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"Pic of the day" sent in by Craig M from Ottawa. He watched flight tracker for days until he got the shot of all shots. It's beautiful.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Back (and) to the Future

This first video was sent from an aviation enthusiast who works for an aviation software company. I never flew floats but the Beaver sure did romanticized the endeavour. It's something on my "to do" list.

Chris from the Weather Network sent me this second link on what Airbus is thinking for the future. Some neat stuff!

And speaking of the future, I'll be giving a talk to 35 young students tomorrow morning.
It's the same grade I decided being a pilot would be a cool thing to do. Maybe I'll convince one or two the same thing? Having said that, more will ask questions in becoming a flight attendant. Go figure.... :)))


Craig R said...

Hiya Captain Doug,

Love the Beaver video, in particular. I've logged mny enjoyable hours in them, and that certainly raised a smile.

The two aircraft in the background of Konrad’s photo are Antonov An-2 biplanes, a Russian bush plane that first flew in 1947. Info from Wikipedia here (sorry for the copy & paste, I'm not sure if it's possible to hyperlink these in a comment): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonov_An-2#Soviet_.2F_Russian_.2F_Polish_production

More photos here: http://www.airliners.net/search/photo.search?cx=partner-pub-8297169501225184%3Aa05n2n-tzky&ie=ISO-8859-1&q=Antonov+An-2&sa=Submit&search_active=1&search=&sheadline=&search_field=datedesc&submit=&siteurl=www.airliners.net%2F

Web page for owners and fans of the An-2 here: http://www.an2flyers.org/

And finally, some further information here: http://www.bush-planes.com/Antonov-An-2.html

Years ago I believe I may have seen one or two of these in the far north, most likely set up with with Tundra Tires (softly inflated DC-3 tires, so they bounce over rocks better) rather than floats. I seem to recall they’re a pretty big plane, but I do not remember the cargo door being especially large – nothing like an Otter (which can swallow a canoe quite easily). Never flew in the Antonov, but if it is the plane I am thinking of (I’m going back to the late 80s here) I it as a pretty loud airplane.

Cool picture. Thanks, Konrad, for sharing it.

Captain Doug said...


Thanks for sharing your wealth of info. I think Konrad in Poland will be impressed. In fact, his wife was impressed I included a shot of his plane
on my blog. Goes to show, the passion of aviation travels right around the world!

I too like the Beaver video, never flew it, but it sure helped build time for many pilots.

Captain D readying for his "class" tomorrow morning. :)

Brett.Wingerter said...

What school? And what grade?

Captain Doug said...


It's a school in Hamilton, Ontario and it's grade six. Captain D

Daniel said...

Airbus has dreams.... But Boeing has nightmares (787).

Captain Doug said...


I like your thinking (being an Airbus guy), but having said that, remember the A380? It went through some major teething pains. :)

shahrukh said...

Hello Capt. Loved the Beaver, DHC2. Thanks for posting.

jack said...

Hi Captain Doug,

I was talking to Coastal Pacific which is a flight school in Vancouver. I asked about the difference between getting a diploma versus a degree. Personally, I would like to just a get a diploma so that I could get into the air as soon as possible. I have heard that in the hiring matrix a diploma related to aviation and a degree are worth the same. But the person I was talking to at Coastal Pacific said airlines prefer degrees. Do you know if they are worth the same in the matrix, meaning that airlines do not prefer degrees over diplomas? In the future, do you think we might go to the US system of requiring degrees to become a pilot?


P.S. Please don't encourage any more kids to become pilots. The industry is already way too competitive :D

carlton said...

Nice video, although it would have been nice to have heared the 'beasts at work' . I am sure I saw an Antonov An-2 biplane at an airshow a couple of years ago - if I remember correctly they need hardly no ground at all to get airborne.

Here in the UK De-Havilland Rapides and Tiger Moths make appearances in the summer, the Rapide does pleasure flights over London.

The futuristic video, in my opinion, looks a bit Star Treck like - bit its the future, you never know!

I hope your school talk went well.

Captain Doug said...

Jack. You and thousands of others are in the same conundrum...degree or diploma?

