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Monday, April 11, 2011

July's captions

Embraer 175

Yeah, Captain Doug is getting lazy. Gotta write some captions for this picture.

You know the rules...I delegate, you "rack your brains," and I get paid for it. LOL

Okay, okay I'll start...

1. The Embraer 175 is the smallest at Air Canada mainline configured with 73 seats.

Okay, here's another one...

2. The Embraer 175 and Embraer 190 are configured at 73 and 93 seats.

I'll right, a couple more....

3. There are 15 Embraer 175s at Air Canada with 45 bigger Embraer 190s.

4. Air Canada flies two models of this made in Brazil Embraer, the E75 and the E90.

5. Not satisfied?

How about? (And this will never be published) But this bird is known as the "tough nut from Brazil, the "jungle jet," the Embraer 180 (one-eighty).... (trying to be funny).
I know, I should never put down a pilot's airplane.

Have fun!


Craig Ritchie said...

The large windows on Air Canada's 15 Embraer 175 aircraft are positioned at eye level for optimal comfort and enhanced visibility.


Stuart Seemungal said...

How about:

Seat 12C is the best seat in economy on the jungle jet?

In all seriousness:

Air Canada, a launch customer, received it's first Embraer 175 in August of 2005.
At 73 seats, the Embraer 175 is the smallest mainline aircraft in the Air Canada fleet.
The Embraer 175, and it's bigger brother the E190, are members of Air Canada's regional fleet numbering 15 and 45 aircraft respectively.

From the Flight Deck said...

Craig. It's true, not bending to look out the window is a bonus. :)

From the Flight Deck said...

Stuart well done. You guys are going to make me look good! LOL

Stuart Seemungal said...

By the way, finished your book. It was fantastic!

Bas said...

I spoke to a KLM maintenance engineer and he told me that EMBRAER means:

Every Mechanical Breakdown Requires An Electronic

He said that they had a lot of software related problems. Oh well, who knows!
I enjoyed flying the E190 with KLM though!

@Stuart: I wrote a review about Captain Doug's book, have a look and see if you can find yourself in it!?

jack said...

I have heard that E180 joke before. My uncle works at Westjet and the call it the E180; because every time it takes off, it need to turn around and come back due to mechanical problems. Not sure if this is true though :). Never flown on the jungle jet.

whywhyzed said...

Stuart-- I think it should be "sister" and not "brother".... Doug, are planes traditionally female like boats?

Anonymous said...

"Doug, are planes traditionally female like boats?"

uh oh...(waiting for response)

Anon. :)

From the Flight Deck said...

Whywhyzed. I too was going to write it like Stuart using "big brother." Then I thought, that's not
politically correct. Then I thought, "sister" is not really used either. So I rejigged it.

So to answer your question I don't think I heard airplanes referred to as "she" or "he" but "it."

"She is a big ship, but It's a beautiful airplane." :)))))

Any takers?

From the Flight Deck said...

Anon. Looks like Whywhyzed beat you to it. :))))

I just answered him. :))))

Something tells me this "topic" is not over.

From the Flight Deck said...

Stuart. Thanks about my book! Have I seen you comment here before? Captain Doug

From the Flight Deck said...

Bas. You know I just heard that one about two weeks ago. And yes, when they first arrived it was "reboot" after "reboot."

It's a great one. I wonder what the acronym for Airbus is. Or should I ask. LOL

From the Flight Deck said...

Jack. Like any new airplane, the bugs have to ironed out. I know those Embraer pilots work hard
and sometimes the airplane requires a complete reboot. Its when the entire power to the airplane is
pulled and it goes dark. And yes, they only do this procedure while on the ground. LOL

Stuart Seemungal said...

I haven't commented on the blog until today, but we had an email exchange a few weeks ago and you posted my email on your site after your last speaking engagement...

From the Flight Deck said...

Stuart. My apology. Of course! You are the YOW commuter!!!! Love that city. I haven't been there in awhile though.

I hope my book in the Kindle edition works out for ya.

Every A320 driver usually ends up doing a YOW turn so our paths will cross!

Welcome to my blog and thanks for flying AC. You pay my bills. LOL

I must get back on "flyertalk" and snoop around. :)

Captain Doug

Anonymous said...

Captain Doug,

The E190 is a great aircraft from a passenger point of view, have enjoyed all my flights on them, especially the ones in 12A or 12C!

I think all the airlines that took early deliveries had some pretty bad luck with the earliest software versions, that did cause some reboots and some '180 turns'.

Spring has finally come to YYC!

YYC Dispatcher

From the Flight Deck said...

YYC Dispatcher. You have that right as far as passengers liking the airplane.
With only two seats aside and large windows it was well received. But the big drawing card was they launched our individual entertainment systems. Talk about a hit!

Spring? Just checked your latest METAR (CYYC), you guys are at plus 4C and it's blowing a gale from the west. :)))

It was windy here but right now we are at 17C. Overall our Spring has been stunted.
It's driving the boss nuts because I have been off the last two weeks and she couldn't make me do any chores outside. lol

Enjoy that Spring day...ahem...actually I see you guys got up to 12C.

