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I would like to thank Brian Losisto (Air Canada's photographer) for always allowing me to post his pictures. (The above thrust lever pic is his). Then there is Kelly Paterson from Calgary and plane spotter "Erik" from Germany. Of course, I have lots myself. On that note, if you feel a photo(s) may be in appropriate or the content I post a bit dubious by all means send me an email. I will ratify it! That's all I ask!

...I hope you enjoy the blog...

P.S I'd like to add Nadia from "la belle province" for her contributions!
...and now YYC Disptacher...

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A321 captured by Nadia

A321 captured by Nadia
A321 departing YUL by tail spotter Nadia

The "Silhouette" by tail spotter Erik

YYC Dispatacher

YYC Dispatacher
A great shot by YYC Dispatcher Lots of tail spotters out there!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tail Spotters Rejoice! Hundreds of Erik's photos

Click here

Frankfurt tail spotter "Erik" (also an AC employee) has set up hundreds of photos for everyone to see. Many have asked for these great pics.

I hope this site works!

Captain Doug

Nadia, he has many, but maybe you can share yours as well... :)


Here's Nadia's beautiful rendition:
Click here

Cliquez ici

Amendment #2

Nadia and Erik move over to make room for YYC Dispatcher. :)

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Edwin said...

Erik is a skilled photographer! His pictures are very clear and in those weather conditions it must be rough!

Oh, and I wish you a Happy Christmas and hope for a lot interesting posts in 2011.

Hope you had fun in the Simulator building!

Bryan said...

awesome! if only they were full resolution :/ Look a lil stretched on my desktop. ah well, still great!

Nadia said...


Erik you have beautiful pictures.Thank you to share it with us.

I have only put a part of my pictures at:

For most of you ACA A320 it's an ACA A320 but for us we are looking for most registration as possible.

For example we have 163 ACA differents registration ,109 ACA Jazz, 463 TSC,CJA,WJA,AAL etc...many military at CYQB air show and more...

We only spot at CYQB and CYUL so we have less company choice than Erik ;)

To see my pictures go to the link, clic once to see the picture and twice to enlarge. Enjoy !!!

I wish you a Merry Christmas everyone !!!

Doug thank you for the great year you give us.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures Erik and Nadia! Thanks Doug for making it possible to check out these great pictures!

Merry Christmas too all!


Nadia said...

Hi Doug,

Thank you Doug for the picture.

It'a always interesting to see his name associate to something as beautiful tahn that. :)

Thank you Heather for your good words...


From the Flight Deck said...

You're welcome Heather. Erik and Nadia did all the hard work!. If I recall, YYC dispatcher takes some great shots as well. Doug

From the Flight Deck said...

Edwin. Yes, Erik does a great job. Now I see Nadia has a gift as well.

Happy Christmas to you!

The simulator went okay. Better than I thought. :)

Anonymous said...

Captain Doug,

Thanks for the kind words, link to the pics is:
for anyone who is interested.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

YYC Dispatcher

From the Flight Deck said...

YYC dispatcher. Thanks for the link. I modified my post to include yours. Flickr offers a nice package, but I can't copy the photo easily.
It turns it into a "space ball." Whatever that is. :)

I see you went to Santa Clara (SNU) Cuba. Two Christmases ago I did a turn there.
Last year it was a MIA turn.

I still can't believe I have Christmas day off. This time last year, the family and I were readying for
Barbados. Spent New Year's there. And then an extra day because ATC in the Caribbean decided to stage a wildcat strike. Good times. :)

Yes, all the best. Don't drink too much rum and eggnog.

Captain Doug