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Captain D

Captain D
Captain D with his "hairs" ruffled from being outside in a strong northeast Cuban Trade Wind.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Chasing our contrail


I took this pic while flying from Newfoundland to Toronto during the wee hours this morning (March 22, 2011). The sun is rising in the east (we are heading west) and the black line is our contrail's shadow. Think about it...the contrail is behind us but the shadow is ahead intersecting a thin veil of cirrus to a perihelia (sun dog). The much mentioned moon during the last few days sits at the top left of the picture.

But for me more "intersections" exist. Below (bottom right) is the southern portion of Newfoundland. We are about to fly over Port Aux Basques where my father worked as a chief engineer on ships traversing to Nova Scotia. Around the corner is the Stephenvillle airport (CYJT) near the town of Robinsons. It's where my grandfather ran the trains of Newfoundland ("Newfie bullet") that no longer exist. This morning I experienced an intersection of three generations.

Another intersection is three dimensional modes of transportation. My grandfather worked a one dimensional mode, my father two and Captain Doug...three. Who knows my son may be employed in the fourth dimension of time.


Daniel Asuncion said...

Maybe he will discover the secret to time travel.

Imagine. If a passenger is running late, they'll be able to book an earlier flight...

Extra illumination from sun dogs. Does this help pilots?

How old was your grandfather in 1903? Perhaps he followed, with great interest, the news of the first flight at Kitty Hawk...

From the Flight Deck said...

Daniel. I like it...booking "an earlier flight."

It reminds me of my retort when a passenger gets snarky for being late due to safety reasons....

"it's better to be late in this world, than early in the next." :)

Sun dogs don't really induce illumination (brightness) but illumination of thought. :)

Yes, maybe my grandfather kept his eye on the Wright Brothers...and with great interest.

Thanks for the "deep" comments. :)

Now you have me thinking of things....it's contagious.