite as fast. In fact, I'm next door at another hotel capitalizing on their cheaper internet rate. (Another quality of airline types- thriftiness. But according to flight attendants it's just pilots).

There's no doubt about it, everyday is a carbon copy of the day before - except when the odd hurricane blows through. Having said, December/January are months of low probability of that happening. I hope I didn't tempt the weather gods.

Tanning in Barbados.

Capt. Doug


Ian said...

Good for you Doug. We're off to the Caribbean tomorrow, with Abby in a cast - determined to go (Doc said ok).

After being almost 4 hours late arriving in Boston, and having the APU go U/S on the inbound, followed a cabin crew in "J" who was convinced she had appendicitis (even though a Dr. on board said "no") a week in the sunny Caribbean Sea is just what this chap needs.

Not Barbados - but St. Martin, and we're connecting (god save us) there (not through the USA thank god).

So from the French Caribbean - to your penthouse - we'll raise a glass for safe and happy flying in 2010.

dogbait said...

Have a good holiday, Captain Doug. Don't tan too much. As I can attest, it's inclined to be somewhat harsh on the skin cells in later life.

From the Flight Deck said...

St. Martin. You'll be close. I have to admit we are outnumbered by Brits at the resort. We are the only Canadians. Even the breakfast is a typical English breakfast. They are all offshoots of Virgin Tours.



From the Flight Deck said...

Dogbait. from looking around at the older clientele I can attest to wrinkled skin. I spend most of my time harping to my kids. But all I get is "yeah, yeah."

From the Flight Deck said...
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Ian said...

Virgin tours ? I hope there's red thongs :)

enjoy! Ian

trnsfrmr said...

Welcome! As a loyal reader of your excellent blog, I figured I would introduce mine, which just so happens to cover a little bit of island life, check it out here: http://blog.barbadospropertylist.com/

Tim said...

Enjoy it, Doug! You've earned it!

From the Flight Deck said...

Ian. No such luck. All inclusive resorts tend to attract a certain clientele. There's not many here who I'd want to see in a red thong. :)

From the Flight Deck said...

Tim. Thanks for the vote. Doug

From the Flight Deck said...

trnsfrmr. I'll take a look at your blog in a little while.
Beautiful island you have here.

Capt. Doug

SingleLadyPeach said...

Hey Captain Doug

Your family is a tough croud to please. My family would be happy to drive an hour away and stay in a small motel. Now if they went to Barbados, they would be happy to sleep in a tent on the beach.

What kind of accomidation do pilots receive for vacations?

What is it like to live with a family with such high standards?


From the Flight Deck said...

Singleladypeach. You've got that right, "a tough crowd to please." They seem happy where we are but I guess I've spoiled them. They think all-inclusives are the way to go. I thought I'd try something different by checking into a 2.5 star hotel but we lasted one night.

I agree with you, when I was young that's as far as our vacation went, checking in at a motel.

Thanks for the post. (You're first one)

Capt. Doug

Andrew said...

Doug hope your enjoying Barbados, sure beats Ontariariario...

Happy New Year

From the Flight Deck said...

Andrew. I see this morning YYZ's temperature is minus 8. As I write this, the beach is ten feet away and people are already in swimming. No wonder a few Air Canada pilots commute from here. For me it would be too long to sit as a passenger.