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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blog goes into a hold...

Traffic "twelve o'clock" One hears that a lot.....

Captain Doug is heading south. During the last two days I worked on a video called
"I'm leaving on a Jet Plane." I went to upload it and it disappeared! It was a beauty but maybe it was meant to be. I did a lot of gloating over the "boss."  :)

It was that kind of day. Our washer went kaput so I had to buy, pick up and install a washer before our trek. "Diesel daughter" had about five loads scattered amongst her bedroom and god forbid if we had to go to a laundromat. :)

The internet is readily available where I'll be and like any "addict" I'll be checking in now and again.

My batteries are low so it's time to rejuvenate. lol

Captain Doug has left on a jet plane......


Toronto to Cancun. Two seats came available. Two groups of three revenue passengers could not go. One mother with two young children from YOW were in tears because they could not go.
(For some reason they reminded me of someone)  :) I felt really bad for them. We were at the top of the pecking order but "no joy." It turns out another pilot with his daughter and friend got on. He took the jump seat. We needed four seats.

Toronto to Cozumel. We decided to give this flight a try an hour later. Three seats opened up. But the captain was leery of taking me in the jump because I was not registered. I won't say much more.

There were only two flights a week  so invariably we would have to take a ferry back to Cancun to get home.

Toronto to Montreal.

We took a fully loaded B767 to Montreal in anticipation of catching a 6:30 flight to Cancun. Right now it's a A321 with 20 open seats. Stay tuned!

I get to check out the brand new Mariott attached to the airport. I got an airline discount. A whopping $20 off the room!

These passes are wearing thin. My batteries will be depleted before I can charge them.  :)

Nothing is free and that includes "free" airline passes.

Just booked a resort. Yes, we were heading there without a hotel confirmation. Looks like it's
Playa Del Carmen.


Anonymous said...

Have a nice break.

Anonymous said...

Bonne Voyage Capt!

getjets said...

My point EXACTLY...nothing about life is "HoHum"!!!!!! It is the EVERYDAYNESS of things to be thankfull for!!!!!!! Have a great vactain Captin Doug and Family!!! misstwa ^j^

getjets said...

Disclaimer>>> all misspelled words are just that MISSPELLED!!!!!

Adam aka "The Winnipeger" said...

Hey Captain Doug,
Glad to hear you are taking a well deserved break. Have Fun!
Here in the middle of the country we got a huge snow storm, and there is no way in or out of the city!
Have a nice break!

The Snow Covered Winterpeger,

Anonymous said...

Have fun Capt.!!! Recharge those batteries!

Wannabe Mike


Hello Captain Doug!

Have a great vacation sir....haven't been posting but have been reading when I sneak in a minute or two!

Hope you and your family have a great vacation!

Here's to a smooth flight...down and back!

CAT III Approach

Daniel said...

Like my dad say's - "Its not like before when traveling in a group of 4 and were able to get on."

Now we just book as C1's.


hahahaha! You sound like me...my wife and I drove to Banff for a vacation and I didn't have a room...it was almost Christmas and I said "there'll be plenty of room at the Banff Springs Hotel...it's huge"....we ended up in a small motel that was not a pretty sight...:)

Funny a Captain would be leery of another Captain....would you be?

and a question waiting for you when you return :) Do you find that over the last ten or so years weather systems are getting worse, larger, harder to avoid regardless of flight planning? ie..large thunder storms, etc?

Hope you get there without using too much battery power....must be hard for you knowing that you usually just walk down the ramp without waiting in line...that would drive me nuts! lol

Do you enjoy flying on the 737? I found ever time I've flown on them ( the competitions planes ) when the pilot pushes the nose over for descent, they really make your stomach go for a loop.....is this inherent in the plane, or is there just something to be said for smoothness.....:)

Hope your trip doesn't end like "Diesel Daughters" last.......

CAT III Approach

Bas said...

Enjoy! :)

getjets said...

Ahhh sounds crazy to say the least..did you bring your SPF-50, not sure you will need though:):):)^j^

Chris Gardner said...

Woo $20 don.t spent all it in one place,lol.

From the Flight Deck said...

Anon 1 and Anon 2


Sitting in here in Mexico capitalizing on the Northeast Trade winds.....


From the Flight Deck said...

Daniel. Those passes kicked i...got "J" from YUL tp CUN.

Daniel said...

Nice, J is the best ! :)

Have a good trip!

From the Flight Deck said...

Getjets. SPF 50? I might as well stay at home. LOL

Hopefully, I'll bring some tan lines home. :)


From the Flight Deck said...

CAT III approach, BAS and Chris. We'll chat soon.

Thanks for dropping by.

Not it's time to eat...again.... :)