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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March is Up!

Q: How many flights a day does Air Canada operate?  
Andrew Riedel
We average 600 flights a day, topping out at approximately 700 during the summer. In addition, Jazz, Air Canada’s regional airline, peaks at nearly 800 per day. This translates into a flight every minute around the clock. Flight dispatch operations in Toronto produce Air Canada flight plans. Some 14 to 16 flight dispatch desks handle the various sectors, with one desk dedicated exclusively to the nearly hourly Rapidair® service in the Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal corridor. Between Toronto and Montreal alone, there are approximately 44 flights per day.  
Q: Why do Canadian airport codes start with the letter “Y”?  
Jeremy Anderson
Essexville, Michigan
Last month, I mentioned that the U.S. National Weather Service initially established airport codes. Canada was allotted a “Y” for all airports associated with a weather office. Codes like YVR for Vancouver and YWG for Winnipeg make sense, but Canada’s busiest airport, Toronto Pearson International Airport, inherited the intriguing YYZ. Some travel companies use the non-standard YTO to identify Toronto, but it’s actually a city code that encompasses not only YYZ but also YKZ (Buttonville Municipal Airport) and YTZ (Toronto City Centre Airport). You may also see the odd “Z,” such as in ZBF for Bathurst, New Brunswick.

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Dear EnRoute,

I recently flew Air Canada from Toronto to San Francisco. The first thing I usually do upon taking my seat on an Air Canada flight is to pick up the latest issue of EnRoute and flip to the back to read the Flight Deck column. Shortly before take-off, our captain introduced himself as Capt. Doug Morris. I knew that name sounded familiar. Sure enough, our pilot for this flight was none other than the author of my favourite feature of EnRoute. It was definitely an honour to be in such knowledgeable hands, and a very smooth flight of course. Thank you!

Jeremy Hoisak
Toronto, ON


getjets said...

Captain Doug, that picture is nothing but BADAZZZ!!!!!!!!!!An accumulation of all your hard work, you are Proud, as well you should be!!!!!!!!!!!!and congrats to your colleague, Captain Bob, on his retirement:)

Hey Captain "Kemosabe",
so whats the deal....filming an episode of "Mutual of Omaha" lol...you do know i'm funnin with ya...and please, no cowboy hat either...ok i'm done now...don't want to get me in trouble...or maybe I do...misstwa riding off into the sunset....^j^

From the Flight Deck said...

Getjets. Thanks for the "badazz" comment. :)

Captain Kemosabe....I like it. :)

Just rummaging through pictures last night and thought I would have some fun.

Hence the "horsing around" comment.

Thanks for dropping by. Not too much going on as far as people dropping by. :(

Chris Gardner said...

Good thing no turned on the engine while you two were posing,lol.