Saturday, August 21, 2010

First in Flight (North Carolina)

Note the working gas lights

Wrought Iron...famous for this area

Typical street in old historic Charleston, South Carolina. Many streets are cobblestone

Of course, Captain Doug has to be in the pics

"My" two Southern Belles
South Carolina

The six hour drive from Charleston, S.C to Hilton Head, S.C (to drop off my eldest) and then to Charlotte, N.C proved uneventful although talking on the cell phone and texting is still standard operating procedures for the locals A few people passed while texting... and I was going 75 mph!

North Carolina

Kitty Hawk North Carolina is where it all happened for aviation in 1903 and North Carolina is darn proud of it with the fact emblazoned on their license plates.

The day of reckoning came this morning at the car rental regarding my issue with a rock and the windshield. Nothing was said or noticed. Doug and his family quietly snuck on the car rental shuttle, but something tells me, it aint over. (I did file a report two days before).

The flight had only about 22 passengers out of 50. Lucky we weren't the Delta flight beside us. The inbound flight thought they were hit by lightning which meant a mechanic had to go over the aircraft with a fine tooth comb. The other glitch... the mechanic had to be flown in from Atlanta. This translated into at least a three hour delay for those passengers.

The family and I got checked out in the new body scan for security. You can't leave until someone examines the photo and says so through a headset. The games we play. We spend huge money and time on security protecting the front door but there is also the back door, the side door, the garage door, the basement, attic and windows. :)

Glad to see they named Charlotte's airport, Douglas.

Heck they even named a SID (Standard Instrument Departure) out of Toronto called the DOUGLAS THREE DEPARTURE. Things are looking up!

The Old Man and the Sea (?)

The CRJ (Regional Jet) has no TV screens. What is a person to do? Captain Doug actually bought a book, The Old Man and the Sea. Ernest Hemingway won the Pulitzer prize for this 127 page marvel. I would have finished it in flight had not the in-charge been chatty. I got her talking about her job.... I finished the book tonight. It proves I can stay away from the computer. Having said that, look who's blogging? :)


shahrukh said...

Another good one from you. I NEED to, HAVE to, purchase your book. Will send you $$ this week. My "uncle" (old family friend, honorary uncle) Capt Johnny Sadiq, ended his flying career as a Capt. on 747's in PIA, and started it on a bi plane in the 50's. His book is titled, Come Fly With Me - Props. Strongly suggest you get it, interesting reading. I've yet to read the sequel, Jets, but will pick it up next time I go to Karachi. Fly AC from Houston to Vancouver at least once a year. Usually buy my BBQ to go in Houston and fall asleep after a couple of scotches. Take care. Please keep posting, do appreciate the effort. Glad you enjoyed your Kitty Hawk moment in time. - Shahrukh

From the Flight Deck said...

Shahrukh. I'll gladly send you an autographed book. Thanks for taking the time to drop me a line.

A flight convener for a local flight centre will be dropping by my house early tomorrow to pick up 16 copies. Each new student will
be getting an autographed copy as part of their package.

Standing by on your address!

Captain Doug