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YYZ 05

YYZ 05
"Pic of the day" sent in by Craig R landing on runway 05 (Toronto)

Runway 05

Like Craig R, I landed on runway 05 at 10:00 p.m last night during a route check. I was suppose to stay in Calgary for the night. Even though I work in the most regulated industry I know, it sure is dynamic.
Yesterday, one of my flights was subbed to an Embraer, so I deadheaded and then once deadheading we were drafted to fly to Toronto.

Can anyone guess what that yellow hook like device on the wing is?

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Deiced in May

A visit to Aeromag in CYUL

"It's not over until it's over." I wanted to use Yogi Berra's other quote, "it's not over until the fat lady sings," but I couldn't tie deicing and a chubby lady together. Sunday morning's snow in Montreal was not a total surprise when I looked out the hotel window. After all, the weather man proved to be right. Hooray for the weatherman! The deice checklist is never far away. (No wonder Airbus consults Air Canada on deice procedures) Procedures dictate the captain will make a deice announcement prior to pushback. To downplay the fact we needed to be deiced, I mentioned to a nearly full A321, our destination weather Las Vegas, was forecast to be sunny and 28C.

After dodging thunderstorms the night before in the Toronto area, some of these boomers topped at 44,000 feet, yesterday's trip from CYUL to KLAS proved semi-normal. The only major weather contender were the stiff crosswinds, about 200 degrees at 25 gusting to 37 knots, landing on 25 left. The bumps started at 10,000 feet. The winds were blowing off the many hills plus the temperature was 28C with a dew point of minus 6. The spread is conducive to unstable air. Calgary, Alberta also encounters this same phenomena. The only glitch is there's no moisture to lift, hence no clouds. I call it the "dry heaves." (I should patent that meteorological term).

Captain Doug was at the controls and a couple of times he had full deflection on the joystick but set it on nicely with autobrake set to low and max reverse. We were running late so I couldn't "cook" the brakes. Procedures prefer full use of the carbon brakes and little to no reverse. It's better to wear out the brakes (we rent them) than imposing wear and tear on the engines. Vegas, because of the elevation and warm temperatures, we tend to ride the brakes because the thin air causes the engines to spin a little faster.
The take off also proved to be interesting, but the F/O did a great job. I'll be off to the "Rock" and back tomorrow so I should have some more weather stories. Then it's over to YOW for a super long layover. If you see me wondering the streets in the nation's capital don't think I'm a politician and try to run me over. :)


Doug said...

Have a great trip to the Rock tomorrow. The weather there is always interesting this time of year!
Still waiting on my Ottawa move, so won't be there to try and run you down. And watch the driving on the 401! (re: your earlier post) I might be doing that run periodically. Wouldn't want them thinking I was you. or vice versa! You've already had the break!
The other DM.

From the Flight Deck said...

Is this the DM that lives in YYC? You are moving to YOW?
Just for fun, I pulled up the latest "Tore Bay."
Looks like it will be coming down for my arrival. I'll be arriving late afternoon.


TAF CYYT 102338Z 1100/1124 23005KT P6SM FEW100 SCT240 BECMG 1103/1105 VRB03KT FM110600 VRB03KT P6SM FEW100 PROB30 1107/1112 1SM BR
FM111500 07008KT P6SM FEW008 BKN060BECMG 1116/1118 03010KT FM112000 03010KT P6SM FEW004 BKN030 OVC120 TEMPO 1120/1122 4SM -RA BR BKN004
FM112200 03007KT 1SM -RA BR OVC003 TEMPO 1122/1124 1/4SM -RA BR VV001

viennatech said...

Doug, if you're bored in Ottawa drop me a line. I'd be happy to show you Ottawa from 2200' behind a 4 cylinder Lycoming.... It doesn't have thrust reverse but we will definately have no need to call up the iceman! viennatech(at)yahoo.com

Andrew said...

What do you mean by "Interesting"?


From the Flight Deck said...

Viennatech. Thanks for the offer! The F/O and I will be touring the war museum today. (I think) Your offer is much more exciting, but I realize it's too short notice.
Maybe sometime this summer?

YOW must be a beautiful city to fly over, VFR.

Captain Doug in YOW

From the Flight Deck said...

Andrew. Interesting? Well when we neared Newfoundland we crossed a jet stream blowing from the south at 120 knots causing continuous light to moderate turbulence. Visibility was good while on approach until five miles back when a heavy shower invaded the airport. Things began to fill in because of the moist easterly wind coupled with the added moisture from the shower. I was a little disoriented taxiing to the gate because it was still daylight (I've been landing and taking off there during the winter nights). Plus I could see the tower and terminal a good distance away. Well that changed for our departure. Visibility went from RVR 6000 feet plus, to 2600 feet with RVR A on runway 29 at 700 feet. We blasted off on 11. Hence the term interesting. :)

Captain doug

Anonymous said...

Hey Doug,

This probably isn't the best post to ask these questions but I will anyway? Im just curious how the a320 performs, like how does it climb in terms of FPM and indicated airspeed, and how does that compare to a aircraft like a Dash 8? Also what is your TAS at cruise?

thanks for answering and I really enjoy your blog

viennatech said...

The war museum is a great second choice :) Anytime you come back, drop me a line as my offer still stands. The F/O can come with but then you both have to tell me your exact weights.... :)

From the Flight Deck said...

Hi Anon. As you probably know, I fly three models of the "small bus" (A319, A320, A321). The A319 climbs like a "home sick angle" and we can easily get 3000 ft/min when it's light and on cold winter days.
The A320 climbs well but not like the A319. The A321 does not climb well and it tends to be a little under powered. I dislike it's handling characteristics at higher altitudes. We cruise at about 450 knots or Mach .78.

I sat in the jumpseat of a Dash 8 a year ago and I forgot how slow it was. It's a great all weather airplane, but doesn't compare with climb rates to the A320.

Thanks for the question and kind words.

Captain Doug

Doug said...

I'd be the Doug Morris that lives in south eastern BC that used to work at YYC.
The transfer to Ottawa is on for August, however may see you on an Ottawa flight between then and now. Heading back to the Rock in October as well.
The Other DM

From the Flight Deck said...

Hi Doug. I'm presently in Victoria. B.C. I fly back to YYZ early tomorrow after minimum crew rest and then I do a YOW turn. In fact. I have lots of YOW flights in June. I'll hopefully see you on board. The other Doug M