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"Pic of the day" sent in by Craig M from Ottawa. He watched flight tracker for days until he got the shot of all shots. It's beautiful.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Mentoring 101

Like any endeavour, you have to start somewhere. "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Yah, I know you heard that a million times. But you have to know what you want or at least have a vague idea. My backyard is my "vague idea." "Number one" had the game plan.

Everything was ad libbed including the trellis. You have to build it before you lay the stone. Think of this as your private pilot license.

But you have to invest in sweat equity and keep focused. Yes, perseverance wins but it sure can be tough going. This is your commercial license and you are going heavily in debt. No one is there to help nor give you guidance. Hesitation sets in.

Another step. Literally! They weighed over 300 pounds (140 kg). This is your multi engine IFR rating. Things are moving along but you are asking,"is this worth it?" Why didn't I hire someone? Why did I chose this career?

Then there are curve balls. Career changes. Set backs. All those stones (about 500 square feet) some weighing 50 pounds were pulled up because "number one" thought things weren't quite right. Yes, your career is not going to be easy. Nor will it happen fast. Sure a few lucky ones seem to do it right the first time, but not the majority. That includes me!

But you keep plugging along and it pays off. You have arrived. You achieved your goal.
Talk about a great feeling......

Here's a recent email I received. A person who started with a backyard like mine but didn't like the outcome. Should he be thankful for what he has or does he rebuild?

Dear Capt. Morris,

I've been a long time reader of your enroute articles. Not sure when they started, but I swear coming across them almost ten years ago if my memory serves me right. I read them while commuting to Toronto from Saskatoon for a job i had out of university. Ironically, it was always reading those articles that I new I was probably in the wrong field. Recently, I bought your book while I was on vacation in Palm Springs. I was searching a book store down there and saw your name and had no idea you had a book, and remembering your articles, I had to buy it. It's very good.

So, trying to make this short, I've always had a passion for aviation. Right from probably three or four years old - because my dad would take me to the airport every weekend and we'd hang out there for hours doing all sorts of stuff. Those were good days. Somehow, I figured getting an education would be a good first step, and I got a degree which led to a job... which led to many years going by. In the meantime i got my private license but don't have too many hours. It's so expensive to fly recreationally. 

I'm 33, and have a great corporate job but my heart still belongs in aviation.
To be honest, i don't really care too much about the money, I just think I'd be so much happier even being on a small turbo-prop someday, versus being in my position today. I figure making it to an airline might be a struggle as most new hires are in their mid thirties. I'd be 43 if I got my act together today. 

My question is, do you have some ideas as to building initial experience for a person in my shoes/age. I'm pretty lucky. I have no debt and money saved up. I was thinking of buying a 172, flying on the weekends/evenings to build some decent PIC time, while knocking on doors of the the small operators here at YYC like Sunwest and North Cariboo. I'd keep my office job for now to pay for this. I figure even in a year i can get some decent time under my belt. I'm not sure if flying privately equates to instructing time or working the ramp etc. Or, maybe going to an aviation college is the best route but i have two degrees now, work experience and want to solely build time. Anyhow, i don't want to waste your time. I've written too much but wanted your opinion as you're someone I highly respect, not only for your experience, but enthusiasm and passion - which is what really makes me open my eyes and realize I should be following my passion too. Like the saying goes, never a better time than the present.

Thank you for your time and keep up all the good work.

My response:

Sir (name kept anon), you have been bitten by the "bug" and the only way to cure it is to live your dream!!!!

You already have education so your best bet is to grab an instructor, go in debt and fly,fly, fly! :)))

I too gave up another career - a cushy federal job as a meteorologist.

But before I made the jump I was a flight instructor part time. I built up about 800 hours so I could be employable for a navajo job. The rest is history and don't give up because of your age. We have hired lots of pilots in their forties!!!!
I suggest the same for you - become a part time instructor until you are fully ready to make the plunge!

So go and get it! Make some phone calls and don't look back. It would be an atrocity to look back in life knowing you did not chase your dream/passion.

*********         ************     **************    ************
And here's a happy ending. From a local chief pilot.
He has just been hired on with Air Canada. I get to teach him weather this July!

Captain Doug,

Love the blog and reading about life on the line...

Thanks for the lucky vibes. It’s official- July 25 PIT (Pilot indoctrination training) course.

