Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's back on the line (Training is over with!)

In the left portion of this picture, is a slide which also duplicates as a raft. About 11 pilots and 20 flight attendants all boarded the raft and learned how to set up the canopy. Things got cosy. In the background is a mock up sim where we practised a ditching in the ocean. Yours truly had an acting role. I had to wait behind after everyone evacuated so a flight attendant could find me and rescue me. I could be up for an academy award. :)

We also learned to open the doors to the A320, B767, Embraer, B777.
I treat the doors on my airplane as radioactive. I don't touch them, but then again I don't need to. Having said that, there is a high percentage of blown slides on ferry flights where pilots have to open the door. I learned a white light illuminates when an Airbus door is about to be opened when armed. You last warning prior to blowing a slide.

Today consisted of learning new escape charts over mountainous terrain, low visibility requirements (we now need a law degree to determine if we are legal). We met with the flight attendants to critique specific CRM scenarios. Then it's into the cabin simulator for an evacuation. We were allowed to wear jeans this year because we were told we would be jumping onto a slide. It didn't happen. Apparently people were getting hurt.

I remember years ago a pilot was reluctant to jump down a slide. His reason...he was afraid of heights. True story.

We also reviewed smoke hoods, life jackets, emergency equipment and we had to put out a small fire in a mock up galley.

The afternoon consisted of more classroom talk, review of exams we wrote prior to coming to class and we received new dangerous goods cards. Another pilot prerequisite.

Tomorrow it will be great to get back in the real world. I'll get to take off with both engines working with no surprises or failures. And if there are, Captain Doug is honed up to handle them. Gone flying!


david said...

A lot of pilots seem to be afraid of heights, at least unless they have 3/8" of plexiglass to keep them safe.

From the Flight Deck said...

David. It seems like an oxymoron, a pilot afraid of heights, but I bet it's more prevalent than people think.

Andrew said...

"I'll get to take off with both engines working with no surprises or failures."

...knock on wood

From the Flight Deck said...

Andrew. Yes....knock on wood! :)

carlton said...

This post reminded me of my KLM days when I had to attend the annual cabin crew training centre in Amsterdam. We did the drills with the slide - and the mock-up decrompressions and firefighting etc all which is fun, but very important if you want to keep your job. The best was the 'wet-drill' in which we used a swimming pool as a 'miniature north sea' and twelve dutch girls had to huddle around me to maintain body heat - at the time I though 'life doesn't get much better than this'.

Carlton - in a very humid Toronto

From the Flight Deck said...

Carlton. I like it! In hindsight I should have been looking around wondering who I would want to spend time on a deserted island after our rafts made landfall. lol

Doug also in humid Toronto about to launch for St. John's, Newfoundland and back and then to really humid Halifax. (Actually, they are getting rain). :)

Daniel Asuncion said...

And the Oscar goes to...

Mike Kear said...

I am amazed at this fear of heights thing. My son was REALLY wanting to be a pilot, then when he turned 21, and I gave him a lesson as a birthday present to get him started, he blushed and said he really wanted to be a pilot except that there was that 'up high thing' that scared him.

From the Flight Deck said...

Hi Mike. I guess there are varying degrees with the fear of heights. For pilots, as long as they have control they will be okay. But put many of them on the side of a building, up a ladder, or leaning over a cliff they will change their tune.

Nadia said...

Like I've told you before

You're the best captain Doug!!



From the Flight Deck said...

Nadia. You are smoooooth!

Thanks for the nice comments.

It's nice to be back flying after the training.