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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

That's more than a love tap. :))))

Thought I would start a new post with this video. Can you say....Ouch!

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Received this from ANON. Thanks Anon. :)


YOWJeff said...

I guess there will be a few bleeps on the cockpit voice recorder of the smaller plane (and maybe on the 380's CVR too, but in French)

This video should be mandatory viewing on board, so all those that undo their seatbelt after landing to jump the exit queue have some idea why the seatbelt sign is on until at the gate

Anonymous said...


Thank you captain Doug for this post...
this link should and i hope provide the live ATC recording of incident at JFK..is quite compelling....knowing how shook up the AF crew must have been....the controller asks them several times to shut the engines down....i hope it works and you can hear it Captain...i recognize these controllers, they are practically friends of mine... just a little extra to add...to such an informative and friendly blog!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to be interested to see when the tapes have been pulled and the investigation is complete just how fast the A380 was taxing. There are operators who certainly seem to push the limits and there is a lot of speculation on the internet that they A380 crew was going way too fast considering how congested that area of KJFK is, whether the CRJ was out of position or not. It is a small miracle that no one was injured, especially on board the CRJ, and definitely a GREAT reminder to stay buckled!

Captain Doug, for an airplane that you can't see the wingtips from, do you consider that safe? How often when taxing on the ground do you have to rely on the old eyeball to ensure clearance in tight spaces in the 'small bus' where you can see the wingtips from the front office?

YYC Dispatcher

Cheesecake C-CAKE said...

I'm wondering if that smaller A/C was pushed back a little too far. When pilots taxi they try and keep it on the center line. Now staying on the center line should guarantee tip clearance but nothing much can be done if an A/C is in your way.

Something else to note: Since it was night time the pilots depth perception is reduced which may have caused the lack of judgment.

Anonymous said...

Just to add to the "fast-taxy" comments, I seen more than one airline's a/c taxy a lot faster than that at KMCO - heading down towards the 35L end of the field. Different environment though - wide taxiways, well away from the ramps/terminals, and in DAYLIGHT.

Slightly off topic but I can't help but think that the A380 is getting a reputation in the wrong direction...

Heading north today, travel mug filled with coffee - Doug, have a good trip south, and Back north.

Michael said...

I don't know that the A380 is the problem. QF32 in Singapore proved what a robust plane it is when piloted by expert pilots. However, I think the problem may be that on the ground it is understandably awkward. No airport was ever built with that size plane in mind. It must be like driving a compact care all your life and suddenly being behind the wheel of a stretch limo. It probably takes time to get a mental picture of where everything is.

From the Flight Deck said...

YOWJeff. I hear ya. "Please remain seated until the aircraft comes to a complete and full stop at the gate" comes to mind. :)

From the Flight Deck said...

Anon. Thanks for the link!!! I adjusted my post accordingly. :)

Bas said...

Saw it yesterday, luckily nothing really horrible happened. I was about to say something too about the seatbelt on until at the gate, I hear enough people undoing their belt on a flight once off the runway...

From the Flight Deck said...

YYC Dispatcher. Even though I can see my wing tip (left) I still must rely on outside sources and hope everyone is doing their job and the automatic guidance systems are working. Just a few weeks ago while taxiing to the gate in CYYZ the guidance system was taking me about one foot off the yellow line. I queried about it after we shut down and apparently it has been like for a few days...hmmmm?

So the answer is "trust" but don't "trust" anyone. How's that for a paranoid remark. LOL

Good questions and comments though.


From the Flight Deck said...

Bas. When I'm deadheading in the back or flying on passes I make it a rule to hold off unfastening my seat belt until the sign is turned off. I chuckle to myself how many people rip off their seat belt and leap up just to stand there in the congested aisles.
I tend to wait in my seat but usually the person sitting next to me wants out as well. Maybe it's me they are trying to escape? That explains everything. LOL

From the Flight Deck said...

Cheesecake. Although you are new to the blog, your comments "hit the nail on the head." Good for you and keep them coming.

Captain Doug

From the Flight Deck said...

Anon. Yes, they taxi fast in KMCO, but it's a huge piece of real estate! Sometimes I have to tell myself..."whoa horsie!."
They did a great job in Orlando updating the taxi lights, etc. They are diode types with the same hew as Christmas lights. :)

Agreed, the A380 has been in the media lots lately. Are you suggesting conspiracy from another large maker of planes???? LOL

Yes, after being off for more than two weeks I'm looking forward to this afternoon's flight. The "boss" is looking forward to it even more. LOL

Enjoy that coffee! :)

From the Flight Deck said...

Michael. Valid points. Very valid. That's why many of the big birds utilize cameras to taxi but as far as "wing tips" everyone has to be in their place or else the "love taps" will continue.

Gone flying. Yahoo!!!!

Anonymous said...

