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"Picture of the day" taken holding short of runway 06 Right in Montreal. For a new hire, dollars to donuts you will be starting here...right seat in the Embraer. At least he looks happy! :)))

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Back home...

Contemplating shutting down the blog..
Today we made it back home via Montreal...again. We were punted yesterday on the direct flight to Toronto by a senior captain and his party of five. Seats opened a couple of hours later for the Montreal flight. Two "really nice" seats and two "not so nice" seats. I was actually going to give my daughter or son the "J" seat. Then it donned on me, I just bought them a weeks vacation at an all exclusive resort..so you know where they went. :)

Because we missed the last flight to Toronto, it was off to a hotel. But because we stopped  in Montreal, the flight this morning attracted an airport improvement fee of $28 times five. %$!@#&*

Things went pretty well on the trip besides Diesel Daughter walking on a nail and then when we were packing her brand new Blackberry cell phone (which just replaced another) went missing. Hmmmmmm? Never did find it.

But Captain Doug also pulled a "bone head" move by sitting in the water with his digital camera in his pocket. Yup, fried the puppy. Luckily I was able to recuperate the pics.

Every year, I keep saying I will never travel the busiest time (March break) on passes.
Glad to be home, now it's time to go to work early tomorrow on a four day mission to get some rest.

Due to personal matters I was on the verge of keeping the blog in a holding pattern. A couple of people, including the "boss," said it's not necessary, but just ease off on things.

So I will try to wane my addiction....


Daniel Asuncion said...


That's great news...

A pleasant irony that the B actually encouraged you to keep blogging. The blog, in addition to being good reading, does serve a useful purpose. By revealing the behind the scenes stuff, it vividly reinforces how competent AIR CANADA is. This, in turn, helps alleviate the anxiety that some feel when they have to be a passenger at 30,000 ft.


Do you get any royalties for the use of your image, in that advertisement?

Daniel said...

Glad your back ! :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Thanks for keeping blog running.

Great photo with the super moon. Hope the moon didn't shake things up too much. :)

getjets said...

So welcome home Captain Doug,so where's your tan lines.....lol, so glad your staying!!!!!!!!!!. whats even better......your not afraid to talk about the silly things we humans do, (like the camera in the pocket)...you would need a "mainframe" to calculate the stupid things I've done.. it's very refreshing!!I think It's the ability to not fear looking stupid and weak, that in truth, makes us look very strong...

now get back to work...ha ha
hope daughter's foot is better...

getjets said...

Captain...I gotta tell ya...never would have thought the "supermoon" could be upstaged, but then again...I wear glasses...ha ha
misstwa ^j^

Ken said...

Captain Doug, as a somewhat nervous flyer, I couldn`t have said it any better than Daniel. I loved your book and really enjoy your blog. Hope you can find the right balance to keep it going. All the best.


From the Flight Deck said...

Daniel. I concur...a pleasant irony.

I guess I called her bluff by saying I was going to shut it down. She knows I enjoy what I do but I do realize it got a little addicting.

Again...much goes on behind the stage curtain than what happens on stage. :)

Glad you liked the "free" advertisement. :)

From the Flight Deck said...

Hi Anon. Sometimes a little shaking up is what the doctor ordered. :)

From the Flight Deck said...

Getjets. No, I'm not afraid to admit to my mistakes but I must add much discretion. :)

Regarding the "super moon" ...thanks for giving me the heads up. Lots of people sure believe its persuasive powers and I'm starting to think on those lines as well.

Captain Doug in cold St.John's, Newfoundland.

P.S That white stuff on the ground sure isn't white sand. :(

From the Flight Deck said...

Ken. Sure do appreciate your feedback. It's what helps keep me going. :)

getjets said...

lets see..there's the super moon, full moon,half moon, new moon, blue moon, harvest moon,persuasive and also when she gives us all that "smirk" that looks like sweetest of smiles... of course ......for me she is the "lovely moon", which has kept me company many a sleepless nights...and
today..the first day of spring...so Captain, not to worry.. i see a warming trend...

Nadia said...

Bonjour Doug,

What's prouve me that this beautiful man on the beach is you?

Almost everybody can wear an Air Canada cap ;)

Only a front speedo picture can reveal the truth:) (joke)

Welcome back captain


Anonymous said...

Nadia!!!! You're back! :) :) :)

...and you're still the same!!

Hooray! Ha ha ha ha...

Ya, Captain Doug, how do we really know it's you? *giggle*

From the Flight Deck said...

Bonjour Nadia!

You made a good point. I could have put my hat on any guy at the beach. :))))))

But just for you, I modified my post with a link to Facebook. I only wanted to copy one picture but it looks like you will see a few.

I will remove the link soon.


From the Flight Deck said...

Nadia (Bonjour encore)

I decided to remove the link and post one pic from afar.

Hope it proves that it is my hat!

Anonymous said...


Are you satisfied now, Nadia?

Nadia said...


Ok Doug now I believe you that satisfied me.

I've always think it was only in the movies where I can find a pilot with a body shape like that:)


Sometime I have wrong impression of reality.

Bonne journée


getjets said...


From the Flight Deck said...

Bonjour Nadia.

I like your saying...."sometimes I have the wrong impression of reality."

In fact, I really like it!

I made sure the picture was taken from a distance, that way I would not scare you with "close ups." :)))))

Thanks for the comments! I always appreciate your kindness from "la belle province du Québec."

From the Flight Deck said...

Getjets. You are changing avatars like I change pictures.

Nice ones though. :)

Nadia said...


it takes me more to be afraid ;)


From the Flight Deck said...

Nadia. I could post more but I may scare away people since my readers are 98% male. :)

Plus I am not sure if your hubby would like the pics. :))))))