********                 *************        **************         ***************
I hope you are enjoying my blog. It's been a long flight and I think Captain Doug will be coming in for a landing. My next post will be in a couple of days....

NEW from reader RUBY!


Anonymous said...

Inspirational stuff Captain!

I just got a called from CX saying that I am in their selection pool for further interviews. That settled a lot of questions, but also posts more questions. Nevertheless I know I have been bitten by the "bug", so i will carry on nevertheless.

Thanks for the encouragements to all of us pilot-wannabes!

Wannabe Mike from YYZ

Zee said...

Hello Capt,

Been a while since I scribbled on any of your posts but I have been here quietly readnig.

A while back you encouraged me to get my act into gear with regard to chasing the dream. Right now it seems as though there is not much I can do but I really want to chase this dream. As far as I can see, the first step will be to leave my current job and find something else as I can't afford much on my current pay.

Anyway, just wanted to say that this post has again reminded me of where the dream is and I will do what I can to chase it.

Thanks Capt D from the Land Down Under!

Anonymous said...

Nice Job, Captain D!

I had to put my flying dreams on hold a few years ago, so that it would become possible to have a family and now a new home, but I hope someday to resume flying and, why not, jumping to the other side of the radio frequency (I am an ATCO in Italy).

You remind me that nothing comes easy and free, and that some sweat and fatigue will make the final prize look a LOOOT better!.

Looking forward to hear you someday on Milan Malpensa Frequency!


Ruby Khan said...

Hi Capt D:

Here's an interesting article on the soaring demand for airline pilots. Thought this would be a boost for myself and for others who are starting late. Well! As you said, it doesn't matter when you start, what matters is you're flying. :)))


Captain Doug said...


Thanks for this link. It's so appropriate.

I too think we are in for a major pilot shortage. I used to get weekly emails from recruiting compnaies around the world until I took them off my email list. China is screaming for "qualified" pilots. Emirates is on the recruit big time as well. India too. I think pilots coming up through the ranks have to change their thinking. Not all of them will fly for their national carrier.

At one time one would stay within the country but now it's time to think outside the box and apply around the world.

Enrolment at flying clubs is down. Where I grew up, Halifax, which is the largest city on the east coast of Canada doesn't have a flying club
at it's airport. It's been like that for a few years.

Yes, I think a perfect storm is brewing. So hold on to your pilot hat! :)


page views June 27th.....

767 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

another good omen for the Captain??

Was #1 playing ATC in the pics?? I don't see her anywhere! LOLOLOLOL :)

Happy BBQ ing

CAT III Approach


nice job to BTW

Craig R said...

Excellent job on the patio, Capt. Doug. I understand worldwide demand for landscapers is also expected to soar, so one way or another, you/Captain Dirt will have career options for life!!

You should spend a few days enjoying it all with Number One. Summer's short :-)

Craig R

Chris Gardner said...

First of all great job with the renos with the back yard. Anyways I just watched show about airplane repos and one of the aircraft featured was a A320 from the Middle East with alot sand damage in the engine intake gods know what inside maybe a genie bottle,lol.
Anyway I have question when you have layovers you the flight crew have any per deims for meals or do you pay out of pocket. Happy flying, Chris.


Ah for just one time
I would take the Northwest Passage
To find the hand of Franklin
reaching for the Beaufort sea
Tracing one warm line
to a land so wide and savage,
And make a Northwest Passage to the sea...

Kind of relates to the pilots struggle to reach the big airline goal n'est-ce pas??.... hmmmmmmmmm

CAT III Approach

Andrew said...

Great post Capt. Doug!

Thanks for inspiring us to fly! I'm applying to BCIT's pilot program (aviation diploma + Multi IFR CPL) but I'm also thinking about applying to the military. Capt. Doug - do you have any advice on military vs civilian? What I like about the civilian route is that it's faster and there is more flying. I'll try to talk to some pilots this summer at CFB Comox - see what their outlook is. I appreciate any advice I can get.

Foggy said...

It's a really good feeling when things go right, right? No doubt you'll be providing some Met training to the class in the not too distant future.

Talking of Met, this may be of interest: Oh Sheey-it, eh!! - I'll bet that made some headsets ring!!

300lb patio steps? I hope you had some help there, Doug. Do I detect a theme in the colour scheme?

E-mail inbound to you later...