Captain Doug

Anonymous said...

Ooooo...liking the weather talk.



From the Flight Deck said...

Anon. Not many people get excited about weather talk but there's always exceptions.... LOL

Anonymous said...


It takes all kinds...

Anonymous said...

Captain Doug,

Temperature dropped 8 degrees in one hour when a front went through, even saw a little snow in the air shortly after I messaged you.

I always enjoy a good weather talk, definitely has been a bit brisk today! For the weather fans, here's the current METAR:

CYYC 120200Z 28016G24KT 40SM FEW080 06/M10 A2975 RMK AC2 SH N-E SLP100

YYC Dispatcher

From the Flight Deck said...

YYC Dispatcher. Nice temperature/dew-point spread. Typical of Calgary.
And it's a sure sign spring is in the air....bumps...

Must have been some virga around as well...

Anonymous said...

Missing person alert...

Captain Doug,

Where's Heather? Haven't heard from her in a while.


Anonymous said...

speaking of Super, just heard an Air France super A-380 clipped a small plane with its wing, while on taxi to take off at JFK..no injuries it seems..

Anonymous said...

video of the clip by the AF A-380 at JFK on the "professional pilots rumor network" the A-380's wing clipped the tail section of a regional...assuming all news is accurate..

From the Flight Deck said...

Anon. With a wingspan sprawl of 262 feet it's inevitable the "super" will be giving the odd "love tap" to other planes.

Heck the ATIS at London Heathrow, has a continual warning stating "wing tip clearances are not assured" because our ex 747-400 gave a "love tap" to another aircraft.

Also our A340 gave a "love tap" to a Dash * holding in a taxiway in Vancouver a few years ago.

You didn't realize there was so much affection in aviation...did you?

I guess stuff happens. I hope my 111 foot wingspan will never give a "love tap" as Captain D is frigid. LOL

Cedarglen said...

Captain Doug: Sometimes, we laarn a little more... JFK has a 'contact' event the other day, mostly reported as a "Wing Clip" between an A380 and a much smaller commuter jet. A Canadian fellow (not AC) has posted a short video clip of the 'encounter.' While it may have been but a 'wing clip' for the A380, it seems to have SPUN the commuter jet pretty close to 180 degrees. As soon as I can recover the direct link to the video, I'll send it by back channel. I think this is not a good thing. The BIG operators (with 380s)will continue to call it a 'wing tap.' Humph! When that 'wing tap' reverses thet smaller airplane's position by almost 180 degrees, I think 'tap' is the wrong word. We will hear more in a few days, but please share your thoughts... OK, Your comments are restricted. Can you at least mention the event? Thanks. -Craig.

Anonymous said...

Captain Doug, "Frigid"...nah..just need a good thaw...to fix that..ha ha the first milliiisecond thought must have been..WTF(oops, WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT )guess what...SIZE MATTERS..when taxiing an ocean liner...I'll take your A-320 anyday!!! here is a comment, from the PPRN with 2 pics, I don't know if pics will come up.....but copied the URL's and can be found at same comment, if interested........."""It was an A-380 and ComAir CRJ. A friend of mine was 2 planes down waiting for his push back."""

"""Here are two pics that he took, looks like CRJ's tail is bent and it wont be flying for long time."""



yes...that wasn't clipping...clipping is something you do to your toe nails....yuk...but true...

From the Flight Deck said...

Cedarglen (Craig) I think anon posted some good contact info.

The rule of thumb is to stay on that yellow line...if you hit something while off it...it's the captain's fault.
If you hit something while on it...it's the captain's fault. :)

Captain Doug

From the Flight Deck said...

Anon. Thanks for the links. They worked. Tis true, it was not a clipping, but more like a shoving. :)

Those "super" bullies...

You seem to have a lot of connections.... :)))))

whywhyzed said...

If you read Capt Dave's blog over at FL390, you'll see that he calls his Airbus "FiFi"

Doug: can you change the sex of the altitude callout voice?

From the Flight Deck said...

Whywhyzed. We can change the call outs according to specific airline preference (i.e specific heights on approach) but as far as going from the masculine Airbus voice I hear to a sensual feminine "fifi" call out then I'm all up for that as well. LOL

Captain Doug OTD for Florida and back.

It's been over 15 days since I heard "retard, retard" (masculine voice) on landing. :)))

Anonymous said...

I used to loooove AC, always wanted to work for them, and have been trying to build my hours ASAP so i can get in.

After the past few days... I'm not so sure anymore

From the Flight Deck said...

Anon. Regarding AC, I hope it wasn't something I said.... :)))))

Anonymous said...

lol no not at all. You probably know what I'm talking about ;)

Just hope it doesn't go through.

From the Flight Deck said...

Anon. Yes, I know what you are talking about. I heard the roadshows have been "entertaining."

Something tells me I flew with you....do you want to run down an asphalt/concrete strip 200 feet wide and 9000 feet long on June 18th?

It will help vent some frustration... :))))

Captain Doug

Anonymous said...

Hehe it certainly will vent out some frustrations. But hopefuly by then this will all be behind us and we have a new roster!

Happy flying, and I really enjoy your blogs :)