You have to ask yourself where do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years. Here in Canada and with Air Canada? If so, the going "requirement of the day" is an aviation diploma. And the rule of thumb is to go for what is going at the time...don't second guess the future. It's true, State side it's a degree or nothing.

Don't know if the American system will infiltrate Canadian thinking especially when they are forecasting a pilot shortage. I have a class to teach Monday, another starts July, August and September. My advice...get your hours now!

It's too late about not encouraging others, I think I convinced four grade sixers to be pilots today. Funny no one wanted to be a flight attendant this time. :))))

Captain Doug said...

Carlton. I thought they included a sound track of one Beaver purring overhead?

From the consensus you are correct, it's a Antonov An-2.

I included a picture of the futuristic Airbus in my presentation today. I told the class this airplane will be flying by the time they reached
my age. Silence........ :)))

The talk went well. The group was extremely attentive and polite. They raised their hands fervently.

The only glitch was the school was an oldie with no air conditioning, so some of the non aviation enthusiasts were wilting.

I haven't heard from you in awhile.

Steve Mundy said...

Hi Doug,

Thanks so much for your kind e-mail.

Remember my in-laws bought your book for me? They were sitting next to you in a coffee shop, and someone was asking for you to autograph your book. However, I didn't get an autographed copy! LOL

Well, I finished your book, and it was a really great read. I recommend it to anyone. As a private pilot flying out of CYKZ, and Jetranger from CYYZ, I really appreciated your perspective. I think the quality of your writing deserves colour photos!

As a photographer I have taken many photos at air shows, the Red Bull Air Race, airports, etc. You can see my work on my website, and some aviation magazines. If you would like to use any of my photos please let me know. Or if you are ever departing or arriving at CYYZ and would like a shot, shoot me an e-mail and I will see what I can do. I am quite close to the airport.

Do you ever get out to any air shows, or is that too much like work? And do they ever let people into either of the towers for photos?

I have an idea for your next book ... I'll send you another e-mail.

Thanks for taking so much of your time to keep this blog updated ...

Steve Mundy

Andrew said...


I was also looking at that program at Coastal Pacific! I'm leaning towards the program at BCIT though. They offer a diploma of technical studies ("aviation diploma") and flight training is done at Pacific Flying Club. So degree vs diploma - the costs of either one are scaring me a lot so I might try the military route - Capt. Doug do you have any comments/suggestions regarding that route? (besides the chance of having to fly whirly wing things)

Bas said...

The Airbus video is awesome, we're all thinking this ain't going to happen but my guess is that once I'm 70 something like that will be flying around...

Concept planes always looked like planes, but from the inside they were always different, this is more of a space ship, good looking if you ask me lol...
It's different from what we see today, and I can imagine some people having a slight problem with that though. Anyways, with a cabin lay-out like that... I think the magic of flight will be appreciated even more!


Captain Doug said...

Hi Steve.

I agree, the photos in my book could have been better but colour photos would have sent the cost through the roof. So said my publisher.

I do attend the odd air show but mostly on the East Coast. I have yet to attend Toronto's. I suppose I could sell a ton of books there. I had good intentions with another author, "So You Want to be a Pilot, eh?" but it fell through.

Captain D will be attending an airport event this morning...the fourth annual Runway Run here at Toronto's Pearson.

As far as pics from the Tower, it would take some doing.

An idea for a new book? Bring it on!

In the meantime, this near 50 year old is going for a 5 km run on runway 24 left.

I'll check out your website later today....

Steve Mundy said...

Oh, I just looked up that run - looks like it started at 9am ... I would like to have taken some photos of the event! I'll try to get a media pass if I hear about it happening again in the future ...

The best air show that I have been to in Ontario is the one in St. Thomas. That's coming up next weekend (June 25-26).


jack said...


I would personally go with Coastal Pacific because they have a very well known program, apparently the biggest on the West Coast. They have also been known to hire their top students back or recommend them elsewhere as instructors.

Another advantage of going to Coastal Pacific is that they have almost like an unsigned agreement with Pasco, where Pasco takes Coastal Pacific's top students after they get 1 000 TT instructing. To me, this seems likes the most linear path from 0 hours to 4500 TT as long as you work hard.

