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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Different Guises

I received this email today. It prompted me to post some of the different liveries seen at Air Canada.

Capt. Doug,

Still enjoying your favorite posts seem to be those stories of situations during the flights you take. Were you flying the other day out of YYC when the landing gear bays would not close? Here is the A319 I took yesterday on AC654 from YHZ to YYT. What is the story with the paint job on this one? Sorry about the quality but that's the best my Blackberry could do.

Looking forward to your answer...!

This is FIN 264 (Airbus 319) painted in TCA's (Air Canada's predecesor) colours to commemorate 60 years of service 1937-1997. The dates are seen on the tail.
Thanks for going out of your way to comment on my post. Many others say the same thing, they prefer my real life experiences.

So that's what the media was blowing out of proportion with the Airbus landing in YYC - gear doors? Must have been a slow day.

I'm off to do a Calgary turn tomorrow.

Thanks for flying Air Canada!

Captain Doug

Fin 264 in TCA's old livery

Our newest B777 sporting an Olympic theme

"Kid's Horizon" Airbus 319

B767 with an eagle to acknowledge Native Ancestry

Our JETZ division. We fly all the professional sport's teams here in Canada and a few American teams. PLus we do charters for bands..U2, the Rolling Stones, "the Boss," etc.

If you had the chance to get a close up of this Airbus 320 (Fin 212) you would see thousands of employee names making up the maple leaf. Yes, yours truly is there you see it? :)


Daniel said...

To bad that Symphony of the Voices got repainted. I think it was the best paint AC had. The 70th looked like a joke but 65 was truly gold. You could add : Another cool paint. It would be awesome to see a 777 or something like that. I think it looked pretty nice.

(Agreed with everyone, flight posts are awesome! Also pictures :) )

S.O. Lukas said...

I agree with Daniel, pity they repainted Symphony and the 65th livery as well. The times, they are a changin'!

From the Flight Deck said...

Hi Daniel. I never saw the 767 painted like this. Thanks!
It reminds me of American's philosophy they had for awhile...less paint equals less weight.
I think I quoted in my book, painting a B767 adds an extra 1482 pounds.

Captain Doug

From the Flight Deck said...


You and Daniel sure know your paint schemes. :)

Daniel said...

Hehe, There is quite a few of these paints for flightsim :P Plus when I go to Toronto you got to see a lot of them.

Anonymous said...

Captain Doug,

IMHO the B767 'experiment' looked pretty awful. The American aircraft look a lot better when they've been polished straight out of the factory, not sure what they're planning with the B787 and its composite fuselage, I expect we'll see lots of silver or grey paint!

I miss the Symphony paint job as well and was glad to get a picture of it shortly before it went into the paint shop.

I think the TCA paint is one of the nicest special schemes flying today. I'd like to see more of the fleet painted up that way myself!

The 'old' Star Alliance colour schemes looked a little awkward with some airlines, but the new ones are simple and elegant.

Hope you have a great turn in YYC, I'm heading back there myself in the afternoon.

Thanks for all the great posts Doug, keep them coming!

YYC Dispatcher

Andrew said...

that last livery is amazing, but i think that SWA wins the livery award from me (if thats worth anything).


From the Flight Deck said...

YYC Dispatcher

Back from my YYC turn. You guys had some welcoming bumps below 12,000 feet last night.
But you also had 22 C temperatures! Glad to see you are finally getting your summer. :)

P.S I poked my nose into the wine shop where follower Heather works part time. No Heather.
I did get an airline discount off a bottle of wine. I also received a light hearted comment from a passenger about a pilot buying booze. Yes, we are allowed. :)

Anonymous said...

Captain Doug,

I landed there about 1740L and there were plenty of bumps between FL120 - FL080 coming in from the southwest.

The +22 became -1 this morning with -SN...go figure...ended up cancelling my intro flight at Calgary Flying Club.

YYC Dispatcher

From the Flight Deck said...

YYC Dispatcher. Good to hear you are thinking about getting your pilot license. Overall, YYC is a good place to learn, weather-wise.


Jason said...

How does a pilot at air canada fly in the jetz division?

From the Flight Deck said...


Any A320 pilot can fly the JETZ airplanes. It used to be a supervisor perk, but we have a lot of teams now plus we "line pilots" thought it was unfair. So it is available in "open flying" or done by pilots on reserve.

I've done one JETZ charter. I'd like to do more especially when we fly the rock bands around.
That required flying the airplane empty from Toronto to Bradley, Mass plus a catering bill worth....(well you don't want to know) for the
45 minute flight. I then stayed the night and deadheaded home. The life in the big leagues!

Captain Doug