Saturday, January 30, 2010

An airline with a sense of "ha, ha"

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I like how they depict the captain, "the big cheese" and "captain, my captain." Kulula Airlines operates out of South Africa. Seems like an upbeat airline with lots of energy. Sometimes I think Air Canada needs to do a little of this, "let down our hair." A sense of humour can go a long way. Having said that, I guess if I wanted to tell jokes on the P.A, I could have joined Westjet.


Tim said...

Fantastic, ain't it? A buddy of mine sent me these pics the other day, and I didn't quite believe it until I verified it on Love it! Now that's a cool airline!

From the Flight Deck said...

Hi Tim. I agree - fantastic concept. Some airlines think paint just adds weight, but most embrace it by utilizing an aircraft's paint scheme as a promotional tool. Kulula airlines takes first prize in the creative department.

Richard said...

I'm amazed that they've been allowed to get away with "Loo - mile-high-club initiation chamber"!

No way would the over PC UK allow such sexist smut!

Well done them!

From the Flight Deck said...

Richard. Good eye. I didn't notice that one until now. They thought of everything. Like you said, "well done them."

Thanks for the post.


Anonymous said...

Rather better than the bright orange colour scheme of the competition - 1Time ( Still am amazes they get pax with that name). I like watching them fly overhead, the green is very catching.

Nice airline to fly with, and very easy to book as well, most done via internet, though course you still have to deal with the same ACSA at the airport.

From the Flight Deck said...

Anon. Thanks for the post. Obviously you reside in South Africa. Kulula has a sense of humour. We need more of that in the industry.

And like you said, I don't know what to think of the competition's name, 1Time maybe 'OnTime' would be better? :)

Thanks for the post.


Anonymous said...

Kulula was Africa's first low fare airline and its parent company also owns the Southern African British Airways airline.

The name 1Time is derived from a common South African slang term "one time" which loosely translates as "immediately" or "without delay".

From the Flight Deck said...

Anon. Appreciate your input. My "Kulula" post was picked up by a few institutions ,and because of it, I received over 1000 visits in one day on my blog.

Everyone was intrigued with the photos.

I hope my response gets back to you in "one time." :)

Captain Doug

Gareth said...

Captain Doug,

We recently flew with Kulula whilst in South Africa on Honeymoon and we found that the humour didn’t stop with the paint job. The safety brief before takeoff is also very funny. For example, you are told to 'please fasten the seat belt around your gorgeous hips'; 'assume the brace position' instead becomes 'assume the kiss your ass goodbye position'; 'calmly apply your oxygen mask before helping others' becomes 'after you finish screaming, calmly apply your oxygen mask before helping others'. They also tell you that if you are caught smoking on the flight you will be exiting the aircraft IMMEDIATELY!

At the end of the flight whilst taxiing to the gate they tell you 'please do not leave your belongings behind, but if you do please make sure that its something the cabin crew can use, and no, that’s not your children'.



From the Flight Deck said...

Hi Gareth. Congrats on your wedding! Kulula seems to be an airline that thinks outside the box. Good for them! They certainly take first prize as far as paint scheme originality. However, most of their lines/humour is borrowed. Even on their website they have posted humour which has been circulating the aviation world for years. But hey, they seem to be putting fun back into this industry. My hats off to them.

Again, congratulations!

Captain Doug from Canada