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Monday, January 10, 2011

How it Flies (website)

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I just received an unsolicited email from Keith West who runs a substantial website on various aircraft called How it Flies. He has listed a ton of aircraft and the site is loaded with pictures, a blog and of course my link listed under blogroll.
Keith has certainly spent a lot of time of his site and it's worthy of a closer look.
The only glitch I does not include AIRBUS. :)
But I'm certain it's on his "to do" list.

Captain Doug

Hi Doug,

I wonder if there is any possibility in exchanging links/information
between our sites? is a directory of aircraft information
organized by type. Individual users can edit/add information as with

It would help us build up our contributor base as well as provide your
users with more information if, when you mention an aircraft type you
hot linked that reference to our article. Here for example is the article for
the 172: (please feel free to
login and contribute you own information, comments and reviews!)

I would be happy to link to you in return.

Keith West

About Keith:

About Me
For my 16th birthday my parents gave me enough time to solo. After that, they said, I was on my own. So, like many before me, I spent weekends working at the local airport (8A6) in exchange for flight time.

On my 17th birthday I was ready for my private practical, but it didn't happen. After waiting most of that day my examiner, a WWII B-25 pilot, suggested that the weather wasn't going to clear, and we scheduled a successful flight later in the week.

After high school I was lucky enough to enter the Naval Academy and later became a pilot and flew the A-6. I have since logged time in gliders, ultralights, a couple of warbirds and taken a tandem hang glider flight. Each type I find offers it own unique joys.

After I left the navy, business, marriage and kids intervened to lead me away from flying. Eventually I got back into it through the CAP, where I do most of my flying now.

I had been working on How It Flies as a personal project on and off for about a year when I made a personal commitment six weeks before Airventure 2008 to finish the site and travel to Oshkosh to let people know about it. I was pleased with the response but still found the content building a very slow process. It was only since I started using Wikipedia articles as a starting point that the site has started to attract a critical mass of readers and contributors.

I don't know if it's a project that will ever be finished, but I hope you enjoy discovering and contributing as much as I do.

Keith West
Richmond, Virginia


Anonymous said...

It's distinctly possible that nobody's sure how Airbus' products stay in the sky.


From the Flight Deck said...

Anon. You must be from the Boeing camp. lol :)

I don't mind because the next few birds I fly will have a Boeing name.

Captain Doug

Enoch Root said...

Didn't realize it wasn't logged in.

I just couldn't resist the opportunity for a quick joke about the airframer holy war. I do tend to side with Boeing in arguments, but when the rubber hits the road, if the price difference between two tickets (and the associated fees, if I'm not flying WN, since most of my flying is domestic and involves Love Field as a reasonable destination) is over about $20 I'll still take whichever flight is cheaper.

fche said...

The "how it flies" site is not just "like wikipedia". The bulk of it appears to be content copied from wikipedia. Users would be well-advised to edit the original.