Thursday, December 3, 2009

Positve feedback/flying Kites website

I received an email today loaded with positive feedback from an American living in France. I thought I'd share it as well as promote her son's website. She mentions a young girl in Nairobi wishing to pursue an aviation career. We all know it's a challenge for most aspiring pilots, but to grow up where becoming a pilot is as far away today as it was 50 years ago is unfathomable. As stated in my talk I did a week ago, "to achieve the goals you have set out for yourself, that is success." I hope someday she too will have the opportunity to repeat those words.

Flying Kites is the charity which my son and a colleague founded in 2007 which is based in Newport, RI but mainly working in Kenya and India at the moment.

Good morning from an American living in deepest rural France.

I've been following your postings with great pleasure- guess I'm a sort of "should've been" pilot - too late now,'s at the very top of my Next Life List!!!

I bought 2 copies of your most interesting book, one of which I enjoyed greatly. The second copy went out to a 15 year old high school girl in Nairobi who I've been helping with her determination to become a pilot. Not an easy career path for a girl in Kenya but I feel strongly about her ambitions and your book exactly fitted the kind of real aviation material I've been bringing or sending out to her. She has Internet access (of a sort) and your website is one that I know she is reading when she is home from school. So, little you may have known your writings are helping someone very deserving to work along her career path!

Through your recommendation I've begun following The Flying Scotsman- love it! I think I've found most of the pilot blogs but finally this one from the UK as I lived there for 26 years and have flown BA since it was BOAC. So as I regularly fly two Triple 7 routes with BA and always stop on the FD after every flight (where possible) to say hello and thanks perhaps Ian and I will cross paths at some point.

I've tried to put my finger on what it is that makes the pilot blogs such terrific reading and I think the main factors are the intelligence required to do your job combined with the acute sense of observation (SA) and the large dash of humour which result in giving people like me who won't make the FD in this life such a good window on your working world!


Ian said...


Inspirational words on reaching for the skies.

Thanks also for letting me know about the nice words from Lee - much appreciated.

Cheers, Ian

PS Congrats on passing the recurrency!

From the Flight Deck said...

Thanks Ian. I was going to post about my ride, but I'm still stewing over it. Doug