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CFM 56
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Carlton Comes to Canada

Carlton and Captain D

Yesterday, I met up with long time follower, Carlton, from the U.K. He bought my book when it first came out over three years ago and flew across the "pond" to get it signed. (Kidding). Actually he was visiting in-laws with his girlfriend so the "boss" and I met up with them at a restaurant downtown Toronto overlooking the Toronto Island airport.
(May 1 Air Canada will be "marking its turf" with a new Dash 8 Q 400 service there).

Carlton has been with my blog near it's inception, about 2.5 years ago, and always offers well thought out comments. He and Elana were a pleasure to meet and I'm certain our paths will cross again. :)

Too bad the weather wasn't better because we must be having the greyest, wettest Springs on record.

That's five people I have met up from my blog. I know there will be more rendezvous's and if you let me sign "my" book, I will buy you a beverage or too. What a deal! LOL


getjets said...

Captain Doug, when I make my trek back to my homeland....and am granted the "Mother of all wishes" to be taxid by you there to Newfoundland.....

I would put in place a strict "dresscode"......i will wear my bright red Knickers,straight off the clothesline.(yes the same one's you saw from 38 thou..lol
and you will wear your blue shirt, you are wearing now with the white T underneath...DEAL????As for as the rest....let only fear and common sense guide you......lol

and you can sign my well worn "From the Flight Deck" book, where I keep all my aviation pass words,user's etc., old postcards found at antique shops with vintage planes...funny thoughts wrote down to one day share with people who would "GET IT" in the aviation world!;)))))

Seems your visit went well, and that is quite a nice picture of You and Carlton!!!
Keep the smiles rolling...and such a nice smile....better to share those....
and as with all your travels...stay safe!!!
misstwa ^j^

Anonymous said...

5 people? I say you should have a blog party...a get-together. :)

a dunk tank too! :))

From the Flight Deck said...

Getjets. Touche on the knickers! :)
I knew you would recriminate with a sense of humour. :)))

When do you think you will be making your pilgrimage to the "Rock?"

Yes, the visit went well with Carlton. Glad to have lots of comments coming from a wide
perspective in aviation. It's what keeps this blog unique. (I think).


From the Flight Deck said...

Anon. I guess five people does not seem like much, but it's nice to see the reality/virtual crossover. :)

Don't know if a dunk tank is needed quite yet. :))))))


yes we should have a blog party....in the AC sims!! :)

but i think there is enough of us now, why not charter a Jetz flight and request Captain Doug as our limo driver?!

Glad you had a great visit.....safe flying back to you Carlton

CAT III Approach

Anonymous said...


I love your idea!!! LOL! Yes, let's do it...(and don't forget the dunk tank)


getjets said...

ok, a little fun...there's the

THINK TANK(yea right)

Possible discussions.....

"SIMMING" FOR SHOTS....(yea lame)
THE ART OF THE APOLOGY(esspecially when u mean it) a lost art!

best part, most of these I practice...
being insecure as i am...i would only hope to be invited such a star studded affair....and as a bonus....i would even provide the BIG Pies to throw...and maybe a few with rocks in them for better trajectory.....ha ha
misstwa(about to get the screen door...out the back door) ha
gotta take chances.....

From the Flight Deck said...

CAT III approach. Love to have you (and others) in the sim, but as I said before, it can be frustrating to work. I would need another pilot that knows the ropes. The last time I was in doing some P.R work, I ask a "tech" to run it. They know the sim inside out but how to fly it...well..that's another story. :)))

Like your idea of a Jetz charter!!! I'll fly it for free. I'm certain I can recruit an F/O.
Where do you want to go? Cancun for a few days?
I wonder if A.C would give me an airline discount? LOL
The JETZ aircraft seat 65. I better go on the recruit. :))))))

Let's party! :))))

Captain Doug

Christer said...

A Jets charter?! Count me in!! Great idea. As long as it's to someplace warm and all-inclusive:)

From the Flight Deck said...

Getjets. It must be a slow day at the office. :)))) LOL

The list for possible discussions sure is long, but many hit the nail on the head. :)

But what about?

Doug's blog CRM?
Blog diplomacy?
Calling it quits.
Going into holds.
Answering to the "boss!"
Answering to the BIG BOSS (My real boss). :)

But lastly.....it's about having fun with it all!!!

And it looks like that's what you are doing!


getjets said...



a meak misstwa sneeking out....

From the Flight Deck said...

Getjets. You are too hard on yourself. I'm certain every one is smiling. At least I am... and I guess that's the main thing. :))))

The party is on board a JETZ charter. But like this blog, it's all virtual at the moment. :))))

I see Phoenix will be greeting me with sunny and hot (32C of 90F) weather tomorrow.
How is that for changing the topic? ...talking about the weather.

With weather like that, and with the weather I'm leaving here in Toronto (dismal), it looks like the party is in the hotel pool!


rubykhan said...

