Monday, August 16, 2010

Billowy in the Bahamas

Beautiful, Billowy, Bahamas...
On approach to runway 14.

This billowy convective activity was between us and Nassau. It proved not to be an issue. Actually it was mostly over Freeport bubbling up from the land with temperatures of 34 C with a dewpoint of 26C. Can you say muggy?
(Lavi, I pumped up the resolution a bit on my camera. :) )

The day started with me scouting for a spot in our new parking lot. It took until the top floor while starting five stories below to find space on a Monday morning. I get to the train only to find they are shutting one down for scheduled mainteanace.
I remember reading a sign years ago on the side of the road, "always do something while you wait." So I queried the maintenance guy about his job, the rough ride of the train and I find out the company that built the train has since gone bankrupt. People love talking about their jobs.

We delayed boarding a little as one flight attendant went through American pre-clearnace customs by mistake.

We had a light load. Actually I'm shocked 92 passengers wanted to head south while southern Ontario basked in beautiful sunshine. About 20 percent of the load were "cons" (contingencies) i.e employees.

Fuel is expensive in the Caribbean so we tankered four tonnes. Pilots love extra gas. Dispatch runs a program to see if it is cost efficient to carry fuel instead of buying it because remember, it takes about 20 to 30 precent of the fuel just to carry an extra tonne.

We inherited a A319 with a cabin temperature controller problem. We decided to take it as is, but we would reset some circuit breakers to reboot the system. We push back from the gate and we get a caution saying the "forward cabin trim valve" is faulty. Translation, "call maintenance." This now requires patching through dispatch because we left the gate, getting a maintenance release number, me talking to the in-charge, me making an announcement to the passengers, etc...

Finally I get to say, "ladies and gentleman, this is you captain speaking, we have ratified our maintenance issue, lets go to Nassau, Bahamas!

Actually, they all got an extra P.A prior to descent. Captain Doug thought it was time to promote his enRoute aviation column and to recruit questions. They were more receptive than my Miami passengers the day before.

While heading back to Toronto I looked over to South Carolina and saw the beach coastline. Tomorrow the family and I will be heading there to see my eldest daughter. She is a lifeguard there, so I want to see why the "bank of dad" paid a thousand dollars for her just to have a summer job.

I've seen a few pictures of my nineteen year old daughter on Facebook in bars. The only glitch is....drinking age is 21. Hmmmmm???

Time to investigate. :)


Daniel said...

I was tracking you both ways :P and then the next. Seen a few turns although it doesn't show any fixs so I cant really tell if its planned or not. About your daughter, I would assume that its just fun. Tt sounds fun until she gets in trouble ... then you got a problem ;D Have a good trip!

Daniel said...

( Dont take my advice, do what you feel is right. Just saying it from a younger prospective. )

Lavi said...

Oh man, that big resolution is so worth the extra memory on your camera! Awesome pictures! Thanks

Here's a question for you: In the past few months, have you gotten a chance to see the oil spill for yourself? Would it be visible from 35,000 feet? Also, does British Petroleum provide jet fuel for Air Canada?

I know they provide the Avgas for Buttonville, and every time I go for a lesson, they're logo starring me in the face is a constant reminder...

Giulia said...

"Bank of Dad"--that's a good one!

I used to call my dad, "Mr. Blank Cheque".

Enjoy your vacation...and easy on the "investigation". :)

WILLO2D said...

Hi Doug,

It seems you have all the North/South - South/North turns at the moment... even on vacation! Have a good one!

Oh, and your daughter's drink? Double Diet Kleer Kola - a beverage with no calorific value whatsoever with water as its only natural component. And that has been diluted! My son has only been asked for ID once in a bar, pub, etc: The Olive Garden near the Convention Centre on I-Drive, Orlando. He was less than two weeks past his 21st birthday.



From the Flight Deck said...

Lavi. Just bought a memory stick for my camera here in South Carolina. There's no excuse now for poor resolution pictures.

To be honest I haven't been looking for signs of the oil spill. Although most of my routes have been further east over the Atlantic.

Aerosol is the company that provides us fuel in Toronto. Having said that, Air Canada has it's own group of fuel hedgers and we even have our own barge. Hedging on fuel can save millions but it can go the the other way too.

Just driving around here in the Carolinas, BP is huge. Their sign is everywhere.

From the Flight Deck said...

Daniel. Thanks for keeping an eye on me through the tracking. :)

As far as my daughter, all is well. :)

From the Flight Deck said...

Giulia. At Hilton Head there is the beach, golf, tennis and sites but where does everyone want to go?
The Outlet malls. The "bank of dad" had a work out there, but heck, they even bought me a few things.

As far as the investigation goes, she is the responsible one. It's my wildfire middle daughter where her dad has his eyebrow up. :)

From the Flight Deck said...


Good answer about the clear cola thing. :)

Doing lots of driving but at least I'm getting to see the cities and fixes I have flown over the years.

CLT - Charlotte
SAV - Savannah
HHH- Hilton Head
CHS- Charleston
CAE- Columbia

shahrukh said...

I've seen a few pictures of my nineteen year old daughter on Facebook in bars. The only glitch is....drinking age is 21. Hmmmmm???

Time to investigate. :)

Some things are better left alone, or left to the mum to handle. :) Hope you are having a good time with the family.

From the Flight Deck said...

Shahrukh. You are a person of wisdom. Actually, I have 100 percent faith in my eldest daughter. Did I mention I have two daughters? :)

Captain Doug in HOT Charleston, South Carolina