Kind regards / Foggy

Anonymous said...

just a little advice there are many good quick time building programs in the US.

Daniel Asuncion said...

Last photo is stunning! Charlene has vision...

She's the architect. You're the builder. A good team.

Happy Birthday to Zero Grief!

And in defense of Diesel Daughter, she has generously provided you with blog material!

Captain Doug said...


"Number one" does have the decorating "know how."
I'm just the grunt that makes it happen.

I agree we are a good team but someone on the team has to pay for it. LOL

Yes, my eldest daughter is going through withdrawal symptoms because she turned 20.

Of course, I told the family how and where I spent my twentieth. Just finished a tree planting
season in Prince George, B.C. As tree planters do, we partied. Captain D had drinks thrown all
over him that night and in the morning I was washing my hair in a nearby swamp. Good times! :)

And yes, Diesel Daughter sure adds material to talk and blog about. :)

Captain Doug said...


Would you mind sharing some of that advice? There are thousands upon thousands of student pilots waiting.

Sure there is instructing, flying skydivers, towing gliders, highway and fire patrol, buying an endorsement, spending $100,000 to $150,000 only to be promised a job making $15,000. Then there is float planes, begging to fly small freight planes, selling yourself to get in a business jet and you guys have the National Guard.

There's programs for minority groups or if you come from an understanding family or from money there is an option of buying your own plane.

So bring it on. The world is awaiting. :)))))))

Captain Doug said...


Checked out your link. Looks like lightning wreaked havoc with Gatwick.

Yes, I wrestled the 300 pound steps by myself. There were six of them.
What a guy will do to save a buck?

One of the many house moves (to keep "number one" happy) saw me doing it myself.
The day after, I discovered I had a hernia.

But you should have seen the place I went to get repaired...a true gentleman's club.
The nurses actually wore hats.
They sold T-shirts at their shop....I thought the one "a cut above the rest" was cute.

Yes, I would say "red" is the "colour du jour." :)

Waiting for your inbound.

Captain Doug said...


I believe the commitment is seven years and you have a 60 to 70 precent chance of flying helicopters.
It depends where you see yourself. If you think flying out to oil rigs in gale force winds after you "get out" is where you want to be, then
go for it.

I know of one F-18 driver having a hard time getting on with the connectors because they felt he didn't have multi-time. To give you a comparison, a high school chum of mine went the military route. He is now about 600 numbers junior to me.
Having said all this, if you want a degree, solid training and don't mind "flying a desk" now and again...then take it!

You have to ask yourself...where do you want to be?

If it's the airlines....you probable know my answer.

Good luck with your decisions...it's never easy.

Captain Doug said...

Chris. Thanks about the renos.

Flight crew, pilots and flight attendants, get per diems. Some pilots and many flight attendants bid their schedules based on expenses. You get the expenses whether you spend it or hide in your room with a can of tunafish. They are predicated on the hotel menu. One layover, Caracas, Venezuela generated huge expenses.

In the good ole days, "Canadian" aircrew would show up for work and were given expense cash in the currency of their destination. We receive ours on payday.

Captain Doug said...

Craig R That's exactly what I did this evening. :))))

This morning I put myself on the "call list" to get some extra flying hours. Crew sked didn't call all day. I called them around dinner time and asked if anything was happening..."nothing."

"Good" I said, "I am having a drink or two."

Yes summer is short....fill up on the carbs.... :))))

Captain Doug said...

CAT III Approach. Actually, she is in the pic. Look at Picture #2, she is behind the stepladder.

Sort of like "Tim the Tool-man's" neighbour. One never saw his face. :)))

Yes, another 767!!! Gotta be an omen. LOL

Captain Doug said...

CAT III Approach. Love the quote!

Et oui, c'est vrai!

Captain Doug said...

Hello Federico.

Give me two years and I'll be talking to you on the radios!

I heard our layovers are fantastic in Italy.
I know of some great Italians here in Canada that exemplify your countries' zest for life.

Thanks for the visit!

Ciao for now!

Captain Doug said...


Thanks for the feedback. You are not alone as far as being in a financial conundrum.

But like you said, it's time to move on regarding employment.

Now go and chase you dream. Beg, borrow, steal (kidding) the money.

Get yourself airborne!

Captain Doug said...

Wannabe Mike...

You got a call from Cathay?