BCIT is good as well. Their aviation complex is amazing. All their training is done at their facility, unlike Coastal Pacific, where you switch back and forth between the Abottsford airport and UFV.

getjets said...

Captain Doug, not too shabby a finish for #35....!!!!for an almost 'old man'.......(i am funnin with ya)talking about the 'old man' part:)))))))))))))))

Happy Father's Day, enjoy the day of rest!!!!

Captain Doug said...


Yes, #35 came 66th out of nearly 1100 runners. It was my first run ever and probably my last.

You've been doing your homework. :))))


carlton said...

...have just re-watched the video, I must have missed the Beaver purring overhead the first time.

On the subject of airshows, Elana and I watched the Toronto airshow a few years ago over the lake - you can't beat a good airshow!

How did the run go? Must have been strange for the passengers to have seen people running the runway...

getjets said...

yep,doing my homework,

I was wondering what that shine was.....then I just figured out that it's the GOLD STAR you DID NOT give me for getting an A+.....LOL

remember I have my A P U....which includes aviation personnel...Captain #35....

hey Craig R....thanx for all the links.....and were you supposed to be at the runway run???? or did I read wrong???

to all the DAD's.....



Captain Doug said...


You couldn't ask for a better day weather wise and planning wise. It went without a hitch.

It was a 24 operation so planes were taking off and landing on 24 right and 23.

One pilot asked me, what's that smell? I said it's the vaporized rubber from landing tires returning back to terra firma.

That's the kind of unique perspective one got while being near a runway.

I must get myself down to the Toronto Air show.

And yes, about 2500 people invaded the runway this morning....so passengers must have done a double take....

Captain Doug said...


Great comparison of both schools. I walk by BCIT enroute to the "Flying Beaver" now and again. You are correct in saying it has a beautiful campus. The only glitchI I can see from the roadside is... it has a Westjet airplane parked inside for the aircraft maintenance students. LOL

Craig R said...

Getjets - Yup, I was there enjoying the sunshine and smelling the burning rubber! Where Captain Doug came in 66th out of almost 1,100 runners, She Who Must Be Obeyed and I spent so much time horsing around we came in somewhere around 66 from the end!

Captain Doug - Because we were so tardy on the runway we had to bail pretty quickly afterwards, and didn't have much opportunity to say hi (besides, what a zoo with all those people!). Just as well, because I was a little ripe by then :-)

Lots of fun today. Might just do it again next year!

Craig R

Captain Doug said...

Craig R

I was half expecting a "are you Captain Doug?" from you, but like you said it was a zoo with all the people.

This thing is becoming a huge hit in Toronto!

I thought the run itself was tortuous, but before and after I really enjoyed. :)))

Until next year!

Captain D

Captain Doug said...


Great way of putting it...."the magic of flight will be appreciated even more." :)))

Today's run made me realize...I sure have a cool job.
At least that's what tons of people insinuated today.

Keep up the blogging on the other side of the "Pond." Looks like you are getting more and more action!

Hey, maybe you should come over for next year's runway run? Being a tall Dutchman, you will eat up the runway.

Plus, there's lots of scenery to take in and I'm not just talking runways and airplanes. LOL

Captain Doug said...


This was the fourth year for the runway run. Looks like it's catching on big time!

You would have captured some great shots with 24 right in operation.

St. Thomas, eh? I have the weekend off but my eldest is turning 20. Maybe she would like to go to an air show?

I must take a look at your repertoire of pics.

Until then, happy clicking!

Steve Mundy said...

Hi Doug,

I have a question for you ...

When there are four or five heavies lined up for the active runway, and there is a change in wind direction, what do they do?

Do you take off anyway or do they shuffle you down to the other end?

And how often does this happen?


Captain Doug said...

Steve. Runway changes do occur. Sometimes we are given the option. However, it may involve backtracking on the runway to take off on the opposite end.

I remember one night in New Delhi, we changed the departure end three times on the same runway.

No doubt about it, a runway change is a work out for busy airports.