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Saturday, November 6, 2010

A big thank you!

These "kids" are now in their late twenties and early thirties. Looks like I was spreading the "word of aviation " for quite some time. I took them up for a tour of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Even though none of them pursued aviation, I think they had a great day.

For those who responded during the last week or so of turmoil ... I wanted to post your comments and then answer them separately. However, that may have caused me to say things that maybe I shouldn't about a few fellow pilots. After talking to one of my bosses, my union and the individuals involved I'm now hoping to spread the aviation word some more.

I thought I would "paste' those individuals who posted and to let everyone know where you guys are from. Hope you don't mind. And if I get the info wrong or I overlooked someone please send a "comment."

Without further ado.....

Adam a.k.a "the Winnipeger" Winnipeg, Manitoba

Anon a.k.a YYC Dispatcher (Calgary, Alberta) (Andrew)

Anon a.k.a Heather from Calgary

Andrew - Guelph, Ontario

Aviatrix - Vancouver and a heavy hitter blogger...

Carlton. London, England

Chris Gardner - St. John's, Newfoundland (Our guy who see LOTS of weather) :)

Christopher - Auckland, New Zealand

Cstclair Chris St Clair from the Weather Network (Ontario)

Daniel - Halifax

Daniel Asuncion - Halifax

Edwin - Sweden

Giulia- Ottawa (I hope I inspired your class to chase their dreams) :)

Kevin - Grand Forks, North Dakota

Kolin Henderson I posted his email on my post "Why I blog"

Jack - Toronto

Juan Carlos Plath - originally from Mexico but studying in Germany

Malachi - Ottawa- my 100,000 visitor!

Michael -Toronto

Nadia - Near Quebec City in La belle province du Quebec...Merci!

Nathaniel - Toronto

Rishi- San Diego, California

S.O. Lukas - Montreal, Quebec

Shege2000 Air Canada super elite- Ontario

Simon - Montreal, Quebec

Tim (Hershey, Pennsylvania)

Tom - Guelph, Ontario

Will02D (IanH) Hampshire, England

Sent personally:

Dear Captain Morris

Some of your blog posts seem to have generated a bit of flurry. I'm writing to say I hope you don't take the criticism too much to heart. I'm involved in the industry, albeit on the periphery, and spend a great deal of time on commercial flights. I find your posts interesting and informative. Just to say that this frequent flier considers your blog a real service to the public. I urge you to keep up this valuable work.

Capt Doug,
Just want you to know that I enjoy your blog and hope you keep at it. You (and other airline pilot bloggers)have succeeded in reversing what was developing into an irrational fear of flying on my part. I now thoroughly enjoy flying, just like I did when I was a kid. Knowing what is going on, and having faith that there are dedicated, skilled pros up in the cockpit has made a huge difference. Keep it coming!

I´m a student pilot in Central America and your blog gives me a fix on my curiosity on what a commercial pilots´ life is like. More importantly, a lesson on how to passionately serve our noble profession on all aspects possible as you do. This is more than just a career path, its a way of life.

Please continue with the great work you do on this blog!


Hello Captain Doug!

After reading your most recent post, I wanted to take a couple minutes to say thank you. Although I'm not a pilot (unless MS flight simulator counts :) ), every morning it is one of the first blogs I check in Google Reader. I have enjoyed your posts and have thoroughly enjoyed reading about aviation from an insiders point of view.

I also just finished reading your book (in record time, about 2 days). I'm sure I will check out the weather book also if you write it.

Try not to let the views of a few negative people discourage you. Keep up the good work!

Take care,

Bryan Peabody

Hey Captain Doug,

I would just like to say that your book was amazing!!!! I just bought it this past weekend!!!!!


Hey, Doug. Good for you for backing off on your blog in favour of the weather book. Thanks very much for the blog posts you’ve written – I’ve enjoyed them.

You asked for weather questions, so here goes....

I’m a 45-year-old student pilot – about 15 hours in a 172 at CYCD so far. I had a heck of a time this past season booking time off work to get lessons in – we had to cancel for weather about half the time. The TAF local graphic forecasts are very near-term, so I’ve been looking at the surface analysis charts trying to predict what the ceiling will be a few days ahead and have had no luck. Can you offer any pointers?


Hello Captain Doug,

I am a long-time reader of your blog but have never commented or sent an e-mail.

First of all, I would like to congratulate you - I find that the blog is the perfect mix of technical discussions, anecdotes, pictures and general "life-of-a-pilot" stuff. I just came across this article on the internet:

I guess your column will be printed from a different place now!

Also, I am awaiting news from AC. I had my final interview with them in Montreal last week for the "Current Schedule Manager" position - WISH ME LUCK!!!

Thanks for the blog and keep it going!

I was recently sent a book, Jet Age for me to comment on. It's about the race to shrink the world as author Sam Howe Verhovek puts it. Well the internet has done that as well! And that includes blogging. This book is a great read and I'll be posting early next week about it.



Andrew said...

Guelph, but close enough :D

Tom said...

Im in Guelph as well. How bout that. Andrew, if you've have been around CNC4 Ive probably seen you.

Chris Gardner said...

To correct you sir I am in St. John's NL.

