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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

B787 Photos

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These photos were sent to me commemorating the second flight of the B787. Even though it's in the wrong livery, it looks to be a beaut. Air Canada has 37 firm orders with an option of 23 more. This Boeing 'carrot' has been dangling in front of our noses for a few years. Originally scheduled to arrive late 2010 it looks like 2013 by the time they will be sitting on the ramp in Air Canada colours. Until then, our equipment bid will be flat.

Note the scalloped trailing edge of the engine used for noise abatement. The cabin aft of the engines will be quieter because of it.

Click on B787 photo in right column to hear Ken Tobias song the "Dream II"


Christopher said...

That's one nice looking ship!

I wonder how those aeroelastic wings will perform in the ITCZ?

Flying Kites Mom said...

Bonjour- Wonderful photographs- thanks so much! LSP

From the Flight Deck said...

Christopher. If you Google the wing bending tests this bird had to go through, one would think it could handle anything.
Haven't said that, never underestimate the fury of Mother Nature and that includes the ITCZ (Inter Tropical Convergence Zone).

Thanks for the post.

Captain Doug

From the Flight Deck said...

De rien LSP

Merci pour la poste!


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the update post, that aircraft is going to look great in AC colours and I'm sure we'll see a few in YYC on some European routes.

I'm sure those wings will handle the ITCZ just fine!

YYC Dispatcher