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Monday, March 14, 2011

From Up Here

This resort has 900 rooms sprawled out over acres and acres. It sure is difficult to pace the intake of food and beverages. The caloric intake is though the roof. I may have to request a seat belt extension back to Toronto. lol

Where the gym is...nice...

Okay, okay I busted my hold.....

Update II

Well the diversion to Montreal worked out. Getting gouged at an airport hotel, getting up at 4:30 a.m. (really 3:30 the clocks went ahead), plus pushing through a security line taking 50 minutes, then waiting in Cancun customs for 50 minutes and then another 30 for checking our baggage after the flight seemed worth it. Even watching “diesel daughter” spill her chocolate milk, which she HAD to have 5 minutes prior to boarding is of insignificance. These all proved to be worth it. Plus the nice “J” seats really helped too. lol

I know I’ve lost my negotiating skills from my “international shopping days “to wheel a deal for the cab ride to Playa Del Carmen.

Now I sit in a four star resort and realized this place did not have internet. I’m spending “beaucoup” per day and they wanted to charge me $5/hr for “slow mo” internet.

Well after intense negotiations, Captain D has been upgraded to “Select” with free internet. But like the “boss” said, maybe this is telling me something….

I know another thing…it sure is different traveling as a passenger. Enduring long line ups, dealing with liquids and gels, waiting to board, fighting for overhead bin space, no free internet at the hotel, arranging transportation, etc. What a work out! LOL 

While traveling in “J” I composed these few words. No, I was not under the influence from free business class drinks but a feeling of appreciation struck me. After reading this you may think I was hypoxic. 

From Up Here

Everything looks perfect….the intent from the one above.

Yet many senses are deprived.

The sound of hustle and bustle and the din below is muted.

Smells don’t ascend to flight level… so the flowers emblazoning a backyard go unnoticed.

Our sense of touch….worthless.

The smell of spices, the underground doings of a city or a frigid February wind goes unnoticed.

The sounds of toilets flushing, a ferocious bark of a junkyard watchdog or the scent and heat of romance seem oblivious.

Yet, a town of insignificance on foot looks pristine from up here.

Things seem to stop.

Death is put on hold, the awakening baby’s cry is unheard and misdoings are just thoughts.

Political boundaries go unnoticed. Religion is just a concept and hatred is erased.

But that’s from up here

Aloft from reality…


Anonymous said...

I like your thoughts "up above". Like suspended reality...
Enjoy suspending your reality for the week or so. Your resort sounds like a good place to do it!

Have fun, Captain Doug and family. Love the beach! :)

Cedarglen said...

Give it up! Turn it off. Go dunk your "Diesel Daughter" in the pool. Write when you get home.

From the Flight Deck said...

Anon. Yes, a resort like this sure puts reality on hold.

It's why I like the berm (beach) where reality (land) meets (unchartered territory) the beckoning turquoise waters.

Now... it's back to nirvana...Captain D in limbo :)

From the Flight Deck said...

Cedarglen (Craig). I must heed your words and close this computer!!!!

As far as "diesel daughter"....while Disco Doug was showing his John Travolta moves on the dance floor after several glasses of "vino tinto" (red wine) my daughter stepped on a nail that penetrated well into her foot. The nail came from the foot of a chair.
A fellow pilot I met while down here (we contingent employees tend to flock together) had to actually pull the shoe off her foot.

Today I got roped into spending three hours with a time share scheme. They were adamant it was not a "time share" but it turned out to be a "wolf in sheep's clothing." Luckily at the last moment and before the credit card got swiped Captain Doug "pulled up and went around."

But you're right, these trips are suppose to put things on hold. However, sometimes reality slips in there. :)

Diesel daughter is doing okay

Captain D in meteorologically perfect Mexico

JB in KTPA said...

Glad to hear your daughter is doing well. As Craig so nicely said, "Give it up!Turn it off". Your on vacation, spend time with the family, you certainly dont want to get the dreaded evil eye from the Mrs.:)

Daniel Asuncion said...


Glad you caved [temporarily]. It's nice to hear from you.

A post or 2 from vacation should inspire those who are considering your profession. A taste of the lifestyle that would be possible.

"sense of touch" line. Especially like that one.

NAIL story. Ms Morris deserves a Purple Heart for that one...

Cedarglen said...

Sorry to hear about the daughter's injury. I hope she had professional treatment. No, it not wait until you got home! Puncture wounds are a special class of theire own and difficult, because those close up so quickly. Just a retired Doctor of Nursing spouting a bit. Glad that you are having fun. -Craig

From the Flight Deck said...

Hi Daniel. Yes, my intent is not to rub it in, but to depict one of the fringe benefits of an airline pilot.

Either become one, marry one or hitch up with a flight attendant or any other airline employee. :)))

Having said that, the flights are full heading home so stand by....

Thanks for checking in.

Doug in sunny Mexico

From the Flight Deck said...

Cedarglen (Craig) She is walking okay today. When we get home we may go for a tetanus shot.

Apparently there was blood all over the place. But her foot is healing nicely!

Disco Doug was in bed before it all transpired.

From the Flight Deck said...

JB in KTPA. I can feel my addiction waning. In fact, my wife said she is noticing the "knot in my face"
disappearing. I'll take that as a good thing. :)

jack said...

Hi Captain Doug,

How important do you think being Bilingual in French is to becoming a pilot at Air Canada. I have been talking to various pilots from Westjet and Air Transat, and I was wondering about Air Canada. The only one I know about so far is Air Transat, and they now require their pilots to be bilingual.

Thanks in advance

Daniel Asuncion said...

