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Monday, November 15, 2010

Hockey and Flying

Yesterday I spent all day getting the above certificate. It felt like I was in ground school. I have to thank my wife for volunteering me for this nine hour course starting at 8:00 a.m Sunday morning. She actually volunteered me for a "trainer's" certificate last month which then meant her volunteering me for my son's hockey team as a trainer. The term "trainer" is a misnomer, it should be called safety officer.

A trainer must be present every game so that means I must now bid Fridays off and also Mondays for practice. This was my excuse for not volunteering before, but the boss wouldn't buy into it anymore.

But in order to be allowed to stand on the bench or enter the dressing room, I require a security check. I guess my Transport Canada pass allowing me to command an airliner and enter most airports around the world doesn't count. But what a minute, this security check came with a stipulation of fingerprints. I've been on the waiting list for four weeks. This is for my son's house league team consisting of 13 year olds. I went to the police station today to see if I could speed up the process. "Oh no sir, you have to go to the other police station which does fingerprints." Where have we gone wrong?
I guess the finger prints I did for the Feds is not good enough or maybe their computer doesn't talk to the other.

But wait, I have to do a "speak out course" which can be done online entailing three hours or take a four hour course. It's filled with common sense just like CRM.
I remember one chief pilot from another company telling me, "CRM only works for the people that don't need it." Hmmm?

Speaking of CRM, some pilots do not realize it should be used in most facets of life.
However, you'll see CRM break down with company hockey games (I no longer play with my co-workers) and on private pilot forums. There are cardinal rules but these are two places where rules are broken.

While sitting in hockey ground school I learned a few acronyms (aviation must take the cake as far as acronyms): STOP (Safety Toward Other Players). AAA (Attitude, Awareness and Action)

So now I am an over qualified trainer. I am told each team needs a coach, assistant coach, trainer and a manager. Remember folks, we are talking house league here.


Scote1992 said...

Wow, that sounds crazy for just a kids hockey team. I didn't realize coaches went through all that. I soloed for the first time Friday. It was amazing being responsible for safely getting the plane back on the ground. I can't wait to start my x-countries.

Lavi said...

I heard from friends that kids' hockey takes over parents' lives. I now know what they meant. ;)

Scote, congrats! That must be a great feeling. I've just started practicing circuits and was told i'm a couple of hours away from flying my first solo. I can't wait!

From the Flight Deck said...


Friday will be a day you will never forget. Keep it going!


Captain Doug

From the Flight Deck said...

Lavi. When we started our course we did a poll. The instructor said he is more impressed there were people skating for 40 years (me) than someone
playing high caliber hockey in their younger years. Many kids are burning out because of over zealous parents. They quit and never go back to the sport.

Organizations are trying to put the fun back in hockey.

When I see my son and his team play, I still want to play myself.

But there's another concept, trying to put the fun back into one's life.

Captain Doug

Giulia said...

Congratulations, Scote! :) :) :) :)

Daniel said...

Seems complex for a house leg team. It was the same thing for my AAA and AA teams but never in house around here. A lot of AAA and AA players dropped down this year to house. Luckily I got a friend on it and we both wreck house up ( I think we're 2d or 3rd ). Another one got on a really bad team and hasn't one a game yet he scores every game. Plus we can check , rough etc without getting in trouble :P

Edwin said...

Congratulations Scote1992.

I'm still waiting to start my PPL theory. Unfortunately, I don't have time now as I have a lot of school tests and stuff that I need to focus on.

Must be a good feeling.

Regards, Edwin.

Lavi said...

Captain Doug,
Trying to put the fun back into one's life - a big part of why I decided to take up flying. :)

Goodl luck with the hockey league. I'm sure you'll come to enjoy it!

From the Flight Deck said...

Lavi. Excellent answer. Enjoy the adventure. Doug

From the Flight Deck said...

Daniel. AAA and AA? You are a star! NHL here we come. :)

Adam aka "The Winnipeger" said...

Congrats Scote1992!!!!
I play top level soccer and it is the same!!! I Live, Eat Breath Soccer!!!! lol! It is hard when you are trying to become a pilot!Now i am starting to base my life around becoming a pilot!
The Winnipeger

Anonymous said...

Are all A320 you fly the same? Or do some of the newer ones have smaller differences and details that you notice?

From the Flight Deck said...

Adam. Soon you will be "living, eating, breathing" flying. Welcome to the addiction. Doug

From the Flight Deck said...

The very old A320 models (some of them are over 20 years) have a loud ventilation system. The seats are hard, are not electric and we have no tray table.
The newer ones are much quieter in the flight deck and come with tables and electric seats. :)

Captain Doug

Danny Asuncion said...

The league is lucky to have you.

Things are sometimes getting out of hand at that level. Spinal injuries, concussions etc.

And then there's the controlling, abusive tendencies of some of the parents. [Maybe a hint of what may be going on at home]

From the Flight Deck said...


Luckily, my son's division doesn't allow checking.

"Maybe a hint as to what's going on at home"....absolutely!


Adam aka "The Winnipeger" said...

That's the Plan!!! I am starting to make a list of what i need to accomplish to become a pilot!!
The Winnipeger

From the Flight Deck said...


You need money (lots of it), time, perseverance and the will.

The rest is gravy. :)

Adam aka "The Winnipeger" said...

There is one thing i will never give up on............
To become a, AIR CANADA PILOT!

The Winnipeger,