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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

World's largest model airport

Sitting here in Vancouver with SOME time and Cedarglen (Craig) sent me this link. I thought it was cute.

Some people have train sets but this model trumps them all. Apparently it's a mock up of Hamburg, Germany airport.

Gone flying

Captain D


Anonymous said...

I know, cute! I saw this on Bas's site. Creative.

jack said...

That's pretty amazing. Those aircraft don't have much runway space though:)

Adam aka "The Winnipeger" said...

Wow! I saw this on the discovery channel about a months ago! It is really cool! I can't imagine how much time that took to build!
Safe Flying,

The Winnipeger,

Gary said...

OMG I'm in to trains. But this tops it. I didn't know that this could even be done. I'm totally impressed.

Gary said...

how large is the layout?

Captain Doug said...

Gary. Not sure how large the room was but it looked the size of a gymnasium.

They even included functioning green taxi lights.

Forget about train sets, looks like airport models are the way to go. LOL

Jonathan said...

That's awesome !!!

carlton said...


"Forget about train sets, looks like airport models are the way to go. LOL" - Gemini Jets (die-cast airliner model manufacturer) actually produce a model airport terminal, complete with airbridges etc as well as a matt set which includes all the taxi ways etc (it even has lighting)- they are expanding their range and produce maintenance hangers etc.

I have dreamt of having one to display my models for a long time - but my missus say's no!

Christoph said...

This Airport Model is actually part of a huge minature train set in Hamburg.

My brother lived close by and went there a few times - he was really impressed. Still on my to-do list though...

Some interesting stats and pictures on their homepage: http://www.miniatur-wunderland.com/exhibit/wunderland-sections/airport/airport-facts/

Bas said...

Cool huh! :) I saw it on TV some time ago, really would love to go there some time!

Captain Doug said...

Carlton. I'm surprised the "missus" would said "no" to a model airport terminal.

Aviation is your passion. How could she? :(((

Captain Doug said...

Christoph. Thanks for the link and the info! I see it cost 3.5 million Euro.

And thanks for dropping by!

Captain Doug