Tuesday, December 15, 2009

From the Flight Deck - meeting

Well after several months, the producer of Caissie Images, promoter and I will be meeting Air Canada's marketing management to see if there is interest and financial backing for a series of aviation documentaries. The meeting is tomorrow morning in Montreal and the only glitch is... the flights are full to the brim.

Here's some of the ideas for potential documentaries:

Toronto’s Central De-ice Facility: 30 deicing trucks each costing one million dollars.
Air Canada’s flight planning department: Alive 24-7 pumping out 650 to 700 flight plans daily.
Airplane tires: What are they filled with? How long it takes to change an airplane tire?
Thunderstorms: Pilots avoid them like the plaque. What is an airport “red alert” ?
Exploring the inside an airplane: What’s it like inside the tail of a jumbo jet?
Fuel: How much does a jumbo need for a flight to Hong Kong? Where is it stored?
The walk around: How often are they done and what is the pilot looking for?
How do pilots find the airport in fog? How does the Instrument Landing System work?
Sinning in the Simulator: What can they replicate and what can’t they do?
How do I become a pilot? What’s the outlook? How much will it cost?
Moving the heavy metal: How controllers move airplanes on the ground and in the air?
What time is it? Pilots, weathermen, air traffic controllers converse in UTC time.
Runways: What do the blue, white, green and red lights mean?
Paint by numbers: How does one paint an airplane? How often are they painted?
Why the Bumps: Explanation of the six different types of turbulence.
Under pressure. Is the cargo hold pressurized and just how dry is the air?
Highways in the sky: What air traffic controllers see on their screens? How tough is it?
What’s found at an airport?


fche said...

If it's half as good as "The Flight" series of 4-6 episodes from a decade ago, I'd buy it.

Ian said...

So would I - and I hope your autograph will be on ebay!

Hope you made it to MTL - but sounds like traffic is bad, as I saw on my news feed a news chopper came down in the centre of the city - hope the crew are ok.

Good job Capt. Doug!


From the Flight Deck said...

Yes, the meeting went as well as to be expected. They thought the concept was unique and it would certainly work, but who will pay for it?

I might also get to do an interview with the Discovery Channel on jet engines. Air Canada's P.R department contacted me yesterday asking if I would be interested. But the holidays are upon us so things won't happen until the new year.

I sure hope B.A ratifies. The family and I would like to take a vacation, but your pending strike must be factored in the equation for those travelling on passes.