Cedarglen's medical comments intriguing. Never occurred to me that, with this type of wound, that quick healing could actually be a bad thing if germs present.

Good thing that injury happened on land. Read once that surfers try not to go in water if they have cuts, since this could attract dorsal fins.

whywhyzed said...

OK, here's one for you Doug:

Today I was on AC305 (DCA-YYZ) and there was a videographer in the jumpseat for the whole trip. I'm talking a big tripod and pretty fancy professional video camera.

He set up during the preflight, and was tearing down as we exited the aircraft. (EMB 175)

Any clues what this was all about?

BTW Skipper's name was Lewis and he was quite chatty (although he did not mention the cameraman at all.) He did however explain the left turn right after takeoff in advance (SOP out of DCA Rwy 1) and also he mentioned the 4 F-15s overflying the field. Also Niagara Falls on the way home.

Anyways, what's up with the jump seat video guy?

Jim said...

Anyways, what's up with the jump seat video guy?

WHYWHYZED,since the good Captain is on vacation, allow me to speculate.I am not sure if you are familar with Just Plane Videoes but they already filmed three programs with Air Canada.Sounds as though the video you saw today might be an upcoming program. I for one sure hope so because they have done a very admirable job with Air Canada in the past programs. I have all of them to date and they make me want to fly AC.

From the Flight Deck said...

Jim. That's exactly what I was going to say to Whywhyzed. They seem to be rattling off lots of videos (Just Plane Videos).

I noticed they have yet to do an Air Canada Airbus video. I'm still waiting for the call. LOL

Doug in Sunny, Sunny, Sunny Mexico.

From the Flight Deck said...

Jack. There are about "eleven" credits Air Canada looks for. Another language (mostly French) is one of them.

But if you don't speak French I would not go and take lessons, the last class I taught, not one of the eight candidates were Francophone or considered themselves bilingual.

Again you can come to the table with all "eleven" credits and blow the "psychological" exam.

Also I am hearing maybe people should be careful what they post on Facebook. But I heard this applies to many companies.

Jim said...

Doug, I promise that I will be the first in the que to buy your video.
I hope your vacation goes well and you can enjoy the sun and fun.

jack said...

Thanks for the info Captain Doug.

whywhyzed said...

Is Just Plane Videos a TV show?

getjets said...

Hey there Captain Doug, hope your vacation is going great...course the less you remember, probably the more fun you had..ha, you know thats a crying shame...lol
now...tomorrow night, you should look to the sky...the round full moon will be the closest to earth in many a year.only 221,000 miles away..it's called the "SuperMoon"..will be very bright, just like me....
better stop while i'm ahead, or is it better to be behind???? get it...ooooookkkkkkkk

so sad about Japan!!!!!! saw the video of the waves washing over Sendai airport....washing away and leaving no record of anything left...

well safe trip back Captain Doug and family...misstwa ^j^

Jim said...

Whywhyzed, Just Planes is a series of Flight In the cockpit aviation videoes. I have a real extensive collection and really enjoy them.
Their site is

getjets said...
This post has been removed by the author.
getjets said...

FYI........."FlightBlogger - Aviation News, Commentary and Analysis" Video: 747-8I completes taxi testing, last step before flying

Posted: 18 Mar 2011 08:01 PM PDT

EVERETT -- RC001, Boeing's first 747-8 Intercontinental, completed its taxi test today, reaching a top speed of 90kts along the 9,010ft runway at Paine Field. Program sources say a pre-flight briefing is expected to take place on Saturday, which will be in preparation for Sunday's first flight. The maiden sortie is slated for 10:00 AM PT here in Washington, and this page will be covering it 'LIVE" on location.

That is one BADass BEAUT!!!!

go to "flightblogger aviation news and commentary and analysis"

Safe flying all;)))))

getjets said...

my thanks to Jim....I checked out the "worldairroutes.com" site and registered, as well with justplanes..a site you can get lost in,I am sure!!also the fund raiser for Japan..most certainly a worthy cause!!!
Captain Doug, you lost your video..that must have stung!!!!

well, looking forward to seeing those tan lines..."captain Panama Jack"....lol

remember the moon will be in full and bright dress tonite...

misstwa ^j^

Daniel Asuncion said...

Found a post I hadn't read before, from 2010. Suspect there might be a few more.

Evidently, you type faster than I read.

Hard to keep up.
[It's high school all over again]

From the Flight Deck said...

Hi Dan...thanks for sticking with me all these years.... :)

Doug just in from Mexico

From the Flight Deck said...

Hi Jim. Thanks for answering YYZ's query. Great job. Captain Doug

From the Flight Deck said...

Getjets. It really stung hard! I was going to post the morning I left. "No joy."

For some reason it is meant to be.

I was getting pics to show my tan lines and lo and behold Captain D sat in the water (berm) and ruined my digital camera. (Maybe it was an omen?) :)

Luckily, I recovered the pics when I got home.

Got some pics of me with the moon too. :)

Captain Tanned

Life Student said...

Paint Me From Afar

Shimmering pink froth massaged
The edge of the beach
Turning lavender on its retreat.
Waves crashed – rolling north
While cobalt skies shifted to
Apricot and gold leaf.

For whom the Lord toils
Natural beauty a richness of spoils
I am ready – I am not
How did we get here? I forgot.
Pink fingers – light shifting to dusk waved across the sky
--I asked myself whynot, or why?!
But, I empathize and support
A journey with an unclear port.

Its fun to have fun.
Smile... Capt Doug :)
Turn your face to the sun.

From the Flight Deck said...

Life Student....

You started a blog!

Your writing skills clearly state you can do it!

Captain Doug

P.S Always love having the warmth of the sun on my face!