Tuesday, December 8, 2009

enRoute's second December's question

This is yours truly doing the walk around in Toronto. It states the F/O is to do the walk around but us nice captains share. Having said that, I diplomatically asked the F/O to do the walk around in frigid Edmonton. 

Just so happens Air Canada's photographer was on my flight to Montreal last winter so he captured a few shots of me doing the clockwise "walk around" a.k.a the "run around" or "kick the tires, light the fires" check.

Q: What do pilots look for in their visual inspection? 
Tony Martins, Calgary

A visual or “walk-around” inspection must be done before every flight. Nearly 120 items are checked, from tires and navigation lights to access doors and engine intakes. Since many service vehicles approach aircraft, we also scan for dents and bumps, and during winter, we scrutinize the exterior for snow and ice. You’ll see pilots wearing a bright fluorescent vest during this safety check. This check is usually completed by mechanics on the wide-body fleet.

You too can get your name up in lights. Send me your questions....please.


P.S I noticed enRoute has a period at the end of the email address. It works from my MAC but maybe not from a P.C. Calling all you techies, does it matter if the period is there? 


Matthew said...

depends on the e-mail client (the software). Most programs should be smart enough to remove the excess period, but I always find it safer to leave a space between the end of an e-mail address or URL and the sentence end marking (.).

Ex: [email protected] .
www.thisdoesntexist.net .

Colin said...

The trailing period should not be there. You should remove it from the text of the post.

Lakotahope said...

Pretty insignificant if it is just used for typing. May have been added accidentally by the person who typed it into the page...

then again, the conspiracy theorists may add ........

MathFox said...

As someone who has set up a domain name server (DNS) once: the official "absolute" domain name ends with a dot, while a relative domain name does not have the trailing dot. How these names are looked up also depends on the client side libraries, which might explain differences between OS X and Windows. In general relative domain names are looked up in a local list of domains (that usually is empty) before it is tried in the global domain system.

A properly configured (UNIX) client should resolve enroutemag.net. to the "official" IP (currently; for enroutemag.net the software may try other domains like enroutemag.net.bad-isp.net. or enroutemag.net.bigcorp.com. before trying enroutemag.net.

(A badly written resolver library may not recognize the absolute domainname and try to resolve enroutemag.net.. which is not a legal domainname.)

From the Flight Deck said...

Mattew, Colin, Lakotahope and Mathfox. You guys sure know your stuff. Period! :)

Actually, I'll send enRoute a query email.

Thanks for all the posts.

Capt. Doug