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Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Christmas list

A Christmas gift from my wife. The picture was taken three years ago, but it took this long to get a frame for it.

Where I've been since being hired in 1996

1996. Arrived from Osaka, Japan via Vancouver on the 21st. Was allowed to go home to Halifax via Toronto. :) I commuted from Halifax.

1997. Arrived in Halifax on the 24th via Toronto, Vancouver, London, New Delhi. I was a senior A340 cruise pilot. :) Commuted from Halifax.

1998. Arrived from Winnipeg on the night of the 24th. Now F/O on the A320. :) Now in Toronto.

1999. Arrived from Montreal on the 23rd. Fairly senior on the A320. :)

2000. Posted as A340 F/O. Left for training in Zurich, Switzerland just after Christmas. :)

2001. Did Vancouver turn on the 23rd. Off for Christmas. :)

2002. Seniority takes a hit. Spent Christmas in Paris. Captain bought me a ($25) beer Christmas eve. :(

2003. Christmas dinner in London. (Fish and chips). :(

2004. Christmas dinner in Frankfurt. :(

2005. Christmas dinner in Hong Kong. (gorgeous meal put on chef from Winnipeg) :(

2006. Christmas in Tokyo. Went to the infamous "trailer" Christmas eve. :(

2007. Now in training mode as A320 captain. Was home but my "head" was elsewhere. :( and :)

2008. Did Santa Clara, Cuba turn Christmas day. :(

2009. Did Miami turn Christmas day. :(

2010. Sitting home due to extra allotted vacation. Going to brother's for Christmas dinner. :)

So the score is seven wins, 6 losses and one tie.

My wife said I was home for Christmas more than I thought, she's right.


Capt. Schmoe said...

I'll never forget my first Christmas stuck on duty. An hour of bad roads away from family, working with a bunch of locals whose families dropped in and out all day. Now it seems immature, but it really was a miserable day for me. The first of many.

Now, with gobs of seniority and plenty of greedy captains who are willing to work an extra shift, I haven't had to work Christmas in years.

I prefer it that way.

Thanks for the post.

Edwin said...

I didn't know you where ever an A320 FO. I like this post because it tells us the less prestige moments of being a pilot and lets us wannabes know it's a long way to go! I read Emirates Group warned all their employees to not to report sick over the holidays :P.

By the way, English isn't my first language, but isn't it the 24th, not the 24rd?

"1997. Arrived in Halifax on the !!!24rd!!! via Toronto, Vancouver, London, New Delhi. I was a senior A340 cruise pilot. :) Commuted from Halifax."

Hope you are having a nice Christmas and all the best for the rest of the holidays.

PS. Tell your wife to use that picture as a wallpaper on her new iPad :-P


Edwin said...

By the way, just spotted this, are you wearing your uniform on Christmas? If I ever earn 4 stripes I'll probably be wearing the uniform 24/7. (Or 3 stripes for that matter)

Adam aka "The Winnipeger" said...

Hey Captian Doug,

Just wondering, are there spacific pilots that fly the A320 Air Canada Jetz?

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
The Winnipeger,

From the Flight Deck said...

Captain Schmoe

Seniority does have its privileges! :) But with it comes advancement. However with advancement it brings you down on that aircraft's seniority.
Translation...I'll be working more Christmases.
Thanks for the comments and happy flying!

Captain Doug

From the Flight Deck said...

Edwin. Good eye! I fixed it.

Yes, my wife loves her iPad and great suggestion as far as the picture. :)

Off to California!

Captain Doug

From the Flight Deck said...

Edwin. Did it for effect. :)

From the Flight Deck said...

Adam. At one time it was a "supervisor" thing. Not anymore. Everyone gets to fly them IF they want.
Some crews fly their favourite teams around. Because of it, they get tickets to the games. One of the
perks to this type of flying.

Gone flying.

Captain Doug

P.S I did not get any JETZ charters for this month.

Adam aka "The Winnipeger" said...

I thought there was special pilots that just flew the A320 Jetz!!
What is your favourite hockey team?
(Mine is Edmonton Oilers!)
To bad The Winnipeg "Jets"or "Jetz" aren't around anymore!! lol

The Winnipeger,

From the Flight Deck said...

Adam. They are "special" pilots...they are "Air Canada pilots."

Sorry...couldn't refuse. lol

I don't really have a favourite team, but Air Canada JETZ flies around all of the Canadian NHL franchises.

Doug in from LAX

Chris Gardner said...

It is nice for all pilots to have a chance to fly the Jetz Charter but it must be hard for Habs fan flying a Leafs charter,lol. By the way I got a new netbook for Christmas nothing personal but I will not use your photo as my wallpaper but I did take use my dad's phone to take a photo of mom so he will have something nice to look at as his wallpaper. Hint, hint Mrs. Doug.