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Cool Pic

Cool Pic
For all of you trying to cool down this summer, here is a cool pic sent in by Adam the Winnipeger.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011



Saturday...prior to "A loooooong Day" I flew an Orlando turn. An interview was arranged as soon as I stepped out of Canadian customs with "Mike." He wanted to write an article on deicing for one of the "larger Chinese newspaper outside of China."

He wanted pictures as well so I took him up to flight planning for the interview and back drop. Some of the pics showed Captain Doug is encountering "wear and tear" especially after a 4:00 a.m wake up and with "things" going on. A vacation is in order! :)

Mike asked some great researched questions. Actually he is pursuing the Cathay pacific pilot cadet program.

Brampton Flight Centre Wings Banquet

That night my "Westjet buddy" (wife) and I sat at the head table at the annual Wings's Banquet. There we listened to a motivational speaker who flies a B737 for Canadian North and is the only Canadian to summit Mount Everest without the aid of oxygen. Funny, I did the speech three years ago but mine paled to this guy's Powerpoint Presentation loaded with great video shots. Having said that, his presentation encountered sound problems and like any pilot tried to trouble shoot. He had a great sense of humour about it and wanted to call "maintenance" several times. Finally he decided to give everyone a break. That's when my Westjet buddy wanted to bolt. I didn't even get to see the awards. Next time I'm flying solo. :)

I emailed Captain Laval St. Germain today and gave him a "thumbs up."
Here's his website....Captain Laval  It sure makes you realize you've done little compared to these "extreme" people. I do realize most out there have their own mountains to climb and for many it's equivalent to an Everest trek. It made me realize I better get going with mine.

.... Ladies be forewarned, this guy has several shots with his shirt off and YES he is ripped! Funny how motivated people like their pictures taken. :)

My Talk
I've been asked to give a talk to the graduates at the University of Western Ontario CAM (Commercial Aviation Management) program. I sure hope I can convince these guys they did the right thing. Although I am somewhat dismayed about the track record regarding hiring with my company. Only 25 percent are making the cut. How devastating to a vocation a person has aspired to all their lives. To take a degree, fly up north in deplorable conditions to build those needed hours only to get a PFO (Please F off ....) saying "thanks but no thanks."

Speaking of motivation...

Here's a pic a "frequent commenter" sent to liven my spirits. She sensed Captain Doug had a long winter....

It sure says spring is around the corner. Having said that...we've always depended on Groundhog day here in North America. We rely on Wiarton "Willie" in Ontario, Shubenacadie "Sam" in Nova Scotia, "Woodstock Wille" in Illinois and "Punxsutawney Phil" in Pennsylvania. 

RRRoll up the Rim

But forget about those pudgy critters! Here in Canada we know spring is around the corner with "Roll Up The Rim." I know most of you folks south of the border don't have the luxury of this coffee, but we Canadians are addicted to it. Yes, I will admit to my craving. 

Roll up the rim "season" means we can win prizes...for those not in the know. :)

Today, Captain Doug won a coffee....things are looking up! :)


getjets said...

Captain Doug, and a long winter it has been, definitely time for the "thaw"!!!!My Lundi Gras ride Monday night,well, it was the best...but today I feel like "I've been shot at and missed, sh!t at and hit"...you truly are royalty for a day here when you ride in a Mardi Gras parade's, when in actuality, your nothing more than a glorified alcoholic throwing beads off a float...lol ...and I am more than happy to sacrifice my brain cells to such a worthy cause...LOL An "open" invitation to all, to come and experience Mardi Gras...sometimes it's a good idea to "DUMB DOWN"....just kidding...you would luv it!!!!
Captain, I hope you have an equally great vacation!!!, yea I changed my display pic...she does look angelic...(just like me)you can stop laughing now...she's the angel I had to put on my payroll to watch over my happy Azz yesterday...ha ha.
love the pics, I have 2 favorites!!well now I am drying out....time to get back to monitoring the skies, and keeping you pilots in line!!!!!lllloooolll
misstwa ^j^
again, have a great vacation Captain Doug and family!!!

From the Flight Deck said...

Hi Getjets.

I am glad things went well. I always heard Mardi Gras is a free for all.

Every year we are on the internet looking for availability with hotels and checking flight loads.

One year, I swear I'm going to break down and buy a package. :)

Hope the drying out continues, and yes, keep us pilots in line.

Captain ^D^

P.S I can't get over your avatar!

getjets said...

