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Slats and No slats

Slats and no Slats

A Facebook friend sent this pic. These two are lined up on the parallels flying into San Francisco. The parallels are 750 apart. It shows you what the leading edge lift devices (slats) do and how flat the RJ approaches without them. I've been in the RJ jumpseat a couple of times and it certainly "widens your eyes" while on approach. Especially when I flew the big ole A340.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Freezing rain and SARS???

"Getjets" sent this appreciative postcard today. Apparently one can send/receive a variety of aviation postcards . Postcard

Freezing rain and SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome)

Believe it or not, it's been eight years since the hype of SARS put a dent on the aviation industry. Here in Toronto the media really did a number. Because of it many airlines faltered. Truth be told more people died from the common cold than from SARs.
(I know I'm going to get flak from you health care people out there)

I've also seen first hand how Mad Cow disease and the Swine Flu caused passenger loads to plunder. Even on my last Hong Kong flight four years ago, the Hong Kong authority still scanned passenger's temperatures. We pilots had to remove our hats.

So what does freezing rain and SARs have in common?

Well today in the grocery store, I met an attractive tall blue eyed blond I picked up eight years ago. And yes I was married. :)

Now that I have your attention...let me explain. :) :) :)

Eight years ago, in the middle of winter, Toronto experienced freezing rain. The roads were ladened with ice. (Freezing rain plays havoc on an airline as well. Actually, Captain Doug may be doing a talk for the Weather Network on the perils of airframe icing. Oops, I'm digressing).

So Captain Doug (then First officer Doug) slowly and carefully walked to our mailbox and heard a troubled voice...."hello, can you help me?" I looked around only to find the voice coming from a young fallen mother painfully sprawled on her driveway. She broke her hip with her three month old child... trapped in the car seat crying. She laid there helpless knowing her child needed to be breastfed.

Cold temperatures prevailed so F/O Doug wasted no time. I picked the mother up and brought her into her house, got her child and called the ambulance.

The ambulance arrived when SARS was at its peak. Her child could not travel in the ambulance without wearing a SARS mask. The mother was breast feeding but the rule abiding attendants wouldn't budge. Sometimes common sense loses out.

It all worked out and both she and her husband sent an appreciative gift. And truth be told the mother is looking like she's been in an eight year time warp. Me on the other hand..... :)

Here ends one of my good will stories.


100,000th visitor said...

I remember after the SARS outbreak, that JetsGo offered 1¢ fares from YOW-YYZ...And they gave you a coupon of a dollar of their 'currency' to buy a drink or a cookie :P

Shortly after they went bankrupt lol

From the Flight Deck said...

100,000th visitor.

I remember exactly where my family and I were when Jetsgo went bankrupt.

We were stranded in the Calgary airport for five days trying to get back to Toronto on airline passes.

Good times. NOT!

Thanks for the comments!

Captain Doug

getjets said...

I KNEW IT.....YOU WERE IN THE BOY SCOUTS!!!!!!! bet ya still have your banner and all those (well earned) patches...lol

As far as SARS, MAD COW(which could have more than 1 meaning,ha), LEGIONAIRS,ETC....When the world banned "eating mud pies", you know eating a little dirt as a child... strengthens a kids immune system!!!I am not making this up!!!Good European genes don't hurt either....

Captain Doug, you are my Ambassador of "Good Will"

From the Flight Deck said...

Getjets. Yes, I was in cubs and scouts until apathy entered the picture so there was no one to run it.

I even when to cub camp. It was located on a small island on a lake near the Halifax International Airport. Now when I pass the camp I mention to anyone that wants to listen, "I was there when I was 11 and they were building the highway we
are driving on." I usually get an "oh really" just to appease me. :)


getjets said...

No appeasement here, to a friend.. As I see it, a story worth telling..^j^ Tell me, every time you are on your highway, do you feel that pit in your stomach ache..and no body gets it!!!

getjets said...

for many years now, Apathy has ruled!!, what I call, the world suffering from a terminal case of "HALF ASS".!!! even down to the one's that can only pull their pants half ass up!!!!! kinda makes you wish for the "Good ole days, when times were bad"...whats my point...no point, just thoughts in passing..now where was I...surely pissing someone off!!! Cheers Captain Doug ^j^

From the Flight Deck said...

Getjets. I don't think you are pissing anyone off...just adding another dimension to the "comment" section. :)

Just readying for my flight to a new destination this morning (Ixtapa, Mexico). Actually, truth be told I make sure I have approach charts.

