Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December's enRoute (The well is starting to fill)

Here's one question from December's issue. As well, my editor at enRoute says she is starting to have questions roll in so I thank you bloggers, readers and followers. The well is starting to fill.

Q: What does “Air Canada Jetz” (painted on the side of some aircraft) mean?
Shirine Eltaher, Toronto

Air Canada Jetz flies five Airbus A320s configured with 64 business class seats catering to sports teams, rock bands and corporate clients. Famous guests have included the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Montreal Canadiens, U2, the Rolling Stones and the Boss (not mine – Bruce Springsteen). Customers dictate everything from the departure point and time to the menu and entertainment, and the gourmet meals are second to none.


benjaminrowley78 said...

Do you ever get to fly for Jetz? If you do where the most crazy place you have gone?

Ben Rowley

From the Flight Deck said...

Hi Ben. I only did one JETZ charter. Many pilots do not bid these charters because they are not productive.Meaning there is a lot of sitting around. My charter was to ferry (airplane is empty) the airplane to Bradley airport (just outside Boston, Mass.) and fly the Boston Bruins to EWR (Newark, New Jersey). The flight itself was only 40 minutes long and we were delayed two hours waiting for
take off clearance. Things were backed up in Newark. The team could have driven there faster. Because we were delayed, we missed our deadhead flight home so we spent the night in EWR. Many of the supervisors take the cushy JETZ charters like Bruce Springstein, The Rolling Stones and politicians during elections.

Capt. Doug

Edgard Pacheco said...

Hi Captain Doug!. Well, this is my first post, tough i'm following your blog for quite a long time. Your stories are great and catch my imagination, I always wanted to be an airline pilot. Good luck!

From the Flight Deck said...

Edgard. Thanks for the positive feedback and welcome aboard! I've been getting more comments/feedabck each day. Seems like the blog is building momentum. Thanks.

Capt. Doug