Chris Gardner said...

Don,t worry about the mistake nobody is perfect because I am A perfect example of it,lol. take care Chris.

From the Flight Deck said...

Andrew and Tom. I made to corrections.

Maybe you two may meet?

Captain Doug

From the Flight Deck said...

Chris Gardner

Sorry, about that. How could I forget the guy who probably sees more weather than most of us.

I love visiting your city. The only glitch is...getting in and out of the airport can be a challenge sometimes.


Adam said...

Thanks for Everything, Captain Doug!!!!! Next time you fly into Winnipeg look for the new Termainal that is almost done!!! It is really nice!

Thanks again,
The Winnipeger,

From the Flight Deck said...

Adam. I was in YWG (turn) a few months ago and noticed things are moving along well with the new terminal.

Edmonton is going full tilt with theirs (large addition) as well.

And Calgary announced HUGE changes with a parallel runway going in.

Nassau, Bahamas also has a brand new terminal on the go.

We pilots sometimes jest..."what would an airport be without construction?" lol


"Someone built an airport around a construction site." lol

Adam said...

Yup! The new Terminal is supposed to be done pretty soon!!! I was recently on the computer looking at Calgary's new airport desgin's!! WOW!!! That is going to be one big airport!
The Winnipeger,

From the Flight Deck said...


Not only can Calgary brag about having the longest runway in Canada...they will soon be able to brag about having the second longest.
(I assume the second will be equivalent to runway 16-34).

Adam aka "The Winnipeger" said...

That is crazy to have the 2 longest runways in Canada in one city! The other airports in Canada have some competision! lol
The Winnipeger,

From the Flight Deck said...

Adam. Just noticed you changed your "call sign." Great idea!

Maybe others will follow suit?

Captain Doug

Adam aka "The Winnipeger" said...

Thanks For everything!
Hopefuly they will! lol
The Winnipeger,

From the Flight Deck said...

Adam aka "The Winnipeger"

Yes, I think it's a great idea! It will give a new slant to things.... :)

Nathaniel said...

I think your post right here shows what kind of virtual community you've created, and the interest you've sparked in many.

Keep it going,
Nathaniel (who wants to one day be in your shoes, from Toronto)

From the Flight Deck said...

Nathaniel. You speak words of wisdom for a younger follower. :)

Let's hope your dream comes true!

Captain Doug

Simon said...

Hi Doug,

I'm from Montreal !


From the Flight Deck said...

Merci Simon! I will adjust the post. Doug

Andrew said...

Wow! Small world. I was a co-op student out there with Ron Mercer last spring. I've also been working on my Private, but I haven't been out since April. I'll be back out there regularly starting next year :)

WILLO2D said...

Hi Doug,

Thanks for the mention - not necessary, but thanks. Judging from some of the above comments above, this world is really getting smaller. It may be a suitable subject for a future blog item.

For a change, I am on the move tomorrow, though by road rather than by air. Invitations to discuss possible future work beckon - the wx forecast is NOT good for driving!

Kind regards,


Anonymous said...

Captain Doug,

Second parallel for YYC is going to be longer then the first (14,500 IIRC), and will be longer then any of the military airfields that are currently in the country as well. It will also be set several thousand feet to the north of the current threshold, with a new Nav Canada ATC tower going in close to the WestJet Campus to control the action. What I'm really hoping to see is some center-line lighting and a CAT II approach, no one seems to admit the fact we have some crappy wx here now and then!

As you know when we have a real summer (unlike this past year) we've got some pretty high density altitudes (along with being at 3600' ASL to begin with!) and the idea is to use that runway for departures. Should help even those LH A340s look more sporty getting out of here!

Thanks for the return to your blog Doug, hopefully your 'critics' that you invited to read your blog appreciate all the hard work you do for both AC and the love of aviation, and I'll try to avoid the use of that nasty 'R' word!

YYC Dispatcher

From the Flight Deck said...

IanH Let's hope it all works our for you!

Safe journeys.


From the Flight Deck said...

YYC Dispatcher. Yes, having a CAT II approach would be nice. I do appreciate density altitude in YYC. The winds can be howling out of the west
and yet we can't take off into the wind on runway 28. We must contend with a stiff crosswind of 16-34 for our flights back to Toronto.

As far as the critics, I can think of a few nasty words myself, but I'm biting my tongue. :)

Thanks for your support!

Captain Doug

From the Flight Deck said...


I thought that as well as far as my blog, but some thought I strayed a little near the end. I removed those posts.

You would like to hear my Navajo stories? There are quite a few, but you too will have your own.

Maybe you can share some up to date ones with everyone?

Career advice? I say, "get training," things are going to open up!

Captain Doug

Nadia said...

It's a great idea to reveal the place where everybody lives. It's very amazing to see how large is your audience.



Danny Asuncion said...

You're most certainly welcome, Captain!

There's a Walt Whitman poem that figures prominently in the 1986 film, Dead Poets Society:

O Captain My Captain

A classic...

From the Flight Deck said...

Merci Nadia. The internet brings people together over a commonality. And what a great commonality...aviation!

Captain Doug

From the Flight Deck said...

Danny. I figured this warranted it's own post! Thanks