That happened to me years ago....no approach charts. Twas a little oversight on everyone's part. :)

Gone aviating!

Enjoy Mardi Gras. I hear you guys do things up right...nothing "half ass."

Captain Doug ^D^

getjets said...

Safe flight Captain!

From the Flight Deck said...

Getjets. You're up early. I hope you're not thinking about aviation and stuff. :)

But thanks for the "safe flight."

Here we go!


getjets said...

what else is there....but aviation and stuff! HA. Well ok maybe.....!!!!! where your going.......remember to press '1' for English, well I say press '2' to kiss my ars....LEARN THE LANGUAGE!!!!, been up since 2 am, maybe I am a little crabby;) oh and Captain, don't drink the water...lol ^j^

100,000th visitor said...

I can imagine! Same thing when GO Travel and Go Travel SOuth went bankrupt (although its better to be stuck somewhere warm :P ). Thankfully I have never been somewhere when the airline went bankrupt! Although I do have a long list of very eventful events at airports and airplanes!

getjets said...

i gotta tell ya....lxtapa, (MMZH) is not much of an airport, although a lot of the airlines go there. Runway 26, i am guessing for the landing?? misstwa^j^

From the Flight Deck said...

Misstwa. You are bang on! Runway 26 it was. Although we shot the approach to 08 and circled.
Something about avoiding some huge hills. lol

I'll write more tomorrow. :)

Captain Doug

Chris Gardner said...

Hey Capt Doug I was in cubs and scouts during the 70s and even went to the scouts jamboree in PEI in 77. We flew on a EPA charter flight to Charletown and half way on the flight the capt allow us to visit the flight deck on the old 737.Oh the happy memories. We use to say in St. John's you know when the weather is bad when Eastern Provencial Airlines(EPA) can not land. By the way I want to wish your Father happy belated birthday. Take care, Chris.

From the Flight Deck said...

100,000th visitor. Many people on the return flight last night was hoping we would cancel so they could stay an extra night. :)

You should have heard the comments when they were greeted with minus 8 C temperatures in Toronto.

That's the only glitch about traveling south for a holiday...eventually you have to return back to reality.

Speaking of fantasy...I'm off to visit Disneyland this afternoon.

Captain Doug

Chris Gardner said...

Speaking of Disney Land have you ever volunteer for Dreams Take Flight? And if you did good for you and if you did,t maybe in the future. Take care, Chris.

From the Flight Deck said...

Chris. I would and I would not volunteer. Firstly, it's usually a B767. (My next airplane) :)

Also, Captain Doug would ball his eyes out. Doesn't look good for passenger confidence if the captain
is red eye with tears. I might come off gruff but when I see kids like that...I lose it.

I flew with a captain that frequently volunteered and the stories he told me while flying across the "pond" one night, made me realize it's not for me.
It's just too disheartening.

Captain "Softie"

getjets said...

It was exciting to google earth your airport,(MMZH) sort of a surveillance mission, ha ha, Those rascally Huge hills, Small mountains, hell even dirt piles...can get in the way...besides I've always liked the number 8!

Captain Doug..a "softie", and speaking for myself as well...that is exactly what makes us Strong!!!!

excuse me...knock at the door...and I am not joking..my neighbors daughter selling Girl Scout cookies...Can't pass that up!!!!! Just as soon tape the cookies to my Ars...because that's where they will end up...lol!!! would you like a box of those "oh so good thin mints"???? misstwa signing off for now ^j^ please take Care Captain Doug:)

From the Flight Deck said...

Chris. Those were the days. It's so true about EPA. Tell me they didn't bust minimums. :)
As far as my father, I have yet to make contact. As we say in the business..."negative contact."
But thanks anyway.

Captain Doug

From the Flight Deck said...

Getjets. Those thin mints are excellent. Not only is Captain Doug a "softie" but he succumbs to sweets. :)

The F/As offered left over "J" class desserts last night to Orlando and back. How can I refuse?

I hear ya about this stuff attaching to other body parts. That's why I work out on a regular basis.
Having said that, I must learn to tell myself I am no longer a young man.

Yesterday in the gym I wrenched my back pretty bad. It was an uncomfortable flight to Orlando and back. Luckily, it was a modern A320 with relatively comfortable seats.

Captain "sweet tooth" :)