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Can you say "Super?" It's the new weight category for these birds. New photo from ERIK.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Weather Network Interview with Kelly Noseworthy

Just received this from Kelly Noseworthy at the Weather Network.

They took lots of footage and it was whittled down to this....Hope someone out there appreciates it. :)

Click on the photo and then click on it again once it takes you to the page.


Christer said...

Nice! Good to see they finished the first clip with an A320 too. Thanks for posting, and congrats on the successful check ride. A little belated, but better late than never!


Rick Grant said...

The Weather Network crew did a good job. As these things go you ended up with a huge amount of on-screen time. The editing and story focus were bang on too.

Good to know that you put on a "Brave Face".

Good stuff all the way around

Rick Grant

Carl said...

Hmm.... flight simulator or assimilator?

From the Flight Deck said...

Hi Christer. I sent you a private email, but I guess it's out in "la-la land." Nothing big.

Yes, It's nice to know I won't be seeing the sim for another 7-8 months.

From the Flight Deck said...

Hi Rick (Haven't heard from you in awhile). :)

Thanks for looking at it from your professional side.

Overall, I think they did a good job.

From the Flight Deck said...

Carl. Either way, we supposedly learn something. :) :) :)

Cedarglen said...

Doug, Sorry that I cannot stand up and cheer for this one: It is TV and I don't do TV. Otherwise, nice reminder of why the sim sessions are so valuable. -Craig

From the Flight Deck said...

Cedarglen. I don't do T.V either. Just watch Coronation Street, but I haven't been doing do that much either.
But the family insists I pay for satellite T.V with hundreds of channels. :)

Christer said...

Yes, la-la land it must be, I certainly didn't receive anything! Checked my spam too. Just so you know, I'm not ignoring you:)

I guess e-mail can sometimes be like Canada Post- a couple years ago my sister in Ottawa sent me a birthday card. After four months it arrived at my US address, only to have first stopped in TORTOLA, then several other ports of call. It almost had more stamps than my passport:) I was truly amazed that it eventually showed up at all! That envelope was a keeper...

From the Flight Deck said...

Christer. Just sent you the original email. Not to worry. It's all good.

Yes, the "mailman" gets a bad rap just like the "weatherman."

But it seems in your case, it was justly so. :)

I guess email isn't sacred either. :)

getjets said...

Captain Doug,,,Excellant interview!!!!!the best so far!!!!great job done by all!!! Better keep up the good work!!!! we are depending on you, and whats wrong with TV??? unless you watch "Brain death" shows!!!! and like the TV commercial says,"YOU COULD LEARN A LOT FROM A DUMMY"..Thanks Captain!^j^misstwa

From the Flight Deck said...

Getjets. Thanks for the vote! My wife said the same thing..."best so far."

It's a shame the clip was not a little longer. There were lots of questions asked, events filmed but I guess that's showbiz.

Again, thanks for the positive feedback. Today, for some reason, I need confirmation I'm steering the right course.


getjets said...

misstwa ^j^

[email protected] said...

Sweet .. nice one Doug .. We will air that next weekend (we wanted to use it yesterday, but the stormy weather got in the way.. Canada in March).


From the Flight Deck said...

Hi Chris. Thanks! When are we going to get YOU up in the sim?

I'll be sure to get another pilot to run things.
Trying to figure out it's wizardry is a task all in itself!

Doug..... soon to be lying on a beach watching daytime convection kick in and soaking up the warm northeasterly trade winds with the humidity off the clock. Of course all of this is going to require a beverage to really enjoy the meteorological conditions. :))))


[email protected] said...

Hi Doug .. Sim would be great .. soon I hope .. great read on Sunday - The wx in Southern Ontario was a mess - I knew it'd freeze .. the extra snow was the bonus .. big day at YYZ - Enjoy the south .. we're just back from 10 excellent days in MCO. Cheers!

From the Flight Deck said...

Chris. I'll put the sim in a holding pattern for you - that is - if I can figure out how to do it.

Ten days in MCO? I was there Saturday morning. I hope it went well.

I won't ask what airline. lol I saw our Canadian competition (3 of them) in the next gates over. :)