All right!

I can write words of encouragement all day, but it's up to you to act on them.

And something tells me you will!!!!

Go get'm Wannabe Mike :)))

Ruby Khan said...

Capt D:
You’re welcome!!! Actually I should say thank you for bringing up the most discussed and hot topic of guiding us pilot wannabes “Mentoring 101”.

The way you’ve illustrated with your patio example is so visual and comprehensive for a person like myself who learns from visuals more than theoretical examples. Lol. :)))

I simply love this topic. Just feel now that I’m not alone going through the guilt of starting late. That takes off some of the guilt and makes me feel a lot better.

Yes, the article mentions about the international demand and pilot shortage coming up and having said that, we must start right in order to swim into to the pool of demand just in time God Willing.

Emirates wants around 500+ by 2012, China and other parts of Asia are increasing travel and the demand is expected to soar. I have my hat on Captain, and your patio (first stage) PPL is an image of myself right now. Lol.

Keep motivating us Captain!!! We need the push...........BIG TIME!!!

Bas said...

=) Sounds promising here! I like the way you implemented it all in a post like that, really good!

The market in Asia is really growing fast, but don't forget you might be flying there for a 'chicken & an egg'... I spoke with a KLM 747 Captain recently (Very senior) and he also flew out there but they've got whole lot different standards!


Ruby Khan said...

Nice pic in the cockpit Captain. Actually, your ruffled hair gives you a different look.........a messy fashion look (anything's messy is always in style). lol.

Great shot!!!

Ruby Khan said...

Good morning Captain:

Here's a motivational video to the success of all the wannabe pilots out there including myself. It's a continuation to your patio analogy (persistence & success) Capt D.......Enjoy!!!


Captain Doug said...


It's comments like yours that "keep me motivated." When you throw words, ideas, beliefs onto the internet you really don't know who reads them
or heeds them.

To be quite honest, and this goes for the rest of my readers, I am at a turning point. My last line in "Mentoring 101" alluded to it.

To frequently post and respond takes up oodles of time. It has been affecting my family.

After family negotiations I've been told I can still blog, but less frequently.

I'm still pondering if it's all worth it.

Give me a few days.......

Captain Doug said...

Ruby. Great clip. I posted it on the top of my blog!

Bamboo shoots...I remember walking in the woods of Japan and I swear I could hear them growing. Made some eerie sounds.

Craig R said...

I think the popularity of your blog speaks for itself, Captain Doug. You're an interesting guy and you write very well. As an author you are genuinely inspiring (which is pretty damn rare) - even for those of us who will never fly a plane, your blog is still an extremely enjoyable read.

To put it in airline-speak, I personally would rather see a "reduction in frequency" than a "cancellation of service."

You are particularly generous with your time - as a reader, I'm sincerely grateful for that.

That said, life is short, and family time is precious. There has to be a balance.

The trick is in finding that point.

Regardless of what decisions you make with respect to this blog, thank you for the time you invest in it, and the many hours of enjoyment it provides.

(It's not much of a payback, but the offer of a frosty beverage at the end of a flight from some guy in the cheap seats always stands!)

Craig R


Hello Captain Doug!

Glad you liked the quote...I too am a fan.....

I now see " Wilson " behind the ladder :)

Behind every great man, there is even a greater woman...... :)

I saw your comment but didn't comment till now.....completely understand where your family is concerned.....they come first. Period.....Here's hoping the Captain still has to burn off LOTS of fuel before he is light enough to land, from this aviation enthusiast.

It has been because of your words I have the passion for aviation that I do. Many thanks to you and your family for opening your flight deck for a glimpse into an amazing profession. Your professionalism and your passion is one that few have and it is exemplified in your words you have given us here to enjoy. Not many strive for excellence in what they do, clearly you are one. I hope Air Canada knows what they have.

Happy and Safe flying Captain!

and I leave you with this.....

you only live once, might as well do it right the first time....

CAT III Approach

Andrew said...

Thanks for the info Capt. Doug,

Good point about airlines hesitating to accept CF-18 pilots because they don't have multi engine time. The irony is that the CF-18 actually does have two engines. (they are right next to each other so it doesn't count as multi)

I've been doing quite a bit of research on the miltary vs civilian route to be a pilot. It surprisinlgy all comes down to simply what you said...

If you want to be in the airlines...