Hi Captain Doug:

I'm bringing my book for you to sign at the runway run event in June, 2011. Hope to meet ya Captain. :)

From the Flight Deck said...

Rubykhan...we'll see you there...!!!

Captain Doug

rubykhan said...

You're so quick in replying..........thanks!!! And it motivates me so much when you call me Captain Khan.

Thanks for the motivation Captain Doug. Indeed you are my Aviation role model. :)

From the Flight Deck said...

Captain Khan. A lot of it is all about motivation. Motivation can climb mountains!

Captain D :)

P.S Now I must be motivated and pack my bags for tomorrow's flight! :)))

rubykhan said...

So true. :)

Have a safe flight 2moro, be safe.......!!! And take care. :)

carlton said...

Many thanks again, it was a pleasure meeting Charlene and yourself - and what a nice restaurant (although trying to eat a pasta bolognaise with so much to talk about was asking for trouble - what a mess I made ; ))

Next time it will be our pleasure to treat you both to a beverage - and I mean that!

Carlton (in a cold, damp, windy Toronto) - still a great city though.

Have an enjoyable flight tomorrow Captain.

carlton said...

Thanks Cat III Approach, it has been a great visit, I always enjoy coming to Canada ; )

Getjets, I tried to hide behind Captain D for the photo ; )

From the Flight Deck said...

Carlton. It's a deal regarding the next beverage! :))))
One day our awful weather will give way to more seasonal temperatures but you'll be back in London. :)

I'm off to Phoenix.

Captain D

See ya Carlton (Elana)

cstclair@pelmorex.com said...

Hi Doug .. re Toronto - April - Gray & Wet .. so far this month the downtown wx station is just a few mm shy of the average (70mm) it's at 67 mm today Apr 21 and 2 more rain events to come before the end of the month.

As to sun, only 60% of days this month have had less that 5 octa - the temp though is averaging above by a degree (owing to a couple very mild days early in the month- the 11th was 22) .. monthly average is 10 and a bit.

Great stories .. must get you in again to talk about TS.


getjets said...

Carlton, you should never try to hide behind anyone....good thing your "TRY" failed!
Captain Doug, I will track your flight...so keep it safe and don't make any "loopdyloops" ha ha

Anonymous said...


...more weather talk! :))) Yay!

@Carlton--I agree with getjets--you don't need to hide. :)

Anonymous said...

It's good to t'interweb friends meeting up, however, I can't help feeling that Carlton and Elana may have been better off staying in the UK, if only for the Wx - current EGHI 211550Z 15006KT 100V210 CAVOK 22/06 Q1010! Very comfortable! When I got in the car to take daughter to her friends, temp showed 94F but steadied @ 74F with the windows open.

Here's to many more t'interweb friendships......... iced coffee, anyone?

ps. word verification = bierible! Is that the same as "terrible German bier"?

Anonymous said...

@ice coffee

Isn't is "foggy" where you are?


Anonymous said...

"Isn't is "foggy" where you are?"

No, miss, it's reet wall ti wall sunny, as me daft owd grandad used t'say! Can I be paint brush monitor today, miss?

Apologies for the gyro drift, Doug.


Anonymous said...


Yes, you can be paintbrush monitor and could you wash the chalkboards, please.


Sorry for derailing, Doug.

From the Flight Deck said...

Chris. Our Spring is reminding me of an East coast sceanrio...where spring does not really exist, but it's winter trying to hang on. :)

But if the stats say we have had "normal temperatures" then they don't lie. :)

But usually we Ontario types are cutting the lawn by now. It's driving the "boss" over the deep end because I can't get out and do all the jobs she has lined up.

Just landed here in sunny and hot Phoenix. Going to sit by the pool. Later the F/O will be my tour guide where he is going to show me where the "local natives" reside. There we will be solving all the problems in the world with a beverage. :)

Wish us luck!

And yes, talking thunderstorms is a great idea!

Doug....(now it's Miller time) :)

getjets said...

I have a Question...
say you just took off..and your the captain.....and several minutes or so into your flight....you blow an engine, and you are diverted back to the airport you just took off from.....would there be an "emergency frequency" you would automatically be transfered to via the ATC??? for more private communications/procedures/instructions??????

From the Flight Deck said...

Getjets. You are doing some serious thinking! :)))) Some airports may direct the pilot to a specific frequency and yet some would stay
on the present frequency. A lot of it would be based on time. For example a "heavy" would have to proceed to a "fuel dumping" area
to lesson its weight. The A340 I flew, dumped fuel at a rate of one tonne/minute so you can see it would take some time.

Also when we land on the runway we may directed to a frequency to talk to the "rescue vehicles" directly called "red command."

Hope this suffices. :)

^D^ in HOT Phoenix. :)

whywhyzed said...

Getjets: have a listen to this audio tape and web page to get a feel for what happens. Not an eng failure, but smoke in the cockpit.

Chris Gardner said...

