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Captain D

Captain D
Captain D with his "hairs" ruffled from being outside in a strong northeast Cuban Trade Wind.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Headquarters....the "nerve centre"...From the Flight Deck Dispatch...

Thought I'd rearrange my office and clean off the pile of papers...and try to start anew. Albert Einstein said... "if a cluttered desk signs a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?" I'm in trouble!!! LOL

And speaking of quotes while I was waiting for the mortgage officer yesterday they had a used book sale for charity. I bought a "Friendship Book" with tons of quotes for two dollars. 

"Here is a good thought to keep in mind at the start of a new week (new everything - I added this)...Even more important than a friendly meeting is a friendly parting."

And why was I seeking a mortgage? Nope, I'm not moving, but the day before my wife caught me at weak moment...no, no not that LOL ....but she had me buy a rental property in the amount of time it takes to order fast food and eat it. And no it's not Florida property. I should never let my guard down. LOL

And speaking of lines ups, I had to get "Diesel Daughter's" new cell phone at a store. The salesman immediately recognized me as Captain D. He bought my book. He is 21, just finishing a two year maintenance diploma, finishing his commercial pilot license and is driven. Keep your dream alive, Keith!

And speaking of Diesel Daughter and cleaning my desk, I just realized she was granted a credit card and racked up quite a bill. Looks like the bank of Dad will be paying even more bills. :(

Funning aside, today marks the day my sister succumbed to cancer six years ago. She was my age. 

Here is something for you Barbara Jean.....

Much water under the bridge has passed so everything is different
But it doesn't mean anything has changed.....
Captain Doug April 9th, 2011

And on a lighter note. Having friends over tonight so there will be wine and good conversation had by all. :)


Cheesecake said...

Hi Doug,

This is officially my first post on your blog. I usually read your posts but never put in a word. Hopefully that will change lol...

It was great meeting you today at the store. Thank you for being an inspiration for me to work hard. I know there is no easy way to get into the business of flying 'heavy metal' so I'm trying anything to reach my goal.

....Sorry to learn about your sis. I know you like quotes so here's one,

"God pours life into death and death into life without a drop being spilled." --Anon

Enjoy the rest of the night.

Keith D.

From the Flight Deck said...

Cheescake (Keith) Welcome!

Love your quote...it's a "deep" one! :)

Hope you will partake in this blog although you seem like a busy guy! :)

Captain Doug

Zee said...

Wow, nice one Cheesecake. I too am trying to work my way to some heavy metal but have not started my flight training yet. Hoping to start later in the year and God willing, get through it fairly quickly. Apparently I am in one of the best places to do the training. Good luck to you.

Hope you have a good day Cpt, sorry to hear about your sis.

Lakotahope said...

Hey Captain,

Just finished a six week trip across the USA and flew back from LAX via ATL to RIC. It has been a long while since my last commercial jet flight. Forgot what the red eye flight was all about. However, I did not neglect to bring food from the McDonald's on my flight and was well satisfied.

Caught a picture of the very first tip of the sun rising over the horizon as we approached ATL. Taking pics at night doesn't always work as I found out, but some succeeded and I was okay with this small success.

One thing, the 717-200, I think, seemed to launch like a rocket. I was thoroughly impressed and enjoyed this takeoff, although, I had forgotten how busy ATL can be and waiting in line watching other jets land/ takeoff and taxi was a good show.

Keep blogging--if you must just lessen the frequency, but don't quit.


From the Flight Deck said...

Lakotahope (Tom) I haven't heard from you in awhile. Now I know why. :)

Yes, Atlanta can be a work out but no wonder, it's the busiest airport in the world!

Thanks for the "pat on the back" to continue my blog and welcome back!

Captain D

Daniel Asuncion said...


Nice lines for Barb...
Bruce Armstrong, my writing teacher, always reminded us of a quote, "In order to write well, you must write from the heart."

Ages ago, I was waiting in the foyer of the Morris family home [maybe for Arthur...we went bowling a few times, on Saturdays]. Barb, at the top of the stairs, yelled down to your Mom. I think Barb needed help finding something. Your Mom said, "Barb...aren't you going to say hello to Dan?" And so, Barb said, "Hi, Dan."

"Hi, Barb." [And even though I was just a boy, I knew a pretty young woman when I saw one!]

Your office looks just like I thought it would. Almost like I've seen it before. Is that an antique model airplane [top right]? Where did you ever find that?

Anonymous said...

Lakotahope! Great to hear from you again!
I was wondering where you were...I was gonna send out a missing person alert for you too. :)


..and Dan, that was a nice little story. :) I'm picturing you as a boy waiting at the door.

Captain Doug's heartfelt words sing out to his sister forever. ...and she is listening with a smile.

From the Flight Deck said...

Hi Daniel. Thanks for your comments as usual. :)))

I think as we age, we tend to look around us less to see what others have and are doing and we start to look within. That's probably why many writers do not blossom until their forties or later.

The model, although it looks like an antique, is a mahogany product from a chain store.
But like I say about my golf shots...as long as it looks good....


From the Flight Deck said...

Anon. Thanks for welcoming Lakotahope back. We are still awaiting Heather's response.

And Dan was a great neighbour! :)

Lakotahope said...

Yes, glad to be back and reading here again. Thanks for the welcome as we almost did not make it out of Death Valley. It's name is appropriate. Beautiful at night as the stars are more bountiful than those of Lake Powell. Ahh, flying back was the treat to top off the sites of a large American land....
As my Quebec friend said, Canada is part of the North American continent, Canada is more picturesque. I tried to turn him into an American, but he is a hard core Quebec'r, or Franco-Ontarian as he put it....

Daniel Asuncion said...

Anonymous + Doug:

Thanks. Nice comments.