Andrew said...

Capt Doug,

Thank you for your dedication to your blog. Your enthusiasm comes through with every reply you write... and you reply to everyone! Whether someone is asking a question or just commenting, you take the effort to write a personal reply. Your passion for aviation makes your writing so unique and special and has truly motivated us wannabe pilots. Whichever way this blog goes, know that you have made a difference!

getjets said...

Captain Doug, I just cannot get over that patio.....it looks Factory!!!!

I guarantee you the 'patio Gods'....are ranting and raving....

Has Mmmmm.....M.Stewart called ya yet...LOL...????

the only thing missing from the pic of patio.....
you and number #1 on couch....

empty bottle of wine...

2 "FULL" wine glasses...
the SUN... down....the MOON...up..

RED Rose vines all over your arbor and lattice work...(with or without thorns...)

well...there's your starter kit...(just an opinion)

and Captain...as with many of your fans here....and especially us 'non-pilots'...APU's.....and the such....take all the time you need...there is just no other way to say....it!!!
I Thank You for all that you have shared and given...at times at your own expense...
Craig R...agreed!!!...life is short...and getting shorter...
it's Monday...it's Friday......
what happened to the in-between days....?????

Take good care Captain...of yourself and family....

I hope you come back!....and if it not right for you.....then....all the very Best!!!!



Ruby Khan said...

Hi Captain D:

Awww!!! I’m glad you liked the video and our motivating comments are a feedback of your motivating efforts on the blog.

I sincerely appreciate your time and hardwork and truly understand how time consuming it could get to respond to us instantly and to come up with such diverse posts always. You do an amazing job with the topics Captain. Kudos!!!

I’ve really enjoyed the time spent on the blog and have learnt a great deal out of it. Thanks dear!!!

Given your busy schedule with flying and family time, I know it is not easy to balance 3 full time jobs simultaneously i.e. family, work and blog. Have to ease off on one, and trust me Capt, we’d rather let you take your time and take it easy here than to lose to you.

Thanks for being generous on your knowledge and patience. As a result of this, I have much deeper understanding of flying now and have learnt a lot from you which impossible to put it in words and have had fun too.............yeah!!! You’ve made me and other wannabe pilots learn to persist and chase our dreams to reality God Willing.
God Bless you Captain.

P.S I love the Bamboo tree story and someday would love to see it and relive the message behind it. Lucky you to experience it in Japan.
Thanks for posting at the top of the blog, makes my day........... !!! And you’re welcome always Capt.
Ruby (Future Captain Khan God Willing).


Proud father.....congratulations D squared!

I myself have two beautiful daughters....one just made premier triple A soccer this year, 12 years old, and the other 3 years old.....

Enjoying every moment I can.....time flies....wow.

CAT III Approach

getjets said...


She and You look so proud.... and rightfully....

I have 2 Beautiful granddaughters...9 and almost 11....so it is ONLY the 'World and Beyond', I want for them.....as you, with your children.

I hope your time away....is bring comfort..and no presssure here,(me)I guarantee...just encouragment

getjets said...

And to you CAT III APPROACH....OMG...I love your message...and passage...desire for history and to be a part of something wonderfull!!!

Thanks for that


Hello Captain!

The last two lines got me.....made me feel sad and sick at the same time.....ugh.

You're welcome Getjets......Stan Rogers was the man when it came to putting history, stories into words and song.

Captain Doug is the man when it comes to sending descriptive words into virtual flight.

CAT III Approach

getjets said...

long before that beautiful creature will snap the lifeline that

bound you together and soar as it was meant to soar... free and alone.

CAT III....these last 2 lines...yes...sad...
i look at it like this....this relates not to just our children...but to any family friend...and even ourselves....arn't we all working on "Ourselves"...and i can only hope I don't fire myself...yes, a joke...but serious

and when you don't and can't see that KITE...and all your holding is string....or so you thought...you feel a tug....OMG...how grateful you are for that little tug
as mushy as i am sounding...i just had share it...

apology(maybe) Captain Doug, even if you wanted to shut your blog down...'getjet' single handlly(sp) won't let...lol my inability to shut the ell up...
i think i will give it a break...


carlton said...

"I'm still pondering if it's all worth it".

You have created a virtual aviation comunity. I understand what your family mean, but a less frequent blog is better than no blog at all and I guess you dont have to answer us all the time.

