Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Flying Scotsman TAKES ILL!

The Flying Scotsman
From time-zone to time-zone on the Triple 7 Speedbirds

Hello all. Captain Ian (The Flying Scotsman) had his appendix removed last night. Here's what his wife (June) posted:

Hello: this is being posted with the help of our kids. During the night, Ian started to get pain in his stomach, which steadily got worse as morning came. We called the Emergency Doctor service which came in less than 20 minutes, and quickly diagnosed appendicitis. I started off life as a nurse, so I suspected as much, but he wouldn't listen to me, until the pain became intolerable. Typical man.Long and the short of it, Ian about 2 hours ago had his appendix removed in an urgent operation and it all went smoothly and he is now fast asleep.As we were getting him to the hospital, he scribbled down his password and information and insisted a note is dropped in here to let you all know what has happened! I needed to get the kids to help me.I am heading over there again to see husband-without-appendix (and dad-without-appendix) but expect him still to be fast asleep.
Thanks again, June and the kids.

Perhaps fellow readers can send Ian an email/post.
Captain Doug


zzz said...

Our thoughts are with you. Hope you get well soon. all the best.


Daniel Asuncion said...

Ian...that was close. You were
very fortunate that your wife
acted so quickly.

There's an old saying in the
southern U.S.

"You are luckier than a skinny
turkey at Thanksgiving."


Take your time and get well.

Nova Scotia

Jack said...

Thanks for letting us know about Ian, Doug. That was a shocker to see! Lucky for him he was home.

Enjoyed your recent posting on your western trip. I was at a course at a hotel by YYZ over the weekend and enjoyed being under the departure path of 06L. Couldn't help thinking of you and your recent trip as I saw an AC A321 depart!


From the Flight Deck said...

Jack. Yes, I bet Ian is thinking the same thing - lucky it didn't happen on the road. I know of pilots and flight attendants taking ill during layovers. Not only is it challenging but it's a bureaucratic nightmare.


From the Flight Deck said...

Dan. Now that's a different way of putting it. Sounds like a George Bush spin off.