Captain,perhaps you would prefer the real me!!!!
yes Mardi Gras is the greatest free show on earth!!!! And right at the stroke of Midnight..the police on horses herd all the people off of bourbon street..the party's over!!! yea, I dried out for a good oooohhhhhh 18 hours, yea that ended about 30 minutes ago...I mean really whats one glass of wine to end the celebration...After all , isn't it admitting you "DON'T " have a problem the road to recovery...lol
bye Captain Doug ^j^

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words Captain!

Safe to say we are "one of the larger ones". I am sure "largest" would induce our rivalries to start word war III...

And despite the long day you still provided excellent answers, and looked great in the photos.

Once again, thanks for the experience in AC Flights Ops.

Pilot Wannabe Mike

Anonymous said...

Hi Doug,

PC issues are on the mend - hopefully. The less said about Mardi Gras, Carnival, et al, the better. Some of those costumes are not good for blood pressure! White Coat Syndrome is a walk in the park by comparison.

When you can't get Tim H's coffee what is the next best? Over "here" we have a choice of Star-books, Costa-Koffy, Koffy-Nearo, and Koffy-Nayshun - all over-priced, all variable in quality from *** to ****!

Great pics - especially "flowers and airoplane". That would make a superb wallpaper image, but it's a little on the small side. Would your regular contributor be willing to release a larger image for personal use?

Have a good one... vacation!

Kind regards...

Anonymous said...

airoplane??? it should be "aeroplane"!! doh...

From the Flight Deck said...

Hi Mike

I will adjust the blog. Ooops!

Good luck with the article. I'm certain it will be a winner!

Captain Doug

jack said...
This post has been removed by the author.
jack said...

Hi Captain Doug. Is the poor track record just for the CAM program at UWO? A while back I was looking at that program but now I think I might go to Mount Royal University instead. Which do you think is better?

Anonymous said...

Captain Doug,

Looks like the B787s are coming in 2013, that should get some pilots moving out of those B767 seats!


YYC Dispatcher

getjets said...

To Anon, if you still have not gotten a larger version of the "jet with flowers" pic.....
go to this website, "[email protected]"
Then...click on first choice given"Flightaware>account types"
then....look to the left of your screen, and click on "aviation photos"...scroll down and the picture should be among the ones on that page. if not, I could easily e-mail you the site where the pic is. Anyway, i hope it works, and if you already got it...i am glad. it does look great for wallpaper/desktop background too!!!
Take care, misstwa

From the Flight Deck said...

YYC Dispatcher.

For the last year or so, we were told the last quarter of 2013. Now it looks like Boeing is keeping up with the bargain.

They can't come soon enough. :)

And like you said, bring them on because it means movement everywhere.


From the Flight Deck said...

Anon. Yes, I've seen a few pics of the costumes....they must paint them on. LOL

Second choice for coffee is Star Bucks but I find it too strong. Meaning I have to buy a fat ladened muffin to accompany it.

Hope the pic works out.

Thanks for commenting.

Captain Doug

Cedarglen said...

Doug: Congrats on t he interview with Mike. You give so much ands always the best. As noted, the quick SFO turn was not fun, but it wa all weather. The drivers and crews were superb in difficult situations. Bumpy ride = massage?
At least in my micro climate, the serious cold is over. Now, we enjoy 80-85 days of gradual warming during MUD season. A mark of success is cutting (weed-whacking) the serious brush before it buds again. Wherever you take the family for vacation, hope you have a grand time. I think the Captain (and Mrs. Captain) need a break. Hint: Pick a place that does not have a deicing pad . Best to all

From the Flight Deck said...

Cedarglen (Craig)... "Mud" season...I like it! LOL

Yes, where we will be going the word "deice" is only found in the dictionary.

Having said that, our flight may have to duck into the CDF for a spray, but I won't be operating the checklist. Hopefully I would be lucky to score a "nice" seat with the only ice I see is in my drink. :)

We are still narrowing down things. I even thought of buying packages to make it seem like a "real" vacation, but I'll stick to our airline way of doing things. It's too expensive the other way. LOL

Anonymous said...

Doug - NO, NOT THE MUFFIN!!!! A café I frequented some time ago, next to a Star-Burks - Hot Choccy OK - did a flakey pastry, cheesy, bacony type thingy; very tasty.

Misstwa, thanks for the pic location. I have a FlightAware account so I'll have a look.

Coffee time...........

Kind regards...

getjets said...

Very welcome!!! and sign up for the FLIGHTAWARE "wkly aviation newsletter&photo newsletter"..like getting a surprise gift every week...always interesting!!misstwa

From the Flight Deck said...

Anon. Yes, I did the "killer" muffin. I love carbs. :)

And to MissTWA I see you are busy promoting. Good for you! You are going to get everyone hooked. :)

Just finished a Tim Horton coffee and I'm RRRRRolling up the rim...

