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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hockey Night in (Air) Canada

Captain Doug holding the Doug Vann trophy.

The last two days consisted of playing hockey in the Doug Vann annual Air Canada hockey tournament hosted by our union ACPA (Air Canada Pilot Association). It was made up of eight teams using names from the NHL. We were the Canadians and won five games in a row.

Despite the copious amount of drinks many pilots had the night before, the tournament was quite serious. I'm amazed how many grown men (pilots) behave like babies. Many times a few pilots forgot all about CRM. CRM just isn't a flight deck concept.

It was the first Doug Vann tournament for me and we won! I did score two goals but I was in the right place and the right moment. I guess it's equivalent in getting hired, timing is everything.

We had two young pilots on our team and they stole the show. One pilot now only 27 was hired at age 22. He's a very lucky guy because the average new hire age at Air Canada is 35.

There were no B777 skippers out there. Very few A330/767 skippers either. I can't remember playing in such an intense environment.

Anyway, I got the t-shirt.

Now I have to teach weather early tomorrow morning at the BFC (Brampton Flight Centre)

A whole bunch of Air Canada pilots in funny uniforms (Montreal Canadians)


Ian said...

Doug. My daughter just saw your photo and apparently wishes "dad" looked like you!

I will however send you a photo taken by my wife of me in order we know what to look for when we meet next month!!

Congratulations on winning the hockey - I have a 5-a-side soccer semi-final coming up - worldwide fleet versus Eurofleet - so I expect to lose knowing we're so bloody old!

Made excellent time over the pond last night - nice smooth crossing up at FL410.

Anyway - congrats again!

Cheers, Ian

Jack said...

Hi Doug,
Congratulations on your big win! Just curious if your team had a "Captain" and if so, how do you choose amongst captains for that role!

Susie said...

You do look every inch the real man there Doug!

Looking forward to seeing you in Ancaster next month when the Speedbirds are in town!

Take care, Susie

P.S. I am going to Calgary on AC tomorrow - I'll let you know how it goes.

From the Flight Deck said...

Susie. Thanks for the post. Yes, I hope to meet up with you and the Speedbirds next month.

Off to YYC tomorrow? I'm flying to YYC on flt 133 at 1800 tomorrow.


From the Flight Deck said...

Jack. We did have a captain, but he was chosen arbitrarily and not by seniority. He was the best and second youngest on the team and ironically he is a first officer.

From the Flight Deck said...

Ian, sounds like your daughter is a little harsh on her dad.

I would have thought the worldwide fleet would be younger because the senior guys would take the flights closer to home. Obviously, you guys don't have status pay.

I just finished teaching four hours of high level meteorology and yes it looked pretty benign over the Mid Atlantic.


Susie said...

Hello Doug

I wish I was on your flight - I'm off on the 8am - AC 117 and heading back on Sunday.

Ian said he'd email you over the weekend. Got his annual route check coming, so his kids told auntie he's a bit grumpy!

Take care and safe travels out west.


From the Flight Deck said...

Susie. That's a quick trip to YYC. Like most pilot families, they know to tip toe around the pilot when he has a pending route check or simulator training.

I hope Air Canada treats you well.


Memopilot said...
This post has been removed by the author.
Memopilot said...

Congratulations captain¡¡¡
Nice trophy. By the way, Why the name like that? any interesting history about it?

Take care¡

From the Flight Deck said...

Memopilot. Doug Vann was an Air Canada pilot many years ago and he had a great passion for hockey.
He passed away so the annual hockey tournament was held in his honour 31 years ago.

Ian said...


We do get status - I think I am making excuses knowing full well we're not as slick as the bend it like Beckhams on the Airbuses of Eurofleet!

Seems like my sister is spilling the beans over me getting wound up about being under the microscope next week...true enough! I have SOPs, new additions to read, re-read and read again! Add to the equation an almost brand spanking new 2-stripe FO as RP, and I am looking forward to the check being over and done with!

Hope all well - safe flight to CYYC.

Cheers, Ian

From the Flight Deck said...

Ian, there's no doubt those Airbus guys are a different breed. Well, at least they think they are. :)

Just in from the gym, but I'm still feeling it from the hockey tournament. I feel like I've been to Tokyo and back.

Off to CYYC and then to CYVR (Vancouver) for a long layover to catch some of the Winter Olympic hype.