It is nice to hear fellow bloggers to meet each other in the face and to have a good time. Mat be sometime when you are in Sin John's maybe we may get together along with getjets I hope. Then we east coasters would have a good time. Another question have you been Screeched in yet?

getjets said...

Thank you whywhyzed for that link, I had heard bits of that ATC recording....was in the local news,I live 45 minutes from KMSY. But I had not heard the complete exchanges, again I Thank You very much!!!!

Though tense as hell, all involved with the United's emergency landing...pilots,controllers,groundcrew, emergency...are to be praised!!!!!!!

yesterday, I heard similar exchanges between ATC and a pilot, who had taken off, and was being diverted back to same airport

the same questions were being asked to the pilot:::
Your fuel amt?
How many 'Souls' on board?
advising pilot he had the longest runway available..
emergency vehicles in route

Another pilot, from another flight asking tower..."what is the problem?
the controller said "he blew an engine"
seemed the distressed pilot was diverted to a different frequency...and didn't hear much more...except what seemed to be diversions of other flights in the area...

I tool a phone pic of the loop the plane made, returning back to the airport from "flightaware"...
so nothing in the news...so I assume all ended well(Thank God)
but I know what I heard....so don't know what to make of it...if anything...just wanted to share

getjets said...

and Captain Doug, not that you need to be told.....so I won't tell you to enjoy your vacation...just keep the "Bail Bonds Man's) business card....ah...handy...LOL

and Thank you for reply to my question as well:)))))))))))))))

misstwa..signing off... ^j^

getjets said...

You heard that Captain Doug...What a GREAT idea Mr. Chris Gardner, to meet up, sometime in St. John's!!!!:)))))))))))
It would be such an honor....and to be in such Good company, and I truly mean that!!!!! you and Captain Doug...hell i better bring extra paper bags,,, i will be hyperventilating...LOL
YA JUST NEVER KNOW...and I thank you for the invite Chris Gardner!!!

if you will excuse me....I have to have my "carpal tunnel" wrists put back in thearapy...all this typing.....ha ha...lol

From the Flight Deck said...

Hi Chris. That's a very nice jester on your part! I think I've been screeched in before but I'm willing to renew my membership. :)))))

Just in from Phoenix, Arizona.

From the Flight Deck said...

Getjets. You sure do have your pulse on aviation. :))))

Maybe we should set a "hoe down party date" for YYT?

Maybe they will make it a holiday. :)))))

From the Flight Deck said...

Anon. In reference to the UK weather, yes, Carlton and Elana did mention they were missing some gorgeous weather. While we get our fair share of poor weather others bask in better than normal weather. But that big heat equation balances things out and one day we will return to sunshine. :)

I must have another "coffee" for I'm a little slow on your word verification...."bierible"...I must have missed it on my proofread. :) Although it does look like "beerable." LOL

From the Flight Deck said...

Anon1 and Anon II.

Don't mind the gyro shift at all. Looks like you two are enjoying the precession. :))))

Captain D

carlton said...

Anonymous - we were thinking the same thing until today - have just been for a walk and it is lovely warm sunshine ; )

Tomorrow, Elana and I fly home to the UK, lets hope the lovely weather continues.

Time to go for a Tim Hortons with my signed copy of "From the Flight Deck Book"

From the Flight Deck said...


Yes, FINALLY the weather broke for you guys today!!!

Don't tell me you are hooked on Tim Horton's as well???? It doesn't take long. :)))
This morning I waited 20 minutes at an airport line up to get my fix.Most of us Canadians are caffeine
addicts. Tomorrow is promising to be a great day as well! I guess your flight out is in the evening?

Til next time!

Captain Doug

carlton said...

Yes, the flight is in the evening - am looking forward to seeing a nice sunrise tomorrow morning west of ireland ; )

One last visit to Tim Hortons I think!

From the Flight Deck said...

Carlton. You should bring a can of coffee home. Having said that, it never is the same!

I miss those morning sunrises flying to Europe. I'm certain they will return.

In the mean time...all the best!

Say "hi and bye" to Elana.


CYYZ Guy Jeff said...

I can confirm that Doug will sign your book and buy you a beverage. :>) I tried to offer but he was ahead of me on that idea.... next one is on me when we meet up again Doug. Felt bad I kept you there for over two hours but I had a really great time. Aviation sends me off on a tangent in the conversation department.


From the Flight Deck said...

Jeff. Aviation also sends me off on a tangent and the wife is onto me about it.

I must try to curb my addiction or else..... :)))))

Aviatrix said...

It's true, I'll vouch for him. I think I even got a doughnut out of the deal. I feel even more honoured to learn that I was one of the first five.

Also, there are ants walking on me. This has nothing to do with being a pilot. I just wanted to mention it to someone. They are ordinary tasty black ants, not the dangerous kind.

From the Flight Deck said...


I think I bought you a hot chocolate and we shared some tidbits. I got my usual "large coffee with cream."
Proving we pilots have poor diets and we are creatures of habit. :)))))

Not sure about your "ants" comment??? :)

Captain D in fog infested Halifax