...and......."please play again"... denied....the story of my life. lol

Anonymous said...

misstwa - yep, got the newsletter sub. Are we of "like minds" here?

Doug - I like the carbs as much as anyone; I admit it. But those muffins? No, sorry, those are a miss in my book. I've tried two or three included on the cattle-class SLF breakfast tray on two certain UK airlines whilst heading into a WILLO STAR for EGKK. Not impressed! I will willingly donate my next one to a far better cause...

Take care and thanks again...

From the Flight Deck said...

Anon. Trying to pin point your location. I guess you are from "across the pond. "


Or were you a "regular" but went incognito?

Curious Doug :)

getjets said...

Anon...."Like Minds"...very likely!!!!ha...Nuts about aviation...plane(no pun) and simple!!!! So glad you joined flightaware...:))))
There is also "Live London Heathrow webcam" that I have subscribed to, and for 1 pound a month, you can see the planes coming in...it's not the best of vantage points, but i do enjoy it as well, And there's my trusty "Live LAX runway cams" with views of 25R(Pacific view) and (Cargo City)view..refreshes every 8 seconds..and at the same time listening to live ATC at LAX...what can I say, I am a bonifide aviation geek!!!!!!!!!!! ok..no more secrets...lol!
and Captain Doug, i do hope you are enjoying your down time!!!! i'll hold down the fort,so to speak...and as I have proven, my mouth can,at times, overload my Azz!!!it's not my fault if they can't take a joke...(just kidding)today, i am monitoring the live ATC at JFK...those controllers can be a bit tart with the pilots..."CLEAR THE RUNWAY..NOW". gotta love!!!
take good care all!!!!!!!!!
misstwa ^j^

From the Flight Deck said...

Getjets. Yes, NYC ATC can be very forward. I wish I could give you a good rendition of "Air Canada you're killing me" with a New York accent.
You listen up and you listen well with these guys.

I always remember the story about a pilot taking the wrong taxiway in LGA (?). Apparently the female controller tore a strip of this guy. She went up one side and down the other.
Then the radios went silent. Everyone was afraid to speak. Finally, a pilot voice came on calmly and matter of fact and said, "Ma'am I think I was married to you once." LOL

Actually, I just heard a rendition like that from "the boss."

That's why I am on the computer...I am hiding. LOL

getjets said...

Hey Captain, i think i may have heard that recording as well, hilarious... web sites on runway incursions,and flat out funny exchanges!!!i know i have them in favorites list(along with 2 gazzilion)other aviation sites...one time, an exchange between controller and pilot, and about how his Mother-in-law was going to be pissed off, because flights were passing over her house and she was blaming him of course...i would love to hear you with the Newyoik accent...a lot of people say the "new yoik" accent and the "new orlauns" accents are alike in many ways...omygaud...!!!!

just now one of the JFK controller's says to the pilot, "when you key your mike,and say nothing, it's very ANNOYING to me"!!!it's worth hours of listening to hear those exchanges!!
hey you can hang out with me, while your hiding...lol, that way when I get in trouble, i won't be going down alone...hardy har har... I am rambling again...oh well, check in anytime ^j^

Chris Gardner said...

I have a question that you may answered on the April Enroute blog from the flight deck. The question is how long does a flight have to be to have a relief pilots on board. Also at what time in the flight would these reief pilots take over from the regular pilots. Anyways if I dont write to you again soon you and Mrs Capt. Have a good vaction, take care Chris

From the Flight Deck said...

Getjets. Thanks for the invite but my family and I are still trying to obtain vectors for a southern destination. Last time I looked it was due south, but what a work out to organize things.

I need a vacation just for my vacation. :)

Yes, those exchanges are priceless. But sometimes I wonder if they say those things knowing full well hundreds upon hundreds of aviation folk
are listening.


From the Flight Deck said...

Hi Chris. Generally speaking it's 10 hours for the third pilot. But there are things to consider such as pilot base, time zones crossed and time of departure according to pilot base.

For the fourth pilot it's usually 13.5 hours. I remember getting a call from crew sked as the fourth pilot to Tokyo. If the flight plan was 13:25 I was told to stand down. If it was 13:35 I was asked, "how soon can I get to the airport." :)

The biggest duty (kidding) for the cruise pilot is to calculate the crew breaks. Basically, when the airplane levels off the "musical chairs" begin.
But sometimes the guys want out sooner, but not before 10,000 feet.