A "BBC" web page with the very latest on the AF447,


Captain Doug, I provide this, in reference to your post recently on the search and recovery of AF447, and perhaps knowing those involved with this recovery. I hope the page does come up for you to see....as reported, emotions must be running high with the relative's of those lost souls!!!!

......."** Air France crash jet's tail found ** The tail section of an Air France plane which crashed over the Atlantic in 2009 has been found on the ocean floor, relatives of those killed say....


Cheesecake C-CAKE said...

Thanks Captain Doug :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Doug,

Conspiracy theory from the boys and girls in in ??? (can'y remember where their HQ is now?) I don't think so, but the A380 did get a lot of bad press here in Europe, and it didn't all come from the direction of the Pac NW coast. I've seen a pic elsewhere; it seems that the CRJ was holding at the entrance to a parking bay - if it had been 10 feet further forward, the collision MAY not have happened.

KMCO - almost two fields in one- east and west!!

Coffee was good - how was the trip?

From the Flight Deck said...

Anon. Yes, it looked like the CRJ was holding for a gate. You mention the A380 not getting a good rap, but a particular airline seems to be frequently in hot water as well. :)

As far as KMCO you should see the hill we have to climb on the taxiway joining the two fields.
You wouldn't want to do that on a single engine taxi. :)

The flight to KFLL last night was uneventful....just landed with a 10 knot tailwind at 12:30 a.m in Toronto and the APU did an "auto shutdown" on us while positioning at the gate.

Just had my "Timmies." Looks like the contest is winding down, I didn't get a "roll up the rim" cup.

From the Flight Deck said...

"Finger on the Aviation Pulse" Anon:

Thanks for the link, and yes, it worked! Something tells me they are going to crack this one.

Captain Doug doing income tax returns today...but not before I bring in the car to fix a flat
Diesel Daughter encountered. Can you say fun?

getjets said...

Ah..Captain Doug.... get it right....."FINGER ON THE AVIATION PULSE OF THE UNIVERSE"....there was a time when that was questioned....that has now been corrected......oh and yes i can say FUN...better to change a flat...than a wrecked car....do take care!!
misstwa ^j^

jack said...

Hey Doug.

Hope you are not flying to Calgary today. 18cm of snow. A SunWest Metro slid of a taxiway here today as well. :(

From the Flight Deck said...

Jack. I saw some Facebook pics. YUK!

I have some time on a Metro. Makes me appreciate my Airbus even more! :)))

I'm off to Cozumel, Mexico on Saturday and then Mexico City.

No more deice checklists for me...I hope!

From the Flight Deck said...

Getjets. Oh Illustrious Ms. APU!!!! (Not Auxiliary Power Unit BUT Aviation Pulse of the Universe) :))))

Tis true about the flat scenario!!! That's why I spent $730 for four brand new installed tires and rims. It was time to rid the snow tires. I guess you guys in your neck of the woods have not seen such a thing. LOL

Anonymous said...

You had a "good" trip then! 10Kt tailwind? ATC flow management in use at that time of night - or noise management? Plus an APU auto shutdown! It's a good job it all happened at the end of the day.

Tough luck on the "roll the rim".

KMCO taxyway - is that "J", the segment between airside 1 & 2? I've only been into/off gates 80 - 84 on airside 4 so only see that part of the field when leaving from 35L; it's too far over when arriving onto 17L?

Heading back south Saturday pm - have a good one to Mexico & back.


From the Flight Deck said...


Yes, we were set up for 24 Right. Then the witching hour struck so it was noise abatement time.
The winds did drop to light and variable about 200 feet off the deck on 15 Left.
After 15 days off coupled with a night landing...ahem...well at least I had some excuses.... :)))

For some reason the ILS and PAPI never jive about three hundred or less on 15 Left. I briefed the F/O on it, but he already knew.
Just in case he thought I could not fly an ILS. :)

Yes, it's taxiway Juliet, you can see there a couple of bridges we have to traverse in four wheel drive. :)

We usually park at Airside 1 around gate 22.

Enjoy the trip south. I'm certain that will be with a coffee. :)


can you say headache for everyone who had a left side window seat??? Wow, they snapped around in a hurry..saw it when I was in Chicago....

hope the flight attendents weren't roaming about....the A380 pilot probably thought it was a bump on the tarmac!

and I'm with you Doug...I stay seated while everyone jumps up just to stand in a crowded aisle....and wait for the ground crew to ready the plane for the doors to open.....this isn't a bus people!!! The doors don't open the second the air brakes are deployed...LOLOLOL :)

Safe Taxiing!

CAT III Approach

From the Flight Deck said...

CAT III Approach. I like those words..."safe taxiing." Just this morning while docking at 6:10 a.m after being up all night, I'm thinking,"easy does it."
Many think as soon as the seat belt sign goes off the door opens. Nope, it takes minutes.

Captain Doug