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City of love

City of love
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A couple of cool videos

Well I was going to blog about that persistent upper low sitting just south of the Great Lakes wreaking havoc over Eastern Canada and the U.S, but I'm kinda pressed for time...I have a 5:00 a.m wake up. I'm bound for Florida and back and then down to Halifax for another super duper long layover. "Number one" wanted to come, but she stood me up. :(


This same film was sent in from two followers. One astute follower noticed the last aircraft to take off from Logan was none other than Air Canada!
Another astute reader thinks it is runway 22 Right.

Did I tell you there is one tower controller at Logan that says "Air Canada" like our anthem "Oh Canada." 

"Ohhhhh Canada, cleared for take off!"  I think it's cute. :))))

Take a look at what this Delta pilot does on the side. Man he can fly. It's out of my league. 

BMWs and Airplanes.

So what does a BMW and an airplane have in common? Well, whatever you think
the price of a part is....multiply it by four!

"Diesel Daughter" is at it again by receiving a love tap from another car in "my" BMW. It cracked the trim around the fog light. Not so bad, I thought. Looks like the part will cost $30 max, max. The parts department guy said....ohhhhhh (I didn't like that sound)... "I have to order that from Germany with the appropriate black paint."

I went into the emergency "brace position" holding on to the counter and waited for the price. "It's gonna cost...$225......"  I said..."PARDON ME?!?!?!?"

He could tell blood was rushing from my head and quickly prevented me from tears, "wait a minute...I can order one locally, but it won't be painted." Price $16. With a can of spray paint guess what option Captain D went for?


Talking to a retired Air Canada pilot in the gym today. Actually, to say he is retired is a gross understatement. He is working more than when he flew. He is a sim instructor for the brand new MPL (Multi crew pilot license) which Air Asia students were the first in the world to complete. They started in Moncton, New Brunswick, went to Texas and then Toronto for the A320. He told one candidate (who he ran the sim for the Transport Canada check ride) "You are the first one in the world to complete this!"

It's a new way of training airline pilots...and it is here to stay.

Well done guys!

On that note....I'm gone flying.... 


Bryan said...

cool videos doug! i think i noticed a few Jazz CRJ's in there too!
hey doug, have you ever though about changing the background and header images of your website? i think a new picture would give your blog a fresh look! just a suggestion!


From the Flight Deck said...

Bryan. That's not a bad idea!!!!

Give me a few days with that one.
I was thinking the same thing just the other day.
A change is sometimes what the doctor ordered.
Any suggestions besides getting rid of all the pictures of me? LOL

I missed the RJs. :)

Christer said...

Wow- bet he doesn't try that in his Delta jet:)! Some pretty crazy flying there.

And I agree with Bryan on a fresh look. If anything comes to mind, I'll shoot you some ideas.

As for the BMW part- bring'er on down to Import Paint and Body. A good reason to visit this part of the south again:)!

Fly safe, and thanks for the post.


From the Flight Deck said...


Okay, now everyone tells me I need some renos done on my blog. Geez...

Actually, point well taken. You gotta move the furniture around now and again.

Now there's an idea. I can fly to KCLT and get the part painted at your father in law's


Andrew said...

Hey Doug,

Awesome videos. Really like time lapse video. You should check out the Spanish Mountain one if you haven't seen it.

Just wondering whats going on @ 0:45 with that RJ doing a 270 instead of a 90?

Bryan said...

i've used a number of photos from http://aircanada.com/en/about/media/facts/photos_fleet.html for my desktop wallpaper over the past year or so. while the computer generated images are kinda crappy, the real ones look great! perhaps an A320 in the background?

and for a header image, might i recommend the one you're currently using as your profile picture? (you standing in front of the nose)

with the right combination, your blog would look very fresh and stylish ;). maybe you could even throw some font changes in there! whatever you change it to, we'll like it!


Jim said...

Captain Doug, really enjoyed that time lapse at Boston. The really cool part to me was the way they all seem to climb straight up like the Space Shuttle.)))
What would have really made it cool would be to include the audio from ATC. Can you say talking fast? Wow!!!

Christer said...

Hey, the AC/Jazz flights to CLT are usually quite empty- I bet there's easily room for you and a spare part on there somewhere;)

As for the blog makeover, I bet Brian Losito would have some great photos to use- official AC stuff.


getjets said...

Captain Doug, on the Boston video....when the planes start their roll out down runway, many of them "shake their tail feather" as if happy as little clams....getting to go somewhere...
just an observaiton
brought a smile to my face:))))
doesn't hurt to find the silliness in life....sometimes...