Elana is in Toronto for a few days and she say's that the weather is much improved since our meeting in April.

Bryan M said...

great picture with you and your daughter doug!

I graduated grade 12 last night too! And had my first flying lesson today, before attending Algonquin College and Ottawa Flying Club in September!

Things are moving pretty quickly! Wish me luck!

Bryan M.

Captain Doug said...

Craig R. You've said it...balance is a must!

And I'm looking for it. Actually, I've been given the green light to return to the blogging skies but I must "reduce the frequency."

Even "number one" realizes lots of people out there appreciate it.

And thanks for the frosty beverage invite. Speaking of which, I had follower "Christer" and his wife over to the house last night. They were our first visitors to the "new backyard."

Craig, thanks for your valuable take on things and Happy Canada Day!

Doug in a holding pattern....

Captain Doug said...

CAT III Approach.

You've been a "heavy hitter" on my blog and you speak volumes.

I really don't want to land...either. But there is "other" stuff besides family I have to get my head around.
As in most things in life, there is more to things than what meets the eye.

Love your reference to Stan Rogers. (I won't reference where he met his demise - but I'm certain you know).

He is one of my favourite singers. He is up there with Harry Chapin.

Love Roger's Barrett's Privateers. I sang that song a few times while hoisting a few in the establishments of Halifax. LOL

God damn them all!
I was told we'd cruise the seas for American gold
We'd fire no guns-shed no tears
Now I'm a broken man on a Halifax pier
The last of Barrett's Privateers.

Captain Doug said...

Getjets....By far the most frequent commenter on my blog. You added colour, humour, and a different slant with words only YOU could pull off. I do realize some may raise an eyebrow (or two), but we all know where your passion lays.

Aviation in its entirety!

Thanks for all you do!

Captain ^D^

Captain Doug said...

Bryan M. Congratulations to you too!

You sure are not wasting anytime with your dream. Good for you! It's when I started too!

I don't need to wish you luck, you have what it takes! Now go and get it! :))))

Captain Doug

Captain Doug said...

Jack. All the best with your decision. On a lighter note, you could become a doctor... make oodles of money and buy your own airplane. :)))
You'll have the best of both worlds. LOL

I do realize you have a tough decision and I'm certain what it will be. :))))

Captain Doug...glad he did what he did.....

Captain Doug said...

Andrew. Gee, you made tears come to my eyes. You really did.

To bestow knowledge, wisdom and experience unto young shoulders is the true working of a mentor.

Thanks for letting me know...I made a difference.

Captain D with glossy eyes....


Hello Captain Doug!

yes there certainly is more than meets the eye in all of us.....we'd be surprised. Wish you all the best with whatever is on your mind. :)

Yes I do know about Stan. I too have hoisted a few in Halifax listening to that song! I remember clearly where I heard it first.....I used to work for Oland's on Agricola and out at Bayers Lake while in Universtiy...lived on the corner of South and Tower....there was a football party at SMU and I was on my balcony listening to Barrett's Privateer's being played on the field loud speaker and I got hooked!!!! Ironically I watched the Shearwater Air Show from my balcony the next day!!! The airforce was turning right over our building before flying back over! Never knew much about planes back then...just liked to watch them...still do but I'm a bit more enlightened thanks to one who will remain nameless :)

I have been pondering flight lessons but don't think I have the nerve... I'm a straight to a twin engine or nothing kind of guy....ATC maybe more my style. Great idea for Jack though...a few guys I work with have their own planes...I'm not picky....I want a Bombardier Challenger Global....or an ICON amphibious....check that one out if you haven't already...that thing would be a blast to fly!!!!

Happy Canada Day and Safe Flying to you and all!

Hopefully you get a good view of the fireworks tonight....I saw them a few years back in a CRJ and they were great from up there!

CAT III Approach

getjets said...

Your Welcome Captain Doug


Steffan said...

Hi there Captain D!
Been following your excellent blog for a while now. I always learn something when I visit here and I just love the analogy you provided between launching a flying career and building a patio. I've been a wannabe for too long now! I will definately be buying your book if it's available here in the UK.

Steffan from Wales.

Captain Doug said...

Steffan from Wales.

You can buy my book from Amazon and I'm certain some book stores carry it as well.

Thanks for checking in and your kind feedback.

Captain D