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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Taking the "sim" for a spin

click here

And here I said I was going to slow down...and take it easy with blogging. (I truly need help) But I got the green light from my wife today. :)

So here it goes....

In December I blogged about taking my son, daughter and nephew up for a spin.
Up for a Spin in the Sim Someone asked whether they could rent it out on an individual basis. I didn't know the answer. As it turns out, you can! The above video is "follower (Alan)" flying the sim.

***CORRECTION. I blogged about AC's training facility in early December and posted a video. Click here. This is when I was queried about renting the sim on a personal basis. As well, I'd like to add I am NOT affiliated with the training facility nor the company based in Vancouver, General Flight Studies, which provides the sim rides. Just in case someone was wondering. *** :)

He also sent me the website where one can get info on this "once in a life time adventure." Be forewarned, it aint cheap! click here or see above

Heck...we only go around the track of life once. Make sure you have a great run... no matter what shoes you are wearing!!!! :) :) :)


Adam aka "The Winnipeger" said...

Wow! That would be one amazing experience! I have heard a lot of quotes, and this one has to be in the top ten!
One quick question, how do you find the "Flight Dispatch", sorry I don't know the name of that room.:( (where you file your flight plans and check the weather) in an airport you have never been at?
Sorry for the messy comment!:P

The Winnipeger,

Christer said...

Sweet!! You said it ain't cheap...to the tune of how much if I may ask? I'm thinking I may now be able to tell my wife what I want for my next birthday:):) There's still some time to save up...

Take care and thanks for the post,


From the Flight Deck said...

Hi Adam aka the YWGer.

I assume the quote you are referring to is my "track of life." I should patent it. :)

As far as the "dispatch" question, this is what I wrote in July's enRoute:

Q: During a turnover at the airport between flights, where do the pilots get their route information and weather forecasts?

Each airport has a “behind the scenes” room for pilots to print a flight plan, check the weather and contact flight dispatch or maintenance. That’s where having experience “flying the line” comes in.

Take my case: I flew internationally for seven years, and when I went back to domestic flying I had to learn where all the rooms were hidden in the airport. But many stations bring the flight-plan package to the aircraft, and because of the Internet, pilots can now get the information online at their hotel.

Captain Doug

From the Flight Deck said...

Christer. Happy New Year!

If you enter the website and select an airplane it tells you there.

For the Airbus 330 (big bus) it's $529 without motion and $749 with motion.
For the Airbus 320 (small bus) it's $459 without motion and $699 with motion.
But heck, that includes taxes. :) :) :)

I guess my kids are luckier than I thought. :)

I see opportunity here, but I'll stop while I'm ahead. :)

Captain Doug

Cedarglen said...

Yes, those sims are spendy. I won't be on o ne anytime soon. Not sure, but I THINK access is even tighter in the states.
Glad that Mrs. Captain gavae you the go ahead, but pay attention to the "Honey-Do" list .
If I have to say it, I sure hope that you don't glog it up with a bunch of ads. Your call, of course, but they are a real turn-off

Christer said...

Thanks Doug- Happy New Year to you too! Sorry, I didn't notice the link at first. Cool site and much cooler program! Will definitely be looking into this sometime...


From the Flight Deck said...

Getjets. You're hard on Captain Doug...but in a good way. :)

Cedarglen said...

Hi Again Capt. Doug. I might as will barge in with another question... On A380 And B777 pedestal panels, I see a 'Thing' below both Captain's and FO's primary FMC units. Perhaps other aircraft, but only those I remember... Sorry that I cannot include a pix. It is a protrusion that sort of looks like an uncontained, well better not go there. A hump is a fair description. Is this just a hand or palm rest, to make the data entry easier, or does it serve some other purpose. I thought I had seen it on A330/340 pedestals, but a quick check says not so. I'm sure about the A380, but not the B777 and have not checked the B-787 pix.
Appreciated your notes about MELs Etc.; just one more example of the great results when one is nice/politet, rather than foot stomping or demanding. Funny/strange, but it works in the cabin at at home as well. I'm a big fan of the NICE method. Regards,

From the Flight Deck said...

Hi Craig.

Yes, I believe "Home Security" makes it a challenge. When our B777 pilots trained in Seattle, Washington it came with a mile of prep paper work.

I agree, blogs laced with ads don't do much for me either. Having said that, what do I have in the top left corner of my blog? My book for sale. :)

Captain Doug

From the Flight Deck said...

Hi Craig those anatomical humps (boy...knowing pilots there must be a ton of ways and acronyms they are describing them) are wrist rests for the trackball system.
There is no "mouse" per say.

Here's a link to one panoramic of the flight deck:


Airbus 380

Edwin said...

Cool link Captain Doug!

Do you know if the Camera (above the middle jumpseat) is the purely because it's a testing aircraft or has airbus started to with the new Cockpit image recorders that the NTSB wants to have in the future. Nice to see a HUD in the A380, I wonder why only Air France (as far as I know) has opted to get it. Are you getting HUDs in your 787s?

carlton said...

I see the snow has finally arrived in Ontario. My girlfriend is due to fly YYZ to LHR at 21:15 - hopefully she will not get snowed in at YYZ!!!

I guess you Canadian's put us English to shame when it comes to weather.

From the Flight Deck said...

HI Carlton. Looks like the weatherman is moving some snow this afternoon but only 2 to 4 cm.
Here in metro Toronto we have been spared...BIG time. Although parts of Ontario, affected by onshore lake effect snow, have been dumped on. My F/O yesterday lives two hours north and he said it's winter wonderland up there.
He said he arrived in one storm after a pairing with the snow getting up to his wipers. I guess it was the light flaky kind.:)

Yes, Canada can see extremes in the weather department.

I see the snow should taper off late this evening....when your girlfriend departs. She will probably visiting the CDF (deice facility).
I hoped things worked out for her here in Canada.

Cedarglen said...

Thanks Cpt. Doug, I did not know that the unit above the 'bump' (FMC?) had a trackball. It alll fits into place and yes, 'old farts' learn new theings everyday.

From the Flight Deck said...

Edwin. The A380 is out of my league as far as expertise. Wouldn't that be nice to see it sitting on the ramp in Air Canada colours...especially since we get "formula pay." Translation...the heavier the airplane the bigger the paycheque. :)

The B787 is getting to be a sore spot. It's delaying everyone's career. I haven't bothered to probe into the details because it seems to be a carrot that never gets any closer.

I know...I must keep the faith. :)

Captain Doug

From the Flight Deck said...

Craig. Yes, sometimes old dogs can be taught new tricks. :) :) :)

It's all about attitude. lol

Captain Doug

carlton said...

Thanks for the weather information and yes, she did visit the CDF at Toronto. She landed at LHR on a lovely grey, cloudy, cold day.

From the Flight Deck said...


I might be visiting the CDF this morning. I'm off to MIA and back. I trust her flight with AC was a good one. :)

My daughter arrived back from Kuwait city via Washington, D.C yesterday.

Now she is appreciating what her dad went through flying overseas as far as jetlag. :)

Captain Doug

carlton said...

Yes, I guess jet-lag is something the body will never get used to.

Enjoy your MIA turn, wishing you a smooth flight and hopefully the CDF will not cause any delay's.