Safe flying Captain Doug

misstwa(a most Astute fan)

Bas said...

Nice, thanks for sharing! I've seen the time lapse before, some planes are pretty smokey!

About the make-over of your blog, hmmmm... Personally I don't like the huge picture of the throttles that blocks your sight of the blog. That's personal though, just my humble opinion.

Background pictures aren't easy, they have to be a special size I think...

Chris Gardner said...

Capt Doug I am now recovering from a bad head cold from last weekend and I will be flying this saturday. Can you make any suggestions that would make my flight more comfortable.Take care, Chris.

Christer said...

Chris- I'm sure Captain Doug has some more advice, but I know what works for me: a couple benedryls. They'll knock you out a bit, but I find they keep the congestion down so the pressure changes don't hurt the ears as much or at all. I had a bad head cold again a couple of weeks ago and this worked wonders on my long flight home. Most decongestants do the trick. Only downside is the drowsiness, but for some, it can be a plus:)


Chris Gardner said...

Thanks bud suggestion noted.

Bryan said...

on a related note, the snowbirds flew right over my school twice yesterday in formation. it was pretty awesome, and just a little loud ;).

From the Flight Deck said...

Bas. I think you are correct about the background pictures....the site is very fussy as to the pics used.

Captain D on the rainy East coast of Canada

From the Flight Deck said...

Hi Chris from very wet Halifax.

Sounds like Christer offered some sound advice. There is also the valsalva manoeuvre..."performed by moderately forceful attempted exhalation against a closed airway, usually done by closing one's mouth and pinching one's nose shut."

Flight attendants who frequently deal with passengers with this malady also suggest chewing candy or gum.

If it's really, really bad you should think of rebooking but you being an aviation keener will probably have none of that!

carlton said...

Cool video. If airport operations were that quick Heathrow wouldn't need a third runway.

From the Flight Deck said...


I agree there's a lot of happy wiggling going on!!! :)))

Just walked by one of the many "street persons" near the hotel here in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

In fact, one is perpetually parked in front of my Tim Hortons' where I get sustenance from my morning coffee.

It's been raining here for weeks. They are talking about building arks.

I walked by one "street person" (I was told I was not politically correct so I modified this comment) with a sign and it said, "SMILE...IT"S ONLY RAIN."

Aint that the truth? We tend to sweat the small stuff and don't laugh enough.

Thanks for the astute observation. :)

Captain ^D" in soggy Eastern Canada

Chris Gardner said...

I am feeling better now but I am packing decongestants and gum for tomorrow flight just in case. Anyways thanks for the suggestions. Capt Doug I,ll be passing through Halifax but it only a spotover I change flights in Ottawa. Take care, Chris.

From the Flight Deck said...


I'll be flying out of Halifax early tomorrow morning to Toronto. I then do a YOW turn.

Enjoy those flight with or without the gum. :)))

Anonymous said...

Captain Doug,

While watching the KBOS video, I noticed that whenever a 'small bus' began its takeoff roll, the elevators would be deflected downward as the engines spooled up. This only happened on A320-family aircraft (and to a lesser extent on the one A330 that departed), but not on Boeings and Embraers. Is this something that is designed into the Airbus flight control system, and if so, why?

Great blog, by the way.

From the Flight Deck said...


You have a keen eye. Procedure is to move the joystick half forward (elevator down) during a normal take off and to be in the neutral position around 80 to 100 knots. We go full deflection in a strong crosswind.
We do it so the nose doesn't pop up when take thrust is set.

Thanks about my blog. :)))

Bryan said...

awesome new look doug! really gives the blog a fresh feel! keep up the great work!


From the Flight Deck said...

Bryan. I'm trying to dabble with things now. Trying to get a background pic to work, but "no joy,"


Captain Doug said...

Bryan. I took a look at your link. Seems a little complicated but I may give it a whirl.

I'll wait awhile for the dust to settle.

Cedarglen said...

Doug... I'm always lurking, even when on the road or in the air - a lot more than I like for a 'retired' guy. I just don't see any need to waste the space or your time to comment when thre is nothing that needs to be said. As noted, I like the New and Improved look of the page and the bold, in your face pix. BTW, Congratulations to Canada and AC for the best (professional use only) medical kits in the air. They are far - FAR better than US/FAA-mandated kits. More about that later... Regards,

Jim said...

The second video is Kyle Franklin. He and his wife, Amanda (also a pilot) had a very bad crash a few months ago during an air show and could use your thoughts and prayers. Google "Franklin's Flying Circus" for details.

Captain Doug said...

Jim. My condolences! Looks like Kyle lives life to its fullest!

Thanks for the info - Jim.