Thanks for the best wishes.

getjets said...

i don't think controller's notch it up, on purpose, they really do sound peeeeed off!!!
Captain, i have a confession.....i hate to even tell you this....
but i have to.....
can't take it anymore...
not one more second...
i have to tell you.....
gonna hurt you alot more than it will hurt me.....ha ha
put on your 'big boy britches'...........................here goes

I just got my first "enRoute magazine(March)....yes i am a sucker...i subscribed a few weeks back..love it...had ya going there huh...lol
just think when you get back from vac, go back to work to get your rest....bye Captain...misstwa ^j^

From the Flight Deck said...

Getjets ^j^

You had me "hook line and sinker." :))))

I thought I would have to run from "the boss"....again. LOL

I am honored (I spelt honor the American way) that you went out of your way to subscribe to EnRoute.
I guess the on-line version didn't suffice because they don't post my "mug shot?" (Kidding)

Yes, sometimes I look forward to going back to work to get some rest. I know pilots with young kids do. :)

You sure have been bitten badly by that pesky aviation bug!


Anonymous said...

*** "...Or were you a "regular" but went incognito?

Curious Doug :)..." ***

I couldn't possibly comment... ;)

From the Flight Deck said...

Anon (A real Anon) :)

Roger, Roger.... :)

getjets said...

yea that aviabug bug bit me good,right on my beeeeeend, i have been like this for years. you can imagine my relief, that there are others ate up too!!!!...Anon...yes you can comment...!!!!!i won't say a word..promise...cross my heart and hope to die for sure....and as i have said before curiosity killed that silly ole kitty kat...i'm willing to take a chance...llllooolll

i keep forgetting..."this is not my blog, Julie"...quit hogging all the space...

From the Flight Deck said...

Getjets. Might as well get your fill. I foresee a holding pattern coming. I'm starting to slow in anticipation. :)

But it sounds like you know some of the "readers" better than I.

Good for you!


getjets said...

no captain, i don't know anyone... not at all, i just cut the line more, and stick my nose where it don't belong....ha
enjoy your "holding pattern"!!!

then you can come back and pick up the pieces after i am done...thats a joke!!!!!
watch out for those drinks with umbrellas...stick to the hard stuff..
and enjoy your time away...and
like the mafioso say...."FAHGETTABOUDIT"
^j^ misstwa signing off...roger roger that...

From the Flight Deck said...

Getjets. Does cervazas count as far as the hard stuff? (Kidding).

Maybe I'll give you the reins while I'm gone?

Do you think you can keep the ship upright?


getjets said...

you come back and everyone's got Post tramatic stressssss...Naaaahhhh. no fun unless you here... besides what if i said something bad about cockroaches, then i have every cockroach after me, there's the class action law suit...oh the horror...
I'll just wait for you to come back....and you had better come back!!!

From the Flight Deck said...

HI Jack. No, it's not just the CAM program. What I meant is, many people think if they take a four year degree it will open the door faster.
From what I can tell this is not the case. Right now at Air Canada, it's either a diploma or a degree. In the States you need a degree for the majors.
If I were a betting man, I would be doing a one or two year diploma. That way you can start building those valuable hours.

But if you see yourself as a manager, chief pilot, etc the better education the better.

It really isn't an easy choice.

And what I also meant is, you can do all the right stuff and still be denied because of these questionable psych and "motor skills" test.

It's not what it used to be. :(

Captain Doug

From the Flight Deck said...

Getjets. It's a promise. :)

Captain Doug ^D^

getjets said...


getjets said...

No...7.9 earthquake northeast coast off Japan, Tsunami warning , God be with them!!!!!

From the Flight Deck said...

Thanks Getjets...just making a video...what are you doing up so late? That's terrible news...

getjets said...

Captain Doug,I never did thank you for your mention of hurricane Katrina in your book!!! Unlike this catastrophe, New Orleans went to "Hell in a handbasket" due to many other factors!!!!!!!!!!! This earthquake is a true disaster!!! Hurricane "Gustav",and more recent the BP oilspill... knocked us here for a loop!!!one minute your living your "hohum" life, and the next...you are praying for that boring hohum life back!!!! ...and nothing is gonna be the same for a long time to come...now is a good time to count our lucky stars...I hope you don't mind me saying these things on your site!!!! ^j^

getjets said...

Fox new live online, i believe is showing LAX airport, and it looks as if it may be shut down...Scary!!!! others may be as well, caution is the word of day, i am sure...

getjets said...

LAX not closed..sorry

From the Flight Deck said...

Getjets. As far as "Katrina" it was my editor who threw it in. She visited the area and it's her picture in my book.

And speaking of disasters, it looks llie it's Japan's turn. But as you said, one is living a "ho hum" life and a curve ball is thrown in the game plan.

That's why I am heading on vacation. To get some "ho-hum." :)

OTD Captain Doug