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Friday, March 4, 2011

End of a "virtual week"

Turn up the volume for both these clips!!!!

Virtual Air Canada

I had a facebook request yesterday and I asked what airline he flew for after seeing "David" in a pilot uniform. Boy did he open a door!

Welcome to virtual Air Canada!!!

Their website is top notch. Virtual Air Canada

I don't know what to think about the Jazz airplanes but I guess we are one big happy family. (Tim H....looks like your airline has some stiff competition north of the border) LOL

Take a look at their site, who knows some of you may want to join.

This week started off in the virtual sims. Then my interview came along about virtual training. And now "David" introduced me to virtual Air Canada. Plus Captain Doug encountered virtual/real turbulence within his blog.

But tomorrow brings me back to reality with a 5:30 a.m check in. (Anyone going to Florida?) Then I have an interview with a "follower" for a deice article and then it's off to the Wings Parade for the Brampton Flight Centre. Sunday sees me off to Nassau and back and Monday I teach a new hire class. Then Captain Doug has two weeks vacation so I'll be putting my blog into a holding pattern some time next week.


Daniel said...

Hmm, I used to "fly" for them but they were never active. Infact, the owner, Andrew E is my dads boss ( Hes a CSM at YHZ ).

From the Flight Deck said...

Daniel. They seem very active now...I think?

Daniel said...

Eh, Management isn't.

jack said...

Ya. There were a number of problems like updating the site. I know some people cannot even join because they haven't updated the yyz base for years. They may be active now, but it wasn't the case when i left last year. That being said, many members are very active and are truly nice people. So if you want to join, make sure you select YVR base.

Adam aka "The Winnipeger" said...

Hey Captain Doug,
Funny you post about this, because I just joined them last night!Happy Flying!

The Winnipeger,

David said...

Im glad you really like the site ! its a really good insiration for young futur pilots ! but ya.. that's the only thing. Like Daniel said, they are extremely slow to update the site or to accept new pilots. It took me a good 3 weeks to get accepted in April 2009, but it was worth to wait !

Martin Beauchemin said...

Back when I joined in 2009, it took them 3 months to accept me. It was crazy! But now I'm happy! I recently got promoted to Senior Captain! I just flew earlier from YYZ-YQB and I'll be on my way to virtual Varedaro Cuba tomorrow!

matzeBT said...

A big "Hello" from Germany.

One question: is it possible to set up videos without any Sony, EMI,UMG or whatever musik?
I cant watch the videos. The copyrights dont allowing it.



getjets said...

The thing about "Holding Patterns", you have to come back down to earth eventually,not to mention, I won't have anyone to pick on..... lol so,Capain Doug please don't stay gone too long!!!!!
misstwa(because I really do miss TWA Airlines) ^j^

getjets said...

OH, and enjoy your well-deserved vacation!!!!

getjets said...

To Captain Doug and all your followers, I want to wish everyone a Happy "MARDI GRAS"(Fat Tuesday!!!!!Today(Monday)is "LUNDI GRAS"...and I ride tonite, with the crew of CLEOPATRA"...the time of year when you can act ignorant, and it's perfectly OK!!!!so A toast to you Captain Doug and all of your followers...again, HAPPY MARDI GRAS!!!!

Cedarglen said...

Doug: You are now well past the 160,000 hit mark and have set a new daily record of ?907. Congratulations!! Current comments suggest that you are busy with other tasks and preparing for some vacation time. With it will be tough, but we will wait for your return. If only in honor of the wife and family, it is perfectly OK to go mute while your are on vacation. It is family time and they do come first. Best wishes.

From the Flight Deck said...

Cedarglen (Craig) Yes, it's time to step back and take some vacation. The blog can be very addicting.

It's time to appreciate the things I have and the things I can't change.

Thanks for checking in!

Captain Doug

From the Flight Deck said...

Hi Getjets. By the time you read this you will be well into the Mardi Gras mode.

When are you going to be inviting Canadians to the festivities?

And a toast to YOU!

I see you changed your avatar. How angelic! :)